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America needs an Exodus moment

America as founded is dying. The pro-individual rights constitutional republic carefully constructed through competing equal branches of government since 1789 is being forcefully bulldozed by rogue Big Government forces. Our unique system of checks and balances, meant to disperse power widely across the body politic, is under atttack at every turn. Central planners desire to collapse decision making into just a few hands.

Whether it is the Electoral College that prevents mob rule, or free speech under the First Amendment, or private ownership of firearms under the Second Amendment, or secure borders meant to protect free taxpaying citizens, every safeguard designed to protect the individual citizen is being ignored or forcefully broken into little pieces in front of our faces by the advocates of government totalitarianism. In our media, academia, and indeed from within government itself there is a huge emphasis on growing powerful big government and diminishing the ever smaller citizen into the role of powerless serf.

With FBI and ATF federal government excution squads running lawlessly amok across America, a weaponized and now heavily armed IRS looking deeply into the private lives of their political opponents, an enormous replacement of native Americans with lawless illegal aliens, the leading political leader being hounded by a dozen fake lawsuits and under threat of being illegally jailed during an election year, and on and on, America as a distinct nation based on the rule of law is dying. It is being killed, axe murdered, set on fire and blown up right in front of us.

Yes, one political party is directly responsible for this, but the other political party is enabling the attack by deliberately not fighting back or resisting. Both political parties are killing America, and with the failure of political leadership it’s now up to our citizens to decide how we want to live.

Tonight is the beginning of Passover, and it is a reminder that America needs an Exodus moment. We need a shining example of direct Diving intervention that results in our people being set free from the rampant lawlessness and injustice being forced on us, to make us all into slaves to Big Government. Hopefully, we are worthy of it. Incidentally, when the Jewish People left Egypt roughly 3,300 years ago, they were “chamushim,” meaning fully armed. Just as free Americans should be in 2024.

Pray hard, folks, and also prepare for the long, hard spiritual renewal journey ahead of us this year. Do not look to politicians for salvation or freedom, that road is now closed. Rather, look to each other and to God.

Charlton Heston portrayed a prophet, and also served as one when he encouraged Americans to defy and resist our lawless government-gone-rogue.

King George III called George Washington “the greatest man in the world” because he declined to be king of America, and instead sacrificed himself for the creation of a people-led constitutional republic. Washington prayed hard before leading his surprise attack across the Delaware River. All Americans should aspire to be like Washington, especially in 2024.

Two Steps to Political Heaven

Much talk going on now about how President Trump is supposed to get a stranglehold on the lawless and insubordinate federal bureaucracy if he is elected to a third term this November. As a former seven-year federal policy bureaucrat who fled the belly-of-the-beast US EPA in Washington, DC, in 1998, here are my suggestions. These are based especially on my witnessing the changing of the Senior Executive Service (SES) guard from the Bush I administration to the Clinton administration, and all of the cascading management changes that followed.

Step One: Enter the White House with a clear and specific staffing plan and the prospective personnel to implement it. Ground Zero is the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which processes all federal personnel hiring and firing. From 2017 through 2020, OPM infamously held up a high percentage of Trump’s selected future staff to be seeded across the bureaucratic horizon, where they were supposed to implement Trump’s agenda. But many of Trump’s prospective picks had their paperwork deep-sixed and “lost” in obscure file drawers throughout OPM, their hiring process dragging on so long that they had to find other jobs after having put their current employers on notice of their imminent departure for the Trump Administration. When you control OPM, you can get all of your staff quickly seated and working throughout the bureaucracy. If you don’t control OPM, well, your hard-won third term won’t add up to much.

Step Two: Take no prisoners. Treat every at-will federal position as the at-will position it really is, and work hard from there to drill as deeply as possible. Treat all management positions as targets for immediate change. On Day One be prepared to immediately terminate every single SES and political position and have in hand their loyal replacements, with OPM processing them at record speed. The marching orders for all new loyal SES employees is to replace as many senior staff as they each can, as quickly as they can, with extreme prejudice. Which goes something like this:

New SES manager: “Hi Mary. Good morning. You have been a division chief in this agency for, gosh, twelve years. And yet here I find you late to our meeting this morning and dressed unprofessionally. I am issuing you two written warnings right now, one for each infraction…

Division Chief Mary: “What are you talking about? I was only one minute late! And I have had a casual dress policy here since…

New SES manager:Mary, being unprofessional and insubordinate to your boss is a third violation of the OPM standards of conduct. I am writing you up right now with a third warning, which means that I am now beginning your termination and separation process from the agency as soon as we are finished here. You have three minutes to pack up your personal items and then Officer Jones here will see you out of the building.”

