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Happy New Year 2012, Guaranteed!

2012 begins in a few hours.

And what’s exciting to many Americans is that 2012 marks the end of the Obama Experiment.

So many Americans invested in the hokey “hope and change” snake oil, and as New Jersey governor Chris Christie said, four years later America remains hopeless and changeless. Obama has done well at luxurious taxpayer funded vacations, but he has remained aloof and immature throughout his tenure.  His greatest distinction is to have become “Divider in Chief,” due to his class warfare methods that pit Americans against Americans.

Watch as Obama gets voted out and the economy turns around in weeks. So here’s to a happy new year, everyone!

Ron Paul, Kook Supreme

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says that Ron Paul is no better than Barack Hussein Obama.

From what I’m hearing among friends, that observation is shared wisdom across a lot of political territory.

And I have to agree. After reading Ron Paul’s newsletter, I’ve concluded that he is a conspiracy theorist and a hater of Jews. You cannot qualify for president with those qualities. Ron Paul is a supreme kook. But don’t just take my word for it, look up his newsletter yourself.

But just Paul’s isolationist foreign policy view alone is enough to make him kook-fringe.  Had Ron Paul been president in the 1970s or 1980s, America would have soundly lost the Cold War to the Soviet Union, and the world’s political arrangement would look dramatically different than it does today, much worse for freedom and America.

Going back in time just a few decades more, to right after World War Two, isolationism was a dead idea, for good reason, as Hitler had used it to exploit Western Civilization’s weaknesses to his advantage.  Hitler used isolationists’ unwillingness to stop him to almost beat them.

Democracy has always been a slow-growth idea, and if not for pro-democracy, pro-America idealists John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan, America would have lost the Cold War and democracy would have been limited to just a few nations, instead of being the ideal now sought today around the world.

Ron Paul wants to take American foreign policy back 100 years, to a pre-technology environment, where missiles did not exist and nuclear bombs were unimaginable fantasies.  Fortunately or unfortunately, technology has arrived.  While technology strengthens America, it also shortens the reaction time that Americans have to direct and indirect threats around the world.  Isolationism means giving up all of America’s early warning and fast-response capabilities.  It means that we Americans will be at the mercy of our enemies, and Ron Paul knows this.  It makes me wonder what he really wants, or if he really understands what his beliefs will mean for average Americans.

All of the risks and rewards that Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan took and won for America, and global democracy, will be lost under Ron Paul’s bizarro world view.

Today, Iran has supplanted 1930s Hitler Germany as the supremacist movement to kill, or be killed by it.  Ron Paul says that Iran deserves to have nuclear weapons if Iran wants them.  Despite knowing what Hitler and the Soviet Communists did, and what Iran is doing now, Ron Paul  still wants America to retract under its tortoise shell.  It’s lunacy.

Ron Paul, still a kook.

Merry Christmas to one and all


Somehow, wishing Merry Christmas to your fellow American has turned into a big time no-no. Out of fear of “offending” someone, I suppose.

Since when was a human culture based on not possibly offending someone, even unintentionally? The French culture is based on insulting and offending everyone. Like Africans, the Germans pass right by offending and go right for invading and killing.
The British snub everyone in every way, the most popular being the genteel way, of course. Etc.

Americans are so programmed to not offend the many cultures, ethnicities, and religions that make up our nation that now there’s a taboo against wishing someone Merry Christmas. What if they don’t observe or do Christmas?, goes the thinking.

Well, folks, Christmas is our national holiday. And it has become so commercialized and popularized that you don’t have to worry about someone wishing you a Merry Christmas and then in a fit of joy forcing you to eat something you detest, like pickled fish (Norway), blood pudding (Britain), etc. or that the well-wisher’s intent is to either convert you to a different religion (Mormonism) or to belittle your own beliefs.

Since when did wishing cheer and good will among men and women add up to an insult?

I’ll tell you where. In the minds and practices of America’s cultural police, who also promote atheism as America’s official religion, that’s where.

