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Ok so how is your deer season going?

You wait all year for these two weeks of rifle season in PA, and then after a restless night the opening morning arrives. Five days in, and hardly a shot heard each day, no deer seen, hardly any sign encountered, and you are wondering what the heck is going on.

Don’t sweat it, you are not alone. You are in very good company. A lot of Pennsylvania hunters are grousing to each other tonight about not seeing any let alone many deer so far, not getting shots at deer, not even finding sign of deer, like poop or tree rubs. Not even hearing shots. Apparently Wisconsin is also seeing a real drop in their deer harvest in firearms season, too.

Something is amiss, especially in the Big Woods, no question.

Are we witnessing some mass die-off from disease, like Chronic Wasting Disease, or Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease? It is possible, but I have not yet seen any deer skeletons lying randomly in the woods. Maybe they are out there and I just haven’t found the graveyard yet. In 2005 northcentral PA had a huge deer die-off from late season snow and ice that made the mountains impassible. The deer could neither walk on the surface for weeks, nor could they dig through the compacted ice and snow to reach food. We did encounter random deer carcasses everywhere during the spring that year.

Maybe black bears ate more deer fawns than we anticipated (I witnessed a large black bear catching, killing, and eating a young deer this May, which is cool). Same can be surmised for coyotes, which are renowned deer eaters. After several years of purposefully hard harvests, there are now fewer bears in PA, by design, and theoretically less bear depredation of fawns in 2023. But there does seem to be an awful lot of coyotes. Everywhere.

Up north, we have no acorns to speak of. Late spring frosts killed our acorn flowers a couple years in a row, and gypsy moths have been terrible year after year. Any acorn flowers that survived spring frosts were eaten by the gypsy moths, whose egg masses are visible everywhere up here. So there is very little to no food in the Big Woods, and as a result, most wild animals seem to have flown the coop. Bear hunting last week was impossible. And so far this week, deer hunting has been tough.

Yesterday I was fortunate to set up in a natural funnel and catch two does transitioning from feeding areas to bedding areas. And today, with the help of friends on a small and carefully targeted drive, I filled my buck tag. Based on what I am hearing, I am incredibly lucky this year. Most hunters are struggling just to see deer tails bouncing off into the distance.

So if you are one of the PA hunters who is feeling dispirited right now about the apparent evaporation of deer this season, here is my best advice: Go hunt places you don’t normally hunt, and where you think others probably don’t hunt often, either. Steep hillsides are great locations for hiding deer. Play the wind, keeping it in your face as much as possible. Go slow, and quiet. And have a friend or two join you for a two-man push or leap-frog, or a two-man push with one stander. And then the stander becomes a pusher and the former pushers take up stands.

Remember that whitetails like to loop around behind their pursuers. If one guy is pushing and another guy is quietly lagging behind a hundred yards or more, he has a good chance of getting the deer that snuck off and went around the pusher. Again, make sure the wind is in your favor (blowing from the deer to you, not from you to the deer), and be as quiet as possible.

Switch up your game this season, because it seems that just sitting and waiting for animals to come out and present themselves broadside is not happening a whole lot in 2023. We gotta get in after them, and make our own action.

Good luck!

A simple request of PA hunters

A simple request for our Pennsylvania hunters: Be hunters, not assassins.

Relying on technology to obtain an animal whose senses you cannot defeat within fair chase distances because your hunting skills are stubby is lame. Killing animals from far outside their hearing, smell, eyesight is not hunting, it is just killing, an assassination. This is not fair chase.

If you are strictly subsistence hunting, I understand, but if you are adhering to fair chase and sporting chances, this long distance stuff ain’t sport hunting. It is ultra cheeseball. Yeah I know, this whole obsession with long range sniping and ultra accuracy that came out of our military experience in Iraq and Afghanistan is cool. But it is not hunting.

