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Trump martyred because we want to live free

President Donald J. Trump has been withstanding unbelievably corrupt lawfare for the simple “crime” of wanting to run for office. All of the various lawsuits brought against him involve the most creative, novel, and unsubstantiated accusations probably ever seen in American courts.

What has worked for the lawless DAs and AGs has been simple venue: Get enough people who hate President Trump’s politics in one room and use them to accuse him, indict him, and hold a trial with him in the accused’s seat, and they get an automatic conviction before the case is even heard or argued in court.

All of the cases against Trump have involved brazen lawlessness by DAs, AGs, special prosecutors, and politically extreme judges, all of whom use their official jobs to unfairly attack their political opponents and egregiously abuse the procedural rules against their victim. In this case that opponent, really a martyr, is President Trump.

Anyone bothering to pay attention to the proceedings of each of these cases has to be incredulous. In New York, Trump was never accused of a crime, and everyone in the court room said he had not really committed fraud. His own bankers said they liked doing business with him and would do business with him again. Trump adhered scrupulously to industry standard business practices, and yet was found guilty by a corrupt judge Engoron, who refused to allow Trump to bring witnesses or to even testify in his own defense.

The same lawlessness occurred in Democrat Party plantation Fulton County, Georgia, until evidence emerged that DA Fani Willis has committed far greater crimes (bribery, perjury, misuse of official funds, retaliation the list goes on) than any of her victims (Trump) could even arguably have done. Moreover, DA Fanny Willis’ case against Trump is overtly political, not factual. Again, get enough Democrats in the court process, from grand jury to judge, and they will get an automatic conviction. Not because justice is being served, but because for Democrats, success in politics is more important than having justice.

I can go on with great numbers of examples, but the lawless lawfare against Trump has turned him into an even bigger political martyr than he was four years ago. Now it’s not just DC Swamp Rats using the process to attack a president they are insubordinate to, but leftist jurisdictions in New York, New York City, and DC-based special prosecutors operating in Florida, where the rule of law has ceased to exist.

Like I have said before, if Republicans simply did the same thing to their political opponents, this crap would end in a second. There are many, many more conservative jurisdictions and venues across America than there are communist (Democrat) ones, and if only a small percentage of the DAs and judges in these places decided to give leftists a taste of their own medicine, the Left’s lawless lawfare war on President Trump would end immediately.

But it seems Republicans are a bunch of emasculated sissies.

Why is President Trump going to the mat? Why is allowing himself to be put through this horrible lawlessness? Because he loves America, he loves us American citizens, and he loves freedom. And as many of us already know, far too many Americans take their freedom for granted. And so what is really happening in all of these outrageous sham prosecutions of Trump is an open attack on freedom. Your freedom and mine.

So quit standing there doing your own thing for your own benefit, and help return all of America to a rule-of-law country, where everyone is treated equally, and where individual people like Trump are not treated unequally simply because they want everyone to have freedom instead of succumbing to the tyrannical juggernaut in DC.

President Trump is way too much like America’s first president, freedom fighter George Washington, and the 2024 election is about America surviving as founded, or destroyed from within by evil tyrants. Your freedom is on the line

Putin murdered Navalny and is no saint, and you are your own leader

Political candidate, longtime Putin critic, and political prisoner Alexei Navalny (aged 47) was murdered in a Russian prison last week. Like the murder of Jeffrey Epstein in a supposedly heavily guarded and monitored prison in America, Navalny’s murder was also done to send a signal about who is in charge, this time in Russia.

The person in charge of Russia is Vladimir Putin, president for life and de facto dictator. Putin is known for poisoning his critics (Navalny was previously poisoned while abroad, and survived to bravely return home to challenge Putin in rigged elections, and was then jailed), having them thrown out of windows (too many examples to count), having them brutally murdered in the streets, and having them encounter impossible “accidents” like when the airplane they are on just mysteriously blows up in the middle of the sky without any warning.