It’s not coming from a healthy place, this new taboo against wishing someone Merry Christmas. And therefore, it is with great relish that I wish all of you dear readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Islamic terrorism becomes “workplace violence”

Two weeks ago, the Obama Administration committed a blatant act of political correctness.

While it is probably not surprising in itself, the degree of this particular effort to scrub the news and shield Islam from criticism hasn’t passed anyone’s sniff test, not on the left and certainly not on the right.

Recall that in 2009, U.S. Army major Nidal Hasan gunned down dozens of his fellow American soldiers at Fort Hood.  Those soldiers had all been disarmed by the base commander, who did not believe that soldiers should be armed while on the base.  Thus, they were sitting ducks for Hasan’s rampage.  Hasan did not believe in following the base commander’s rules.

Hasan, a Muslim, was inspired by now-dead Muslim leader al-Awlaki, another Muslim American who turned against the United States.

So, what exactly about this act of terrorism is “workplace violence”?

The answer is: Zero.  Nothing. Zippo.

This mass murder committed by yet another clear-headed Muslim following the explicit dictates of his religion is terrorism; it’s the best example of Islamic terrorism in America that you can find in the news since the 2001 Twin Towers attack.

But ever since he became president, Barack Hussein Obama has made it his life’s purpose and mission to protect, advance, uplift, shelter, explain, and promote Islam at all cost.  Examples of Obama’s pro-Islam cause range all the way from “my Muslim faith” slip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMUgNg7aD8M), to his speech in Cairo, his anti-Israel policies, his attempt to turn NASA into an Islamic program, to now his attempt to whitewash Hasan’s crime.

Hasan’s Islamic rage isn’t workplace violence, it is jihad terrorism that is a problem around the globe.  And making matters worse is America’s politically correct effort to turn the U.S. military and federal bureaucracy into places especially friendly to Muslims, and especially radical orthodox Muslims who openly advocate for the destruction of Western civilization.  Somehow, some Americans believe that tolerating intolerance demonstrates their best qualities, indicating their ultimate open-mindedness.

Thankfully, the vast majority of Americans see through this dangerous foolishness.  Hopefully, by 2012 this egregious behavior by Barack Hussein Obama will have inspired millions of Americans to vote in a new president, a president who believes in the America that has existed for over 200 years, not the politically correct America set on self-destruct by Obama and his friends.


Newt Gingrich speaks truth to power

Enough lying about the Middle East. Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich tells the facts about the so-called “Palestinians” and the propaganda war against Israel, the Jews, Christianity, and America.
And Gingrich speaks in contradistinction to candidate Ron Paul, a man whose foreign policy ideas will spell the end of America.

Watch this YouTube clip and smile, enjoying the truth:

Ron Paul’s tinfoil hat

U.S. Congressman Ron Paul is a candidate for the U.S. presidency, a serious endeavor with big implications.

But if you listen to his foreign policy positions, as I did in last night’s Republican debate, you realize that he is not a serious candidate. Ron Paul is in the same category as racist David Duke and other wackos who run for office to promote their extreme, bizarre beliefs, not to win.

Ron Paul blames America for why Muslim leaders around the world hate America. It’s a flawed position, but it plays to a group of angry citizens on both the far left and far right of the political spectrum.

Ron Paul’s position on American foreign policy may be flawed, but it is more than that. It is a potentially fatal flaw that could spell the end of the United States as a nuclear-armed Iran uses conventional and unconventional nuclear bombs to destroy our great nation.

Cartoons that capture Ron Paul’s awkward, dangerous policy positions might show a man wearing a tinfoil hat, the kind of “protection” lunatics need to keep the CIA from reading their minds.

Ron Paul is a cartoon of a candidate. Enjoy your tinfoil hat, congressman. We believe you, sure we do…..

Obamageddon 2012 Survival Packages now available!

In keeping with the highbrow intellectual tone of this website, I am offering the “Obamageddon 2012 Survival Package” for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Each package includes a New In Box Norinco SKS rifle in 7.62×39 and one unopened crate of 7.62×39 ammunition. It’s a simple yet effective way to survive whatever 2012 brings us.