A person who is sniping wild animals at hundreds of yards has expended zero skill or effort to defeat the animal’s natural defenses. You might as well drop a hellfire on it from a drone. And yeah, there’s probably a lot of “gamers” who will claim that that also takes “skill” and is “hunting.” Stop it. You are debasing yourself with this crap. Pick up an open sighted 30-30 lever action and learn what hunting is again or for the first time. You deserve it, the animals deserve it, the sport deserves it.

Good luck out there this deer season.

Being thankful is being American

Watching America’s wild riots since 2020, including recent pro-jihad protests demanding that America embrace evil, anti-Western values, you would be forgiven for thinking Americans had become largely self-entitled and unappreciative for all of the incredible bounties we have. College campuses are now full of upper-income white kids wishing hate on America, and upper-income brown kids wishing hate on white people, and no one showing appreciation for anyone who had prepared the way for all of the beneficence they all take for granted.

Note to uneducated young people: White Europeans created both your unique American freedom of speech and the fancy institutions you are at now, as well as all of the technology you practically live on, and they pay most of the taxes that run the military that protects you from direct foreign take-over so you can drink expensive coffees and pose and preen and virtue signal to your shallow ego’s fullest desire.

Nothing wrong with white people, and nothing is wrong with America. Can you identify a better, freer country with more opportunity for more people than America? I can’t, and you can’t, either. America’s young people must learn to be thankful for what they have and where they live, or they will lose everything they are taking for granted right now.

Being thankful and appreciative for what we each have was baked into the American culture from the beginning. Because the first few generations of Americans had to work hard for food and shelter every day, and the Europe they had fled was closed to upward mobility and meritocracy.

In Europe if you were born poor, you stayed poor. Only in the new America did we have “influencers” who gained popularity and income through their persuasive skills. That is the essence of capitalism, by the way.

Thanksgiving Day has its beginning in the thanks to God and to helpful American Indians given by the Puritans. Having fled violent religious persecution in Europe, the Puritans were starving. Despite being newcomers posing a potential threat, they were saved by their Indian neighbors, who taught them how to farm and hunt. Traditional Thanksgiving food that we eat today includes the foods eaten at the first Thanksgiving feast – wild turkey, squash, beans, and maize.

On October 3, 1789, after the brutal American Revolution and the War for Independence, America’s first president, George Washington, gave this Thanksgiving statement of appreciation below. May each of us Americans, and especially our foolish, spoiled young people who take so much for granted, read it and imbibe it, follow through on it, and express our thanks for everything we have – clothing, food, home, and smart phone, and the opportunity for so much more than anywhere else on planet earth.

By the President of the United States of America—

A Proclamation

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor—and Whereas both Houses of Congress have by their Joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”

Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be—That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks—for his kind care and protection of the People of this country previous to their becoming a Nation—for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his providence, which we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war—for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed—for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted, for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.

And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions—to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually—to render our national government a blessing to all the People, by constantly being a government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed–to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shown kindness unto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord—To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and Us—and generally to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand at the City of New York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789.

  Go. Washington




Yeah, PA’s lame bear season in one picture

Pennsylvania is about to have one of its lowest bear harvests in decades. And like so many policies of any sort, the story of this failure is told not just by the data, but by a picture of the data (see below).

In sum, this year’s early bear seasons of archery and muzzleloader resulted in roughly 1200 bears being taken by hunters. These are predominantly individual hunters in elevated stands, not crews of drivers pushing bears to standers.

By the time the real firearms “bear season” arrives in late November, much of the steam has been bled out of the system, so to speak. The demand has been met. Many serious bear hunters have already taken their bear and they won’t be going “to camp” to participate in punishing bear drives through thick mountain laurel on steep mountains in the northcentral region. And when the most ardent hunters pull out of a camp, that loss of energy and excitement affects everyone else. We noticed many empty camps across the entire northern tier this past week.

Again, the 1,217 bears taken in the early season so far are 200 bears ahead of the roughly 1,000 bears on record for the “bear season” as of tonight, which is the end of the formal “bear season.” In other words, bear season wasn’t. It is actually producing behind the early season.

So is the early season the real bear season now?