I know that a lot of Americans are justifiably frustrated by the lack of leadership in America. While the Democrat Party is busy blowing up and setting America on fire, and illegally importing a veritable army of military-age illegal alien men, which is a dereliction of duty and outright treason, the Republican Party and almost all of its elected officials from coast to coast are spineless, flaccid, weak kneed, limp wristed, whiny, two faced girly men (first reference to GOPers as girly men was here on this blog months ago, and then used by Wayne Root, for which we are honored) who can’t do anything, not a damned single thing, to oppose or resist the Democrats.

These Republicans were elected on the basis of their campaigns, where they promised to be leaders, and lead on issues their voters care about. But they get into office and just don’t do anything. We have seen the same empty campaign promises here in Pennsylvania, where the vast majority of elected Republicans just can’t or just won’t say anything about election integrity.

In October and November 2020, the overwhelmingly Republican-dominated Pennsylvania legislature could have easily impeached and removed those PA Supreme Court justices who unconstitutionally turned PA law and constitution alike on their heads to make way for the theft of the 2020 election from President Donald Trump in favor of the non-campaigning basement dwelling zero-charisma plagiarist and serial liar Joe Biden.

But the PA GOP did nothing, absolutely nothing. Zero. And even now, asking people like state senator John Disanto to publicly say something meaningful about election integrity is like questioning the law of gravity. And as a result, elections are stolen and America is going up in flames.

So yes, there is a huge failure in leadership everywhere around us, at every level, and so yes, Americans are desperate for leadership anywhere they can find it. And so up steps Vladimir Putin to both attack the globalist swamp in Ukraine and to also stand firmly for his own country (imagine that) and for his church and history (doubly imagine that). And all of a sudden a void is filled, and Vladimir Putin becomes the embodiment of leadership to many Americans.

Stop it, people. Putin is not any kind of leader that any kind of traditional freedom-loving American can relate to or support. He is a cruel, evil, murderous tyrant who brooks zero opposition or even questioning. Yes, he has some good qualities, no, those qualities do not outweigh the terrible things he is doing to his political rivals or to Ukrainian civilians, much less to the American Dollar.

Forty-seven-year-old Alexei Navalny was just murdered in cold blood in a dark and cold jail cell, in the middle of Russia, alone without his wife or friends to hold his hand and comfort him, for the simple reason that he posed a threat to Putin’s illegal grip on absolute power.

We Americans are witnessing the same exact thing happening here in America, where absolutely innocent and peaceful protestors from January 6th 2021 are still being rounded up by gangs of federal Gestapo thugs and held in solitary confinement, without medical care, with inadequate food and water, under terribly unsanitary conditions, for the simple reason that they represent a We, The People response to the stolen election dictatorship of Joe Biden and his posse of lawless and violent federal employees.

So if you oppose what Joe Biden is doing here in America, you must oppose what Vladimir Putin is doing in Russia and in Ukraine. Standing up for freedom and for The People’s political opposition like Navalny and Trump doesn’t mean you automatically have to whole-hog embrace everything about Putin, or anyone else for that matter.

And I will bet that if you ask Russians, they will have mixed opinions about Putin. I will bet they admire and appreciate his strength and passion for Russia, but also reject his lawless violence and unnatural grip on absolute power.

When dictators in Russia or America resort to jailing their opponents, and killing them, they are illegitimate, and The People can and should rise up and take back what belongs to them. We, The People are the leaders we have been longing for.

Mayorkas impeachment = detectable pulse in GOP

Foreign-born US Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has finally been impeached by the US House of Representatives. Surprise to me that Mayorkas is the first cabinet-level federal employee to be impeached in something like 150 years.

Why this roughly 150-year gap between cabinet impeachments exists is likely because in normal times of governance, the mere credible threat of impeachment would be sufficient to garner a resignation. But America is not now living in normal times of governance. Rather, America is living in a time of blatantly stolen elections, illegal border-jumping alien replacement of American citizen voters, and a brazenly political mainstream media that mass-lies and disinforms the roughly half of the American population still asleep at the wheel.