This “direct action” between new senior executive and entrenched senior managers must happen at every level throughout every federal agency, every day, until every senior manager has been replaced with a loyalist (loyal to the new administration and thus loyal to the Constitution). And each new, loyal senior manager will have the same directive for dealing with DC Swamp subordinates down to the bottom of the civil service staff barrel.

Anything less than this admittedly tough hands-on style means that the enormous communist rat warren continues to host a zillion rats, each one quietly gnawing away and illegally stopping the implementation of your presidential agenda and the will of the American People.

How well do I recall an EPA biologist sitting on a huge stack of biological tests done to study the effects of Chlorothalonil, a highly useful insecticide. He personally disliked and opposed the company that owned Chlorothalonil, and so he just sat on their studies. He was unwilling to meet the statutory deadline for agency review and approval or rejection. And his superiors did nothing to compel him to act. And so the company’s expensive research went nowhere, floated in purgatory, and their expensive chemical unnecessarily languished outside of the market. This story times a million is the lawless ball and chain wrapped around America’s throat right now. This must end, and if it doesn’t end by 2028 or sooner, then American government is no longer of, by, and for the American People; it will have become something utterly of by and for itself.

An autonomous, unaccountable federal bureaucracy is the end of representative government. The bureaucracy itself is not  democracy, as so many DC Swamp Rats proclaim. Rather, the bureaucracy is now a stale and outdated exercise in representative government that must be dramatically changed. Democracy is the process in which We, The People hold our representative government accountable. And as the American Declaration of Independence states, The People not only get their rights from God, and not government, but The People have the right to abolish government and create a new one whenever they so choose.

Where America is at right now, with its out of control, lawless, unelected and unaccountable federal bureaucracy (i.e. heavily armed IRS SWAT teams like feudal tax collectors of olde), is the myriad federal bureaucrats have come to really enjoy their centralized power and artificially high pay. And they also don’t want to be told what to do by anyone who is not one of them. For America to adhere to democratic norms, this federal bureaucracy must be greatly reduced in size and scope, at least.

For those who might shed tears about all the sad Marxist bureaucrats being cut loose to find jobs in the private sector they mocked, hamstrung, and crapped on from their artificially protected positions, cry me a river. No bureaucrat is owed a job. They have these public service jobs solely at the will of The People and their chosen chief executive, the President of The United States. With OPM under new management and this tough love approach to running the federal government, that is the Constitutional democracy the DC bureaucrats say they are so worried about protecting.

A version of this essay was published here at the American Thinker.

Americans are naturally anti-government

America was created in response to tyranny, tyrannical government, overbearing government, invasive government, secretive government, lawless government, arbitrary and capricious government etc. etc. etc. And so, it naturally followed that when America followed through on its declaration of independence from Britain with maximum winning force, the resulting government in America was the anti-government.

A government meant to barely subsist on fumes and have a very limited reach or impact on our citizens.

Our 1787-1789 Constitution is a long list of things the government may not do, and a short but very broad and far-reaching list of all the things that the individual citizen can do. Our Constitution makes it clear that The People have all the rights, and the government has all the obligations and limits. America’s founding documents make it crystal clear that the federal government has a job to do, but that job is hindered by a zillion different barriers, hurdles, blocks, and barriers. The government is not powerless, but its power is hugely limited by all kinds of checks, in order to protect The People from  government.

America’s founders understood from their immediate experience fighting tyrannical Britain that every government is a bad thing, an unfortunate necessity that must be controlled like nuclear fission, and that all government automatically seeks out maximum control over The People, and that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thus, almost everything the American government does is supposed to be visible and challengeable by The People, whom the government serves.

So how (not so) curious is it that the Biden Administration is chock full of all kinds of secret documents, secret decisions, secret law enforcement interview notes (that usually turn out to be forged and not at all accurate), secret prosecutors trying to get secret limits on what kind of defense that President Trump can mount in court, gag orders by corrupt judges, heavy censorship (see the Twitter Files) of what you and I can say and which politicians we can criticize on social media, and so on.