Add a poor acorn crop to the situation, and whatever bears were roaming around in October’s early season have gone to den for the winter now in our “bear season,” or have moved southward by the time November arrives, because all of the available wild food has been eaten up. We are now in our third year of a failed acorn crop in the northern tier, and the silence of our woods shows it. No food means no wildlife. Hunters saw no poop, no deer rubs, no squirrels, no nothing. Hunters scouring rugged northern tier landscapes that are the historic high producers of bears are encountering woods devoid not just of bears, but of deer and turkey, as well.

Yesterday was a classic example of this dynamic. Our guys put on a drive across a NW Lycoming County mountaintop area that usually holds bears. I was the lone stander in the primo spot, a saddle between two hills with a stream running through. I could see far in every direction. There were no other drives happening anywhere around our guys, which is unusual. But another and much larger drive was going on behind me, and pushing toward the area we had hunted the day before. And half a mile down the forest road several long range hunters were set up looking across a canyon. If there were bears around, or even deer, the two drives would push them past the long range guys, at least.

And yet, by the time dusk arrived and our men had slid and tumbled down the mountain side to gather at the truck, no one anywhere had seen a bear or a deer, nor heard a shot. The long range guys were packing up as we were driving out, and they told us they had seen several deer on Sunday, but nothing else any other day, including that day that had so much activity.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is a government agency, and agencies make mistakes. Sometimes the best-intended and carefully considered policies have unintended consequences. Maybe the Saturday opener (as opposed to the long-time Monday opener) to bear season is part of the failure we are seeing. Maybe it’s the acorn crop failure making a bad situation worse. Maybe it’s the early season stealing all of the thunder from the regular rifle bear season. I don’t know the entire answer why, but the numbers don’t lie, and this 2023 bear season was a flop. Yes, we will see another 100-200 bears taken in the extended season that is concurrent with deer season in some Wildlife Management Units. But overall, PA has not seen a bear harvest this low in a long time. And as I recall, last year wasn’t that great, either.

Something is wrong and something needs to change. A lot of small businesses in rural areas depend on these big bear and deer seasons to make their end-of-year financial goals. Let’s hope the PGC staff and the board are up to the task of fixing it.

Harvest results as of the last night of regular rifle bear season, 2023. Not final, but not going to change much. The early season was the best season.



PA’s 2023 bear season

After hearing just one rifle shot all day (followed by the customary follow-up shot thirty seconds later, and the coup-de-grace shot a minute later) today, at 4:20PM, I felt compelled to write about what seems to be happening this bear season. In a nutshell, this is not your pap’s or even your dad’s Pennsylvania bear season in Northcentral PA. That long-hallowed experience of buffalo plaid Woolrich coats and moldy little hunting camps built in 1948 filled with men putting on big drives across the landscape, is now a thing of the past.

Some people blame the Saturday bear season opener that started eight years ago for the demise. Others blame the early October muzzleloader and archery seasons. Either way, what many hunters are calling the death of the famed PA bear season is actually a direct result of the incredible success of PA’s decades-long bear population conservation program.

When PGC biologist Gary Alt became the steward of the PA bear program in the early 1980s, he faced a problem. Hunters, nature lovers, and simple habitat and ecosystem health required more bears across Pennsylvania. And bears were not responding to the demand. In twenty years of hard and smart work, Dr. Alt turned the situation completely around. When Dr. Alt left the PGC twenty years ago, his life’s work was one of the great wildlife conservation success stories in America. Black bears then filled habitat niches in almost every county from Philadelphia to Erie, from Honesdale to Pittsburgh, and everywhere in between.

And then, almost overnight it seemed, PA had way too many bears. Bears were showing up in cities proper, turning over trash cans in suburban back yards everywhere. And so the PGC had to try and dial back some of Dr. Alt’s success. Increasing the number of bears taken by hunters was the solution.

Now looking at harvest data resulting from a half dozen years of early muzzleloader bear season, early archery season, regular bear season, and extended bear seasons running concurrent with deer season, it is easy to see why we only heard one rifle shot all day today in what probably still is the epicenter of PA’s bear hunting. And why none of our guys encountered any bears hanging from hunting camp porches on their valley run tonight.