So, with massive daily doses of partisan propaganda and outright lies from the mainstream establishment media (NBC, CBS, NPR, PBS, MSNBC, ABC, Washington Post, NY Times etc) to cover up the stolen elections, people like Joe Biden are unaccountable to the voters. He literally cannot be voted out of office, because if his opponent gets a billion votes, Joe Biden will magically get a billion and one votes. So, without electoral accountability, evil villains like Alejandro Mayorkas continue to purposefully destroy America from within, like the gnawing rat that he is.

For the record, the official job that Alejandro Mayorkas has is the head of the Department of Homeland Security, in which he is allowing and facilitating the complete and completely illegal invasion of America across our open borders. Terrorists and drug dealers and military age single men are illegally pouring across our border every day, which puts Americans in direct danger. Alejandro Mayorkas has been refusing to do his sworn duty for three years now, and as a result American citizens are suffering terrible crimes of violence and fentanyl poisoning, and who knows what terrorism is coming down the pike.

Alejandro Mayorkas has blood all over his hands, and he deserves to be impeached, and removed. If anyone deserves to be impeached and removed from office, it is Alejandro Mayorkas and his boss Joe Bribem. But first things first.

But the US Senate Democrats will do everything possible to stonewall and slow-walk the senate trial of Alejandro Mayorkas.

Not all is bleak, however. Two good things have emerged from this impeachment: First, two of the three useless, spineless jellyfish RINO “Republican” congressmen who unbelievably voted against impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas have announced they will not seek re-election. Both Ken Buck and Tom McClintock have announced today that they will not seek re-election. Let’s say this one more time: Voters are incensed by the Washington DC swamp-slug behavior of their elected representatives, and voiced enough displeasure that said DC Swamp-Slugs are retiring from office. Success!

Number two is that this small step for humankind demonstrates that there is still a pulse in the Republican Party. Faint though this pulse may be, it indicates that there is some fight, some resistance to the Marxist coup d’etat happening right now. This resistance is noteworthy because maybe the GOP isn’t completely dead after all, and rather is only mostly dead.

With the promise of maybe waking up and going to war against the Democrat Party traitors who are purposefully and willfully destroying the America they were sworn to defend and protect. Best news in years!

Is the Republican Party really dead, only mostly dead, or just playing dead? Impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas shows there is still a faint pulse in the GOP

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin

I have watched the fascinating interview with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin by journalist Tucker Carlson, and if you have any interest in world politics, you should watch it too, right here.

So the mainstream establishment politically partisan leftwing activist media, and their political members like Hillary Clinton, have all piled on Tucker Carlson for doing this interview. I don’t see why, except that the establishment media is jealous, or maybe afraid. Unlike the establishment media people, Tucker Carlson doesn’t ask softball questions or act like a fawning stooge.

He asked logical questions of Putin that visibly provoked Putin quite a few times. In fact, Tucker Carlson asked questions I would not necessarily have thought of, like if it is OK to carve up modern Ukraine among its former occupiers, as Putin stated, then is Putin advocating for giving northern Ukraine to Viktor Orban’s Hungary? Would Putin be ok with Poland taking a big piece of Ukraine, too?

Putin did not like those questions! He oh-so-very-clearly dislikes being challenged and is not used to it.

For his part, Putin was fascinating. He gave an impressive recitation of Eastern European history, beginning at the year 862, from memory. While I have studied the history of Europe a lot, I do not think I could give you all of the “who kicked Mary and who hit John” moments that make up the chaotic past and present of Eastern Europe, much less Western Europe, from memory.

One area that Putin was clearly not being truthful about was this “Denazification” of Ukraine justification-excuse for invading Ukraine. Yes, there were Nazi collaborators in World War II. There were also Ukrainian Communists in World War II. Russia also committed a genocide-by-forced-starvation against Ukraine, called the Holomodor, in great part in retaliation for atrocities committed by Ukrainians against Russians not too long before. There is indeed a long history of blood and feuds here.

