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CNN debate shows world Biden is a mindless puppet

Interesting how for the past four years leftists, the mainstream media, some establishment Republicans, and partisan Democrats have strenuously defended Joe Biden’s mental incompetence, his well documented influence peddling/ bribery/ selling out of America with China and Ukraine, the stolen 2020 election that put this mindless puppet in power. And last night, the entire world got to see up close that Joe Biden is indeed a dementia-ridden mindless puppet. The man is not in control of his own mind or his own decisions, and has not been for years.

I don’t understand what he just said, and he doesn’t know what he just said,” President Donald Trump said to the cameras last night in response to one of Joe Bidens’ humiliating mindless mouthful of marbles gobbledygook.

President Trump easily dominated the debate. So easily, that a lot of people are now wondering if it wasn’t an inside set-up to put Joe Biden in the most public spotlight, so that even the most super partisan silo-dwelling rah-rah Democrats would have to finally be confronted with the uncomfortable truth that their man is a mindless puppet. Once they accept that Biden is a mindless robot, they will more willingly try to find someone else to replace him, is apparently the thinking.

After the CNN/Democrat Party-run “debate” ended last night, “moderated” by two partisan political activists who have spent years badmouthing and lying about President Trump, President Trump confidently strode off stage right, and Jill Biden ran out onto the stage to grab doddering ol’ Joe Biden, who was frozen in place, vacantly staring out into the empty studio (remember CNN’s debate rules that were designed to protect Joe Biden and to undermine President Trump – no props, no pieces of paper, no studio audience, microphones turned off…there was no one for Biden to look at, just darkness).

It is clear to everyone who watched last night that Joe Biden is not his own man. He is doing the bidding of others, because he has not his own thoughts in his head. It is sad, and infuriating, because he was illegally installed in 2020, not elected, going from hiding in his basement to the White House without earning it. Someone else, probably America-hating Barack Hussein Obama, has been actually running the American presidency from behind a curtain.

If the true goal was to out Biden as an incompetent, it worked. Because today the wide open public debate among mainstream media Democrats and the official Democrat Party apparatchiks is who will replace puppet Joe Biden for the 2024 election. He clearly cannot continue on as candidate for president; not if the Democrat Party wants to retain a shred of hope of winning the 2024 election.

Everyone sees that Biden is well beyond an Article 25 removal case. Even worse than a constitutional problem, Biden is the very image of final death for the pro-slavery Democrat Party, that should have died out by shame alone in 1865 after plunging America into the first civil war, and losing.

Biden is now suddenly such a huge liability that he ironically threatens to bring down the whole political party that once fraudulently placed him in power. This stuff is drama of a Biblical scale.

How sweet our freedom will taste in November, after the evildoers are ruined, and by their own hand no less.




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