Early muzzleloader and archery seasons combined now account for almost half of the overall annual PA bear harvest, even before “bear season” has begun. These early season hunters are mostly single men hunting near their homes. By the time the traditional bear season arrives in late November, half the licensed bear hunters who are likely to kill a bear are already tagged out, and the rest are looking forward to the concurrent bear-deer seasons in their home hunting territories. Few hunters feel compelled to make the historic annual migration north, and why would they?

Those of us, we hardy few, who do still come to the traditional bear hunting ground up north, are faced with an already depleted bear resource, and many fewer men pushing across the landscape to break free and push those bears that remain. And yet, despite our reduced opportunity, we enjoy the crisp Fall air, the camaraderie, the laughs, and the naughty food and drink our wives would never approve of, if they only knew.

Good luck this season, boys. You’re gonna need it.

Speaker Johnson’s religious behavior

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson is being widely criticized in the mainstream media for kneeling in prayer while on the job the other day. I watched one mainstream media TV personality take Rep. Johnson to task in an interview, about minding the supposed “separation of church and state,” and “keeping prayer in private,” and not letting it out into the public sphere.

Pretty curious approach, given that across America and Europe hordes of bloodthirsty primitives have also recently knelt in prayer in public spaces, promoting baby butchery, baby baking, and gang rape with a huge helping of subsequent mutilation and torture on Israelis, to the great joy of mainstream media. Why all these sincere people, just look at them, bless their hearts. Get them some brown shirts and night sticks.

The Left’s love affair with radical Islam is no secret, and it is just and fair to say this love affair exists because both the Left and radical Islam seek absolute destruction of Western Civilization with a resulting dominion over everyone and every thing on Planet Earth. The Left and radical Islam have a common cause, and whatever differences they have will be settled between one another once people like Rep. Johnson and his religion are out of the way. Keep this foremost in your mind as the drumbeat about Rep. Johnson’s Christian practice goes on.

Couple of things about this Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’s religiosity.

First, Christianity is the founding belief system of America, albeit that was a nascent and broad minded Protestantism that immediately resulted in the anti-slavery abolitionist movement. America’s pilgrims and Founders also identified strongly with the Jews’ quest for freedom from evil tyrant Pharoah, and with the Torah’s value-laden story of that quest. And so thousands of towns and locales across America are named after Biblical places like Hebron, Shiloh, Judah, Bethany, and Zion. Christianity’s sacred Judaic touchstone places, and their inherent unspoken values, are interwoven into the cultural fabric of America from our very beginning.

Second, Christianity is still the main and largest repository of morality and right action in America. This is a cold numeric fact, not a defense of or advocacy for Christian theology. As sad and deflated as American Christianity is right now, it is nonetheless still the biggest single force for all things good and for  learning about good values in our nation.

You oppose Christian theology? OK, so what is your suggested substitute in its absence here in America? Atheism? Well, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin are all great advocates for atheism and horrible, unjust places to live. Judaism? You think 200,000,000 Americans are going to convert to orthodox Judaism? Never! There would be an immediate and everlasting shortage of pickled herring, and so the rabbis would never allow it. Radical Islam will cut your throat, cut off your head, or throw you off a roof, sometimes all three, so nah, hard pass on that, right?

So, I say an occasional annoying knock on the door by some nice church ladies is a small price to pay for living happily in the most successful nation in the history of humanity.

The Left’s attacks on Christianity are strategic. If they can brow beat, shame, drown, flood, and eliminate Christianity, they will eliminate America’s renewable, sustainable, organic cultural source of opposition to the Left’s tyranny, immorality, and evil.