This is a group of very bad individuals who do not believe in the Constitution, and who are abusing every lever of power they can to gain more control over the country and We, The People. Exhibit A is the FBI, which is now a brazenly partisan political force with guns and badges, enforcing political policy, not the rule of law.

Joe Biden has complained that the MAGA folks are anti government. Well, yeah, you dummy. You and the individuals you have surrounded yourself with are Exhibit A in why America was founded in the first place, and why the Constitution was written, and why Americans have always been anti-government, suspicious of government and suspicious of the individuals who make their career in government. From our very beginning in 1776, it has been natural for Americans to fear and loathe and reject government, and it is unnatural for anyone calling themselves an American to love, laud, elevate, and promote government.

Government is a necessary evil, and the best government is that which governs least. This Biden group, gang, mafia, whatever you want to call these Chinese pay-off receiving people, loooooves government and all the power it gives them. They worship government, especially the central government in Washington, DC. It naturally follows that these Biden people are not Americans, not in spirit and not in practice. Rather, they are evil fascists determined to use their brief time at the wheel to steer the car over the cliff. They are not making decisions that are good for America or Americans, but rather they are making decisions that serve their lust for power and control. Everything they do to and with America is the opposite of what America was founded to do.

Biden and the people around him are bad people. They should not be running the central government in Washington, DC. And as you may know, I am 100% certain they were not voted into office by the American voters in 2020. One person who would have emphatically and forcefully rejected over-reaching Joe Biden and his corruptacrats was General George Washington himself. He would have removed these evil scum from office one way or another, and I am absolutely certain he would have thoroughly cleaned up the rest of our messy house, as well. Because he, George Washington, was so anti-government that he rejected the ultimate power of being crowned as America’s monarch.

George Washington was as anti-government as anyone can be, and as we all know, he was the ultimate American. It is perfectly natural for all Americans to reject government, to be suspicious of government and its employees, and to be anti government. This focus on individual freedom is what makes us Americans!

Book review: A Rebel from the Start by Avi Yemini

Like a lot of news hounds disgusted by the brazenly partisan establishment narrative activists at the “mainstream media” outlets like MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, PBS, Reuters, the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Washington Post et al ad nauseum, I have spent years chasing down the few actual news sources that would give me the facts and just the facts. Sites like The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, Zero Hedge, the Epoch Times, and podcasts by Dinesh D’Souza, Dan Bongino, and Jan Jekeliek now give me a 360 degree news and information coverage that has been sorely lacking for so long.

One of my most recent finds was Rebel News, back in 2020, when the world was melting down about Covid and hardly any news outlets were asking any questions about why the world was melting down about Covid.

I was up in the mountains, usually alone, running the sawmill and physically exposed to no one, with my main link to the outside world the very slow internet connection we had then. Then as now, the establishment media simply carried the establishment narrative and fear-mongering political message for the blatantly corrupted CDC and other federal agencies so visibly taken over by the pharmaceuticals industry. Rebel News was different, and from 2020 into 2021 its founder, Ezra Levant, really stood out by asking basic questions. He asked questions of people in power, he asked questions of people in official positions, he asked questions of police officers gleefully and violently enforcing Covid lockdowns in Canada and Australia, and he asked questions of people in the street. How refreshing! A real newsman!

Rebel News then added a few truly intrepid reporters like David Menzies, Sheila Gunn, and a confusing man named Avi Yemini. I don’t want to make this book review all about Rebel News and Ezra Levant, but the fact is that without Rebel News, the free world (ha) would know a lot, lot less about Covid tyranny than we know now. And what we know now has informed freedom loving citizens across Canada, America, Australia, and Europe to demand an end to health tyranny and a return to responsive, representative government.

While all of the Rebel News reporters have done really amazing work, one of them stood out, this earnest, tattooed, sometimes almost innocently child-like Avi Yemini fellow. He was unafraid and would wade right into the lockdown protests with his Rebel News microphone, and was often dogged by Jew haters and violent government thugs alike.

Sheila Gunn, Ezra Levant, David Menzies and other Rebel News reporters all have done great work, but none of them have the cool Australian accent, the Jewfro, or the odd name that Avi Yemini has. And so I really began to closely follow every video and interview he put out. Because Avi Yemini has a foot in about a half dozen different worlds simultaneously, I was more than intrigued. Who was this guy? Why did he remind me of the ADD prancing black knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Where the hell did he come from? Why was he so laid-back-open-minded on the one hand, and yet asking such pointed questions of people in power on the other hand?