Putin also stated that Poland collaborated with the Nazis in World War II. Yes, the same 1939 Poland that was invaded and crushed by the German Nazis, supposedly did it on purpose to help Germany. Despite the fact that it was the Soviet Russians who committed the Katyn Massacre of the Polish elite. Obviously Poland did not welcome or collaborate with the German Nazis, but Putin says they did, and moreover, that the Poles were themselves Nazis.

This is nonsense. It is not factual.

But, like I say, you have to hear this interview yourself to understand how the Russians really think, or at least how they want you to believe they think.

Whether or not Putin actually believes his own propaganda, it doesn’t matter. He says it, and to me it sounds crazy, but I will bet that a lot of other Russians believe the same things. Which is why these interviews and dialogues are so important.  We humans should strive to understand one another. Or at least lie to each other, mutually. Some sort of understanding emerges, and if it prevents bloodshed, cruelty, and crying children and destroyed civilizations, then probably for the good.

Putin very clearly has a passion for the region and for Russia, which is to his credit. Because the one thing that has caught the fancy of a lot of Americans is that Putin loves his homeland Russia. If there is one thing that at least half of America admires it is an appreciation for one’s nation, and so Putin’s clear love of Mother Russia resonates with them.

Putin’s love of country, to the point of waging an illogical, incredibly destructive, and probably illegal invasion-war against Ukraine, is something we no longer see in America’s politicians.  No, America’s politicians are largely fat globalists, citizens of the world, moral relativists who enter Congress worth fifty cents and who are then worth $29,000,000 three terms later. American politicians love money, not America, and they are allowing America to be invaded. American politicians are selling America to the highest bidders, most especially Joe Biden, whose literal name Joe Biden is all over illegal bribe and graft checks and money wires written by Chinese businessmen to him and his son Hunter Biden.

Putin doesn’t put up with traitors, which a lot of Americans find refreshing and wish would be the norm once again here in America.

Putin gave his perspective on his region’s history, which is obviously from his own view. I know for a fact that asking a Ukrainian citizen will result in a different view on a few of those same exact facts. Same goes for people from Poland, Lithuania, Finland and many other nations around there. For the past few hundred years at least, that big grizzly bear Russia has had its grip tightly on so many of its neighbors. And from the Russian perspective, this is normal and perfectly fine. If you are Kazakh, or Tajik, or some other ethnicity, you probably disagree with Russia’s actions.

One of the regions that Russia invaded and absolutely stomped to pieces in recent times, unarmed civilians and all, was Chechnya. Back before YouTube became all censorship oriented, you could watch actual video footage of Russian soldiers laughingly executing unarmed Chechen civilians in their ragged clothing, mothers and fathers, grandmas, and then walking on to the next rustic stone farmhouse and doing it all over again. I really defy anyone to try to justify this barbaric behavior. Same goes for Ukraine now.

And Putin complains that the CIA was responsible for Chechnya’s response…

Other items that fascinated me are Putin’s view on his experience squaring off against and sometimes trying to work with the CIA and American political leadership over the decades. He seems genuinely flummoxed why American leaders and bureaucrats alike do not trust Russia, even post-Soviet Russia. It is helpful to me to closely watch Putin’s face as he voices his disbelief, and his reluctant acceptance of realpolitik, over the proxy wars and NATO maneuvering along Russia’s borders.

Maybe he really does believe what he is saying.

Long ago, a friend of mine who taught Russian history and military doctrine at the US Army War College in Carlisle, PA, pointed out that over its long history Russia has never had democracy or representative government. Russian culture has always favored some sort of headman, dictator, Tsar, whatever, and so, believe it or not, today’s Russia with all of its obvious problems, and its journalists being thrown out of windows, is still relatively open and free compared to its history and its potential now and future.

In other words, as ruthless dictators go, Putin is not so bad. He could be a lot worse.