The Left has gotten really creative about their attack on Christianity, and they have only succeeded to date because of the long flaccid acquiescence of American traditionalists and Christians, and by the Left’s official enablers, the GOPe. By accusing Christians of establishing religion when they merely practice it, a la Rep. Johnson, the Left has appealed to the First Amendment’s clear prohibition against establishing a formal state religion for America. And yet, the truth is Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Muslims all are merely expressing their First Amendment rights when they pray in private or in public. None of their public prayer behavior establishes any of these religions as the de facto state religion of America.

What the Left really objects to is anyone actually seeing the Christian religion practiced in public. Their message is it’s a dirty practice that people ought to keep to themselves behind closed doors.

Rep. Johnson’s public prayer on the US House of Representatives floor is an in-your-face to the tyrants and cultural Marxists in the mainstream media. And of course history is on the side of Rep. Johnson, because the US House of Representatives opened with public prayer for I don’t know how long, but for the vast majority of the chamber’s existence. And when inaugurated in 1789 as America’s first president in Manhattan, New York, George Washington led a grand procession to Trinity Church on Wall Street, where he led an hours-long prayer service.

It is only when America now finds itself in the throes of hypercoagulative materialism that its own long and deep religious roots, and religion’s fruit-bearing shading branches, become anathema. So what a breath of fresh air is this Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, this cherubic Rep. Johnson.

Don’t stop, Rep. Johnson, for all our sakes, I pray you, do not stop and do not back down, and may you shine as a beacon light to Christians everywhere, and may that rallying light shine and defeat the cruel darkness that is swallowing my civilization. I may not agree with you on the particulars, but by God I will defend your right and our collective necessity to have you pray in the US House of Representatives.

Either Christianity will save America as a free constitutional republic, or America and western civilization will die.

May God bless you, Rep. Johnson.

Middle East perspective, please

Around the planet there are 1.2 BILLION Muslims and about 400,000,000 (Four Hundred Million) Arabs, living in 44 Muslim countries and 23 Arab countries.

Probably 95% of these people vehemently oppose the total of 15 MILLION Jews living on Planet Earth, about half of whom live in the solitary Jewish country named Israel.

Numerically, this is not even a close contest. The Muslims and the Arabs greatly, vastly, completely outnumber the Jews in terms of people and nations. Practically speaking, there is no way the Jews can even come close to hurting the Muslims or the Arabs in any meaningful way.

So, what the bloody hell is all the screeching about in Gaza? Genocide? Occupation? Refugees?

If Gaza had been experiencing genocide, it would not and could not have gone from a few hundred thousand people to now over two million people in number. Contrast this empty claim with the charter of Hamas, which calls for the genocide of all Jews everywhere around the world. This puts Hamas and all of its supporters, including Greta Thunberg, squarely in the Nazi camp.

If Gaza were occupied, then the occupier would be physically present. But Israel left Gaza unilaterally in 2005, and has had nothing to show for it except constant unprovoked rocket attacks by Hamas on Jewish civilians for 16 years.

And the whole refugee thing? Really? No, no you can’t, no you won’t. This is more fake BS. Once you settle down and start living in one place, with permanent buildings, you are no longer a refugee. Refugee status among real humans usually lasts a few weeks, months, maybe a few years. But only the so-called “palestinians” have maintained the fake refugee role for decades out of the tens of millions of real refugees around the world since 1947, including Chinese, Africans, and Europeans, and not the least of which the One Million Jewish refugees ethnically cleansed out of Muslim and Arab countries from roughly 1947 to 1954.

That is the real “Apartheid” in the Middle East: The one million Jewish refugees from across the region and the lack of Jews remaining in any meaningful numbers anywhere there except in Israel.

Finally, not one Muslim or Arab nation is a true democracy, and not one has the rule of law and equal rights for minorities. When Muslims live in Western nations, they demand minority rights far exceeding their huge numbers, but in their own Muslim nations, there are no minority rights. None.

Sure seems like Muslims living in Western nations are using the democratic process to achieve non-democratic results.