His interviews along with Ezra Levant of Hitler Youth climate grifter Greta Thunberg and ultra shady Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla put Rebel News squarely in the international spotlight. He then had an amazing followup debate with Nas Daily, an Israeli Arab who is so fully integrated into the establishment that he carries all the water left in the Middle East for all the political establishment there.

Just when I thought I could not take the suspense any longer, Avi Yemini wrote a book about himself, which debuted a few months ago. Titled “A Rebel from the Start,” Avi seems to bare all in this book. I mean, I don’t think he leaves much to the imagination. Said another way, he seems to be much more honest about his childhood and his failures than anyone else I know would be. Reading the book helped me understand Avi personally, but not really politically, or ideologically. And I am unsure if that understanding will ever happen for me, anyone else, or even for Avi himself. To wit, he is from an Orthodox Jewish family, married to a woman of unclear religious beliefs but who has two Muslim kids from her first marriage. Add in Avi’s two kids and you get this big, boisterous mini riot blur of activity, full-on life engagement, and earnest questions about everything, and yet rigid ideology about nothing.

Avi Yemini is the anti-ideology news reporter. He has no ideological axe to grind. This is so rare in the news business that it is tough to get my head around.

And I think this last observation is probably the most refreshing aspect of Rebel News’ reporting: They don’t do what the establishment media does, which is daily parrot a set of talking points meant to artificially buoy up the corrupt political establishment. Rather, Rebel News staff are unafraid to ask the glaring, most obvious questions that anyone with a scintilla of care about where Western Civilization is headed (presently down the tubes and gaining speed) would be interested in. Avi Yemini is a colorful, inquisitive, fearless, insightful interlocutor and news reporter, and his book is a fascinating read for those of us who have watched his rise in prominence with awe and wonderment. I highly recommend it.

You can buy Rebel from the Start here.

Actual news reporter Avi Yemini was constantly harassed and arrested by the Australian police (who later lost all their cases against him in court), while the fake news establishment political activist in drag as a “news reporter” is carefully protected by the Australian police. Avi is a freedom hero.

Irish Lives Matter

Several years ago I toured Dublin and the nearby parts of coastal Ireland. Beautiful place, nice people. Lot of history, which I wrote about on this blog at that time.

But now Ireland seems slated for what every other European and Western nation is destined for: Genocide. Of the natives. Of the Irish in Ireland, and of the Caucasians elsewhere.

I was not raised with a sensitivity for skin color. My parents believed then (and still do) that skin color is irrelevant to what makes a person. And so I have just not ever been on board with the politics of skin color, of any sort. And it is that lack of awareness or caring that now has me on hyper alert to what is happening in front of my face in Europe, and in Ireland. It is clear that Europe is not just being invaded by people who do not share European values like tolerance and hard work, but who mean to replace Europeans by any means necessary.

Ireland is the latest example of how Europe and its indigenous people are being clearly and aggressively targeted for destruction.

Two weeks ago, an Algerian man already known for his physical violence stabbed several small children and women, all Irish, in Dublin. It seemed like a clearcut racial hate crime, but the Irish government turned against those Irish who said this. Instead of solving the hate crime and forming policies to ensure the anti-white stabbings don’t happen again, the Irish government dubbed as “hate speech” anything and anyone who dared to speak about the obvious: That being the tens of thousands of Pakistanis and Algerians roaming Ireland as new citizens, but who do not agree with anything Irish, and who are actually hostile to Irish people and to Ireland’s culture.

Ireland’s strange prime minister went on to assert that Ireland is “too white.” Whatever that means. I mean, Ireland is one of the few places where white people come from. Where they are native to, indigenous to. There is nothing unnatural about Ireland having a lot of white people.

Are there any African nations saying that they are too black? (no). Any Arab countries complaining that they are too Muslim or too brown skinned? (no). Any Asian countries complaining that they are too Asian looking? (no).

Ireland’s government is failed, and is failing to represent the people of Ireland, on purpose. The government representatives are strangely hostile to the Irish. Irish politicians are openly globalist, embracing a view of Ireland that erases political boundaries, historic cultures, languages, religions, forms of dress. Mind you, this is a one-way perspective, because the same globalists in Ireland and Europe and America cheer on the invaders’ own native dress, customs, and ways, including rampant pedophilia, rape, and honor killings of wayward daughters.