In any event, Tucker Carlson has done a good deed here. He sat down and had an honest-to-goodness real and very long interview with a head of state that no one in the American political-media establishment wants us to hear from.

You should ask Why the American political-media establishment wants us to be shut off from Putin’s perspective. Is it because so many American bureaucrats and politicians have been privately and very illegally benefiting from Ukraine’s oil and gas business, and from its illegal bioweapon labs set up at the behest of Dr. Mengele Fauci and American Big Pharma companies? These illegal relationships have been coming to light in the past few years, mostly now as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Watch the interview, and be thankful that a free America still exists in part, despite the Biden Regime’s best efforts to turn America into a violent police state, and freedom never being free and having to be occasionally renewed by the blood of patriots and tyrants alike.

UPDATE: Tucker Carlson goes food shopping in Moscow. Whoa.

Biden lies, America dies

Joe Biden has been a well documented serial liar and plagiarist his entire long career. The citations for these immoral and non-stop character flaws are too numerous to put here; curious readers can simply use just about any search engine EXCEPT Google to discover them (try using the website-only search engines at The Gateway Pundit and Breitbart). And despite being “an elderly man with a feeble mind” as a US Special Prosecutor wrote this week while evaluating Biden for violations of confidential records law, Biden still knows how to blatantly lie on demand.

Even today Joe Bribem blamed President Trump for the wide-open American border. Which is either old crazy man talk, or just another lie meant to deflect criticism from this unbelievably corrupt and illegitimate regime. After all, it is Biden himself who opened the border to anyone with two feet who wants to walk across it, without any vetting or testing. And it is Biden himself who sued Texas to stop them from blocking off the Texas border to illegal immigrants.

It is Biden alone who is responsible for the estimated 18 to 20 million illegal border jumpers now freely roaming America in the past three years, many of whom are committing horrific crimes of violence. And it is Biden alone who has been giving these lawbreakers my and your taxpayer money in the form of cell phones, health care, and even spending cash. So it is a huge lie for Biden to blame anyone else for this crisis. And crisis it is: Public health and disease crisis, public school crisis, crime crisis, public sewer and water crisis, hospital crisis, you name it, this influx of illegal people is stressing every fiber of the American social fabric.

America is dying. It is dying mostly because of the lies that deflect from the lawless actions of criminals like Joe Biden. And it is also dying from the lack of re-action by disinterested bystanders, like most of the elected Republicans across the country. There is no way to know what comes out of this situation, except that whatever expectations, hopes, dreams, plans, and investments we had in October 2020 are now over. That was I guess a sort of Phase II of America, and we are now in a Phase III post-Constitution America, where our founding documents are meaningless to 90% of our elected officials, and the oaths of office of that 90% are meaningless, and where the rules and procedures and laws that governed our courts are tossed aside to suit the whim of brazenly politically active judges at every level.

So Biden lied, the rule of law died, America died, and now what do we do?

Don’t trust anyone under thirty

A few weeks before I was born, a leftist activist in Berkeley, California, said “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” in a newspaper interview, and a star was born.

What young Jack Weinberg was saying in that late 1964 interview was that a generation gap had developed between America’s youth and our elders at the time. In 1964, the young people were using language and ideas that their elders could not understand, and did not approve of when they did understand them. Weinberg’s point then was that people over thirty years old could not be trusted, because they could not understand or relate to the young people and held onto old fashioned ideas. There was a sense among young people that they were leading a movement for positive change that would make America even better.

While those young people were wrong about an awful lot, like most everything they promoted, they were right about the Vietnam War. And it was the daily images from that bloody, sad war that energized Jack Weinberg and his fellow activists most, and enabled them to implement a whole bunch of real crap that has still damaged America to this very moment.