In sum, it is impossible for Muslims or Arabs to be victims in this conflict. No way. Yes, there are individuals here and there who were not treated right over the years in Israel and in the West Bank. But that is the nature of warfare and armed conflict, and we all know that if the Muslims and Arabs put away their weapons, there would be peace, and that if Israel put away her weapons there would be the genocide of Jews. Those instances of occasional Arab victimhood are absolutely washed away by the overwhelming amount of pro-Nazi Jew hatred by the 1.2 BILLION Muslims and the 400 MILLION Arabs constantly attacking and hurting and murdering the 15 million Jews everywhere across the world.

This is not even close to a fair fight. Using a basic Third Grade mathematics perspective reveals that basic fact.

Now, the truly alarming thing in this simple equation is that while Muslims are populating rapidly everywhere, Christians are de-populating, due to their nations’ incredible material wealth and physical comforts. Apparently Western Christians have little room for God amidst all the material success in their lives. As a result, Christians will find out eventually that as the Jews go, so go they, the Christians.

This dispute in Gaza is simply Western Civilization vs. barbarism. No other way to put it, and Westerners must wake up to the fact that none of the Hamas fuzzy math makes any sense, and that if Westerners don’t start factoring themselves into the survival equation, they will soon find their own heads on the barbarians’ chopping block.

Tuesday election results: Voting machines are hacked

So many people are trying to understand what happened on this Election Day Tuesday, how Republicans got trounced across Pennsylvania and in many places across the country, as well.

I can’t speak for other states, where plenty of people are scratching their heads, but I feel quite comfortable speaking about central Pennsylvania. I looked at election results in central Pennsylvania, in Dauphin County, Cumberland County, Schuylkill County, and several others in Northcentral PA and Western PA, and there is a stark statistical signal emitting from Tuesday’s election results: Pennsylvania’s voting machines are not secure, they are being manipulated to achieve results that one side wants.

A couple examples stand out. Several Cumberland County school boards went 100% Democrat in areas where the voter registration cannot possibly support that outcome. In Dauphin County, long time and much liked moderate elected official Chad Saylor lost his county commissioner race by forty-some votes to a complete no-name. This kind of close race is a lot harder to identify as vote machine hacking, and that is why these kinds of outcomes are kept so close by whomever is doing the manipulation. But it is still not a believable outcome in a county that has consistently re-elected George Hartwick and Mike Pries for a very long time.

In the case of the Cumberland County school boards, I believe the outcome is so desperately needed for important political purposes that the manipulators go for broke. Having outposts of woke anti-America public schools in the heart of a conservative Republican County is strategically important, because the public tide has been strongly turning against this kind of outcome. Besides, these school board races are off of most people’s radar screens. It is a crime they can easily get away with.

And as we have just seen in our own PA election this week, verified reports of broken and malfunctioning vote machines (including flipping votes from R to D in front of people’s eyes) get a tiny amount of air time and then are buried and forgotten. Despite these reports being a huge red flag indication of a major systemic problem across the entire vote machine enterprise.

Voting machines are not secure. We saw that starkly in the 2020 election, in the 2022 election, and now we are seeing it absolutely blatantly displayed in the 2023 election. The incentive for hackers and manipulators to illegally use the voting machines is powerful, because most American LEADERS (not the voters, who know vote fraud when they see it and they complain about it) are in denial. So the push-back in the halls of power is minimal. Establishment Republicans like my own state senator John DiSanto are either too timid or simply disinterested in the subject, because there is no direct political gain for them. And so the crime continues.

The biggest impediment to having secure elections in Pennsylvania is the Republican Party itself. This is a group of absolutely useless individuals who by their actions must be heavily compromised. They put up zero resistance to the last second 2020 election law shenanigans (for example, the Republican-dominated House and the Republican-dominated Senate could have impeached and removed the PA Supreme Court members who blatantly disregarded both Pennsylvania law and the Pennsylvania constitution to achieve political outcomes that allowed their fellow Democrats to wildly cheat in the 2020 election), and they won’t even deal with the reports of voting machine problems this week.