The price is $600.00 cash, or your grandma’s old gold teeth, whichever is worth more at the time of our patriotic transaction.

Call the office at 717 232-8335 or email me, info@joshfirst.com

Politics As Usual: Loyalty, Disloyalty, Etc.

Politics is the proverbial “sausage making” process, a series of steps that in the aggregate results in something recognizeable and useful, but as individual steps, it looks pretty gross because along the way you get to see what goes into it. It ain’t pretty.

And so it has been for yours truly, lately, one of the political sausage makers. Happy to help, happy to get messy, take risks, make sacrifices, work hard to see some people move up…focused on the outcome. But also expecting help cleaning up after the party.

Nothing bugs me more than disloyalty. Perhaps that expectation is an inverse result of my own fierce loyalty. Even kids know the importance of loyalty, and there’s nothing quite so frustrating as watching someone benefit from your own team spirit, risk taking, sacrifice, and commitment to the success of the group, and then waltz off at the end of the party without helping out.

Call me naive, but I do expect more from the adults who run our government.

Thanks, guys. Guys…?

Why isn’t the Koran ‘hate speech’?

After a stroll down the international headlines this Sunday morning, one thing I took away is that Muslims really hate non-Muslims, and they are motivated by the explicitly hateful, violent, sexist, racist words of the Koran.

In the Koran, Christians and Jews are called “pigs,” “monkeys,” “donkeys,” and “cows,” and incitement to kill Christians and Jews is rife throughout this supposedly “holy” book.

You gotta ask yourself: What kind of a “holy” book calls for genocide against people of faith who are your next door neighbors and work colleagues?

To me, in my innately American mindset, a book that calls for the murder and enslavement of Jews and Christians is more Satanic than holy.

Think about how the Biblical prohibition against male homosexual sex is treated by the general media: Open disbelief! Open rejection! And excoriation for any American who says they believe in the injunction. But somehow the Koran’s calls for murder and rape are acceptable to the same people who cast aspersions on the Bible?

And you gotta ask yourself: What kind of government do we have, at the local, state, and national level, that allows the Koran’s cruel hatred to be broadcast?

Somehow, Americans have been brainwashed into being so open-minded that they now accept the viciousness of the Koran to stand on an equal basis with the Bible, and to be taught in our schools.  We may be reminded that the Bible, both the Hebrew Torah and the Christian Scripture, are the basis for Western Civilization and all that is good in America.  There’s no equivalence between the Bible and the Koran.

Americans are now so tolerant that they are tolerant of the grossest intolerance. That makes no sense, and is turning the whole principle of openness on its head. At some point, America has to stand for something, and standing against genocide is probably a pretty good place to begin.

Does this tolerance of intolerance make sense to you, logically? Why are we allowing the Koran’s open intolerance of everything that is America to infiltrate America and shape its culture?

Near my home is an Ahmadiya mosque, recently opened in an old Lutheran church. The cross still stands on top of the building, but the gradual conversion of the outward signs is taking place.

It’s not an alarming experience, however, as Ahmadiya Muslims are about as popular in Pakistan as are Jews and Christians, which is to say that their faith is officially outlawed, and their members are subject to murder, rape, and forced conversion (a la the Koran).

Ahmadiya Muslims are a different bunch. They have found the peaceful aspects of the Koran to inspire them, and they have largely written out the racist aspects. If Islam were so widely configured, then it would be a movement that fits into America.

However, as it stands today, the Koran is the worst of modern hate speech, advocating unimaginable cruelty, genocide, sexism, and bigotry. Why does the Koran receive preferential treatment?

Isn’t it time that our elected leaders stand up and demand that the Koran be treated the same as any other book?

Pennsylvania Hunters: Army of The Republic

Pennsylvania Hunters: Freedom’s Bulwark
By Josh First

Like it or not, the Obama administration’s failed gun-running scheme, “Fast and Furious,” is viewed by tens of millions of Americans as the tip of the administration’s ice berg aimed at sinking the American tradition of gun ownership.