Fast forward a couple decades, when I was in graduate school down south back in the late 1980s, and my former hippie dad sent me a funny post card with a cartoon of an aging hippie saying the “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” line, which was crossed out. And then there were subsequent lines, each one crossed out: “Don’t trust anyone over forty, Don’t trust anyone over fifty.” The implication being that the once-young hippies had grown up and themselves become the conservative elders they once rejected, and if Jack Weinberg’s truism was going to still hold true for them all those decades later, it was going to have to keep up with the march of time, age, grey hair, and robust bank accounts and retirement plans. My dad was poking fun at himself, and admitting that he had become that which he once rejected.

And what eventually happened to Jack Weinberg, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and the other 1960s radical leftist Jews and their Christian colleagues? They eventually almost all grew up, bought nice clothes, got married, bought a home, got jobs selling stocks, in law, and accounting. All their silly radical generation gap nonsense was discarded. Many of them found God, and became the hard working middle income earners their parents had aspired to be.

Now let’s fast forward another couple decades and I am talking to a class of college students in central Pennsylvania. Invited by professor Andrea, I mostly answer questions about my perspective on “climate change”, environmental protection, the role and purpose of government, marriage, gardening, owning guns, and work life. Afterwards, Andrea confided to me that her own students accuse her of being a conservative because she is married to a man, with whom she has two kids, a home, a car, a dog, and a mortgage.

Josh, never in a million years did I think that by being a traditional liberal would I be accused of being a right wing reactionary,” she told me, with her eyes bugging out in surprise.

And this is why we can no longer trust anyone under thirty years of age. These young, untested, pampered, entitled, spoiled goofs clogging up our colleges and street protests and Tik Tok video feeds are not only politically radicalized, they are incapable of growing out of it. These are not the happy hippies of the 1960s, rather, these are monsters.

Their overweening parents have protected them from reality all their lives, allowed them to become culturally indoctrinated in government schools resulting in no actual skills like knowledge of math and science, but great skills in yelling at people they don’t know while crying about boo-boo words. Unlike yesteryear’s working class hippies they want to emulate, today’s kids don’t know anything and cannot do anything, so much so that they are at risk of never growing up and never being able to grow up.

This is where today’s young people diverge from the Jack Weinbergs, Abbie Hoffmans, and Jerry Rubins of the 1960s and 1970s. Young people in the 1960s still had an American work ethic and knew basic right from wrong. They thirsted for knowledge and trusted science. Today’s kids mostly have zero work ethic, know zero actual facts, have no useable skills, can’t tell a man from a woman, and have no moral compass. And they are not interested in anything that gets in the way of their five dollar latte.

Today’s young people have become not an agent for change, but for destruction. We can’t understand them because they don’t understand themselves and probably can’t ever. Today’s young people are a dire threat to themselves and to the rest of us who rely on the rule of law and the application of modern science in our daily lives. Their nonsensical ideas about hiring scientists and engineers based on skin color and allegiance to Marxist principles instead of merit and skill is why Boeing planes are suddenly disintegrating and nearly hitting each other in the air, and why schools everywhere at all levels have openly given up on teaching math and science in lieu of teaching racism against white people, enforcing silly pronouns rules, and subjectively respecting “feelings” above all or “I will throw a crying tantrum while simultaneously beating the snot out of the offender.”

Today’s under-thirty man-child crowd is soon going to be at the controls of America, and it won’t be a sustainable situation. We don’t trust these people for good reason, and unlike the young people of the 1960s who eventually grew up and contributed to America, there is nothing funny or cute about this situation.

Today’s young people aspire to be permanent wards of the state, while their elders work to support them, and also bow and scrape and constantly apologize for whatever imaginary hurt the woman-child has just experienced.

America is in a world of trouble.

America’s young have this fantasy that they can simply force everyone to adopt whatever crazy ideas they have, no matter how destructive

“Mom, peanut butter smoothie NOW!”

Biden DOJ is suing Texas and others because Biden DOJ does not want federal immigration law enforced. Think about this crazy treason

I am not making this stuff up, just using their own images and their own words (arch demon Adolf Hitler on left)