Either the PAGOP has nothing to gain from fixing vote machine fraud, or nothing to lose by allowing it to continue. And the fact that the severely failed and purposefully deposed former PA senate “leader” Jake Corman has now set up a political consulting firm in Harrisburg, with no push back from PAGOP leadership, bodes poorly. These people all want business as usual, which definitely does not involve rocking the boat or fixing vote fraud.

A note about voting machines and others: Machines are so deeply mistrusted across the entire world population, especially in the West, that Hollywood movies depicting Machines vs. Humanity in all-out wars of extermination have been wildly popular for many decades. Artificial intelligence is widely believed to be the inevitable downfall of humanity, as stated by those who are most involved in developing it. In the popular and prescient 1965 sci-fi book Dune, computers of all kinds were outlawed because they became self aware and tried to kill off the humans. In Dune, in lieu of machines, a race of humans were cultivated, the Mentats, to perform computer-speed calculations for the benefit of humans, but without the inherent instability and high risk of computer machines.

Hacked and manipulated vote machines are now so blatantly misused to achieve criminal outcomes that we should do something about it. We must fix it, if voting is going to mean anything at all. And of course, with hacked elections and your vote meaning nothing, your representative government isn’t, and your vote isn’t, and your citizenship isn’t. What is the outcome is a single-party totalitarian country, and that very much is happening in front of our eyes.

The fix to this open problem is easy: Paper ballots, voter identification, and hand count if necessary. But that requires at least half of the political leadership to actually care about this subject, and if they won’t, then the electorate must vote in new leaders who do care about it. Or, you voters can go ahead and give up representative government.


Vote today!

Maybe this election is boring to you. Maybe Trump isn’t on today’s ballot. Maybe these are boring people and boring positions.

Doesn’t matter, because you have to vote. Every American citizen must vote every time there is an election. Or else we lose the country.

Today, the “hot” elections are for Dauphin County commissioners, and I recommend Mike Pries and Chad Saylor, (and George Hartwick for the two Democrats who read this blog). Despite having different letters (R,D) after their names, these three guys get along very well and have kept taxes from being raised in Dauphin County forever. Besides, no county commissioner anywhere else in PA is nearly as entertaining as George Hartwick. His news stories usually involve a well-drained bottle of Crown Royal somewhere along the line. I like a politician who knows his business.

I will vote YES to retain Victor Stabile as a judge on the Superior Court, and I am voting NO to NOT RETAIN Jack Panella on the Superior Court. Panella is the worst sort of judicial activists, and our judicial branch is in tatters as a result. No, no, no. Go sit in the corner and learn all about the law again, Mr. Panella.

Matthew Pianka is running for magisterial judge in Uptown Harrisburg. His mom Barb held the position for a long time. His dad Jim held the job for a long time before Barb. I am no fan of political dynasties, but in Harrisburg we get to choose, on the one hand, between normal Democrats like Matthew who are rational and logical, albeit they have different principles or values than someone like me, or, on the other hand, complete crackpots who peddle racial politics and who will throw the rule of law out the window in the place where justice matters most – your neighborhood. So vote for Matthew Pianka, he’s a nice guy with a cute kid and a nice wife, and a dog, I think, and he’s bright. And personable.

On principle, I cannot in good conscience vote for any other Democrats than those above. The Democrat Party has gone off the rails, politically, culturally, lawlessly, and while I won’t tell you the Republican Party is so great, I will say at least they are not actively trying to destroy America like the Democrats. It is true that the Republicans actually do not actively try to do anything, and in their defense, this might be a good thing in politics.

YES Carolyn Carluccio for PA Supreme Court.

YES Maria Battista and Harry Smail for Superior Court.

YES Megan Martin for Commonwealth Court

YES Courtney Powell for Court of Common Pleas (I met Courtney. She is the most normal, smart, professional Mom type ever, and America needs more people like her in our court rooms)

YES John McDonald for Dauphin County Clerk of Courts. I met John and he is a sweet, gentle giant of a man. And I think he will be the first black person in this position, ever. Very cool. Go get ’em, John.

