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First makes run for the 15th Senate District

by: ANDREW SHAW The York Dispatch
Updated: 03/08/2012 11:35:35 AM EST

If elected,15th Senate District candidate Josh First would not do the following things:
—Take a state pension,
—Take a state car,
—Take per diems,
—Take state health care,
—Serve for more than three terms.
Those are absolutes in First’s mind, as the Harrisburg resident said state government has for too long been behaving badly.
“We have to return the government to being a servant of the people,” First, 47, said.
First is a husband, father of three children and owner of Appalachian Land and Conservation Services.
The former 17th Congressional District candidate said he might be running as a conservative Republican, but he’s not afraid to stand his ground even when it rubs other Republicans the wrong way.
And he’s also made his stance on education clear, he said.
In a Pennsylvania State Education Association questionnaire for candidates, First was asked, “Would you oppose legislation that authorizes taxpayer-funded vouchers and diverts public money away from public schools to private or religious schools?”
First’s response?
“Hell no,” he checked off, adding the “hell” for emphasis. He added, “How on earth does any adult try to argue for continuing the current state of affairs?
“If I lose because the PSEA is scared of me, then so be it,” First said of his stance.
The self-described “hook and bullet” Republican who loves to fish and hunt said he’s a conservationist and would help support land preservation if elected.
First is running in a district occupied by Sen. Jeffrey Piccola, who is not seeking re-election. Republicans John McNally and William Seeds and Democrats Alvin Q. Taylor and Rob Teplitz are also running.
The district is mostly in Dauphin County, but also includes five York County municipalities — Conewago and Newberry townships and three boroughs, York Haven, Lewisberry and Goldsboro.

link to the article onĀ http://www.yorkdispatch.com/localnews/ci_20129219/first-makes-run-15th-senate-district