You’d only be kidding yourself if you stated that the Obama administration supports Second Amendment rights. This administration has done everything it can to hamstring legal gun ownership. Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, where Democrats strenuously, overwhelmingly, even defiantly promoted Second Amendment rights, it saddens me to see the party having lost so much ground on this issue. To tens of millions of Americans, with many regional exceptions across rural Pennsylvania, that political party increasingly represents a direct threat to the greatest Constitutional right we have, the one right that guarantees all the others.

Last week marked the beginning of another two-week Pennsylvania deer hunting season, using firearms, and about 750,000 licensed hunters are afield here during this time, down from a high of over one million twenty years ago.

Every year I am one of these licensed hunters, toting around a Remington 700 BDL in .30-06 in our steep, majestic mountains. It is extremely accurate out to hundreds of yards and it has taken countless deer, and one bear, when called upon at a second’s notice. Its open sights are designed to acquire the target quickly.

Having my rifle across my shoulder, cradled in my arms, slung over my back, clutched in my hand, or at my shoulder, ready to fire, is one of the most natural and comforting feelings I know. Along with my beautiful custom hunting knife made by John Johnson (JRJ knives, in Perry County) and bullet wallet on my belt, and a pack on my back containing food, water, drag rope, and survival essentials, I feel as ready to hunt as Oetzi the Snow Man of the Alps felt the day he died while hunting over 5,000 years ago. As we modern humans are essentially dolled-up Pleistocene hunter-gatherers in fancy clothes, it is as natural a feeling as a human can have. It is who we are at our core, like it or not.

Like many guys out there now, I enjoy hunting alone, stealthily reconnoitering remote cliffs and washes, or with one or two other friends stalking independently of one another, knowing that any of one us could connect with our quarry, or bump them to a buddy. About a zillion years of programming goes into this heightened sense of anticipation and satisfaction when it happens. Until a hundred and fifty years ago, failing to kill a deer meant the family went to sleep hungry, so there should be no surprise that successful hunting evokes the strongest feelings of pride, and happiness. Eating and living to see another day is pretty much the happiest thing a person can do. Today, we just take it for granted, and contract out the inconvenient killing to a hitman, more or less.

However, most of my deer and bear hunting is spent in the company of many friends, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Disaffected. As we move around and across the landscape, carefully coordinating with one another in long lines designed to drive game forward and to stay out of one another’s shooting lanes, I am re-amazed every year at the proficiency with which our guys move across that rough terrain, at the way they safely handle their high powered rifles, at the way that they snap that rifle to their shoulder and kill a far-off deer in only a second or two, before the window of opportunity closes. These folks are shooters, serious, excellent woodsmen. Focused. Formidable. Impressive. I’m proud to be among such company.

These are real men out there, and real women, challenging themselves to succeed in ways that most modern humans have no idea about, sadly. However, there is another group out there that can somewhat relate to how we live during this period, and that is the men and women in combat uniform.

If Pennsylvania hunters were an army, they would be the fifth largest in the world behind China, North Korea, India, Russia and the United States, the last of which has an army only fractionally made of actual shooters. Although I did not receive military training, and although most of my experience with firearms has been rooted in hunting and target shooting, my attitude about my right to own an assortment of firearms is pretty damned militant. And that same attitude is shared among the other 749,999 licensed hunters here, not to mention the other few million Pennsylvanians who stopped hunting years ago but who retain homes full of firearms and bullets. We are a bulwark of freedom, a silent army that need not say anything nor give word to what it represents. Its shadow is faint but long.

In that context, and in the shadow of “Fast and Furious,” one of the thoughts that repeatedly crossed my mind over the past few weeks in our beautiful mountains was, “Mr. Obama, if you want our guns, then come and take ‘em. Really, give it a try, pal.”

It ain’t happening. Our army is bigger than yours.