The Recorder of Deeds and county treasurer have to be the most dull positions, but we still have to pay attention to who is running. Jim Zugay has been Recorder of Deeds for a thousand years and yes, that is exactly the kind of job a career politician ought to be in, so I hope you win, Jim. Nick DiFrancesco wants to be Treasurer. He’s crazy enough to fully embrace this mind-numbing job, and he has already done a bunch of other county jobs. OK, Nick, I hope you get what you want. No backsies!



Some Middle East FAQs

Wow is the Internet burning up as a result of the “troubles” in Israel and Gaza. And not just the Internet, but the public streets across Europe, London, Washington, DC, and New York City. Marches full of people shouting about killing the Jews and destroying Israel, and carrying signs about destroying America, and battering the gates of the White House in Washington, DC, and tearing down flyers on lamp posts showing the faces and names of Hamas’ hostages – innocent people from 28 different countries and multiple religions and aged from 6-month-old babies to 80-year-old grandparents – show us that the so-called “occupation” thing is just another fake excuse for the same old bullsh*t religious hatred and violence.

So in response to what I see and read on the news and on the Internet, here are some absolute facts. You will not hear these mentioned by the mainstream media, which is an arm of Hamas (which explains why the mainstream media is constantly trying so hard to destroy Western Civilization), but these are true facts, and honest people want to know the truth, however uncomfortable it is.

  • Jews are the indigenous people of Israel/ Judea/ Samaria/ Judah. They have been living there in an unbroken chain for 4,000 years, albeit not always the masters of their own political fortunes. The region’s greatest history for 4,000 years is written the entire time in Jewish blood. This is their home and their land.
  • Arabs are from Arabia, AKA the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Muslims are from the Arabian Peninsula
  • Most of the so-called “Palestinians” are Turks who arrived in the area with the Ottoman Empire, which oversaw and administered the area they called the “Sanjak of Jerusalem” from around 1500 to 1920
  • Turks are from…Turkey, and its surrounding region. If you are a Turk living in Nablus or Jenin or Jabaliya or Gaza City, you are not indigenous to anywhere except Turkey, regardless of how you self-identify or what language you speak
  • The “Apartheid” that exists in the Middle East is the Muslim Arab countries’ unwillingness to allow Jews to live anywhere in the Middle East, despite Jews living there long before any Arabs showed up.
  • From 1946 to 1956, one million Jews were ethnically cleansed from across North Africa and Egypt and the West Bank and Jordan and Syria and Iraq and Iran, forced out of their homes by bloodthirsty mobs and greedy governments, and forced to take refuge hundreds of miles away in the new state of Israel. THAT is the true ethnic cleansing that has happened in the Middle East.
  • There is zero “occupation” of Gaza. None. There were Israelis in Gaza from 1967 until 2005, but then any semblance of an occupation ended. In 2005, Israel pulled its own people out of Gaza, left everything behind, and Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was killed by one of his own bodyguards over it and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was struck down by a “hand of God” stroke as a result. There is no justification for Hamas, except what their charter explicitly calls for: The murder of all Jews and Christians around the world.
  • Israel controls electricity and water to Gaza out of necessity, because Gaza diverts all of its money and resources into building terror tunnels and rockets out of public water pipes.
  • Gaza could easily have been transformed into its own beautiful oasis, similar to what the Israelis had done with their part of it. Gaza has everything it needs to succeed – beautiful beaches, the Mediterranean, adjoining the majestic Sinai and close to the beautiful Red Sea, and next to high tech powerhouse Israel. When Israel abandoned their Gaza settlement in 2005, they left behind incredible greenhouses and seawater desalination plants. Entire communities that ran on sustainable re-use of limited resources, something out of Dune. What did the Gazans do when the Jews left Gaza? They destroyed the desalination plants and the greenhouses, they scrapped everything made of metal, and ruined everything beautiful that was handed to them for free.
  • We must be honest. Gazans are a backwards people, educated to hate everyone and kill everyone, and live miserably amongst themselves. They are indeed a sad case, but they and their misery are of their own doing. Maybe they should go back to Turkey and start anew.