Until recently the Irish were the most easy going, relaxed, welcoming people in Europe. But now there is a movement to recognize that Irish Lives Matter, because the people of Ireland are literally under attack from within their own nation. And this same sentiment is reverberating across Europe, as people like Dutch politician Geert Wilders are elected to actually represent the interests of their nations’ native, indigenous people, not some giant for-profit globalist Borg.

All government exists only for the benefit of the people, not for the benefit of elites, corporations, oligarchs, untouchable judges, plush bureaucrats, or military-industrial complexes. And we are seeing now a widespread recognition among Irish, Europeans, and Americans alike that our respective governments have been working against us, using our hard-earned tax money against us. America’s open borders are a prime example of how Biden has abandoned and attacked the American people, at enormous cost in both crime and welfare programs that reward lawless border-hoppers and penalize American veterans and citizens.

It seems that the slogan Irish Lives Matter resonates with and applies to everyone in Europe, especially the Caucasians who for some bizarre, racist, xenophobic reason are being targeted for dissolution, genocide, and replacement.

Turns out that native, indigenous Europeans are all Irish now. Or Dutch. Or Polish, Hungarian, or Italian. And all European governments are Joe Biden, assaulting the people they are supposed to protect.


Screamers America

A real sizeable portion of the American citizenry and even the American electorate do not understand or even care what the people in the federal government are doing. So many Americans are lethargic about their freedom that they don’t bother to vote, and some of them really say “If it is all taken away from me tomorrow, OK, whatever.”

Of course we all know these same people who are so laissez- faire about their own fates will scream bloody murder when they do in fact lose everything. This is the down side of all the unbelievable material success and wealth that democratic capitalism has spread so far and wide. People are asleep, unaware and uncaring about what is happening to their fate, to their futures. To them, America just keeps chugging along on autopilot. Doesn’t matter who is in Congress, doesn’t matter who is in the Oval Office, doesn’t matter who holds the local magisterial judge position in their township, doesn’t matter how political decisions are made.

A significant portion of our people are stuffing their faces full of processed junk food and living for the moment, absorbed in nonsense like “professional” sports. No country can continue successfully like this, when its people are not watching the road in front of them, but are distracted by shiny crap way off on the side somewhere. And in fact, America is not continuing successfully like this, as we see with high food prices and shortages, high gasoline prices, high mortgage rates, heavy official censorship of undesirable alternative perspectives, etc. And we also see a single political party in partnership with a real portion of the other political party doing everything possible to silence their critics and crush dissent. These political people are taking advantage of the lack of attention the American people are paying to what is being done in the name of the American people. Like how is government power and force being used and badly abused.

Is the IRS unfairly attacking opponents of the Joe Biden crime family? Is the FBI illegally targeting opponents of the Joe Biden crime family and protecting the corrupt Joe Biden crime family? Is the DOJ using official force of arms against innocent Americans to achieve political outcomes that the voters won’t grant them? The answers to these questions are a huge Hell Yes.

And yet I still encounter perfectly smart Americans who actually believe whatever the New York Times writes, whatever the MSNBC and NPR partisan political activists tell them. They are not curious about what is happening around them, what is happening under their feet. When a heavily armed FBI SWAT-type group descends on their neighbor’s home, these incurious people either say “Eh, he must have done something bad.”

Or, even worse, the neighbors say “Oh, he was a religious Republican who peacefully protested in Washington DC on January 6th 2021, so he deserves this heavy treatment.”

A 1995 movie called Screamers captures America’s current cultural landscape perfectly. Unintentionally, mind you. This is an allusion, a comparison, an allegory, intended to paint a picture using actual pictures from a movie so we can better connect dots in people’s heads and help them better understand what is happening to America. Screamers was not so much a political statement as a story about the cost of humans becoming lazy and incurious about what is happening under their feet.

In a way Screamers is probably based on the 1895 HG Wells book The Time Machine, where happy pretty Eloi people dancing in the sunshine with flowers in their hair without a care are occasionally grabbed by the evil Morlocks and dragged underground to a horrible fate. Either one of these stories, Screamers or The Time Machine, fit what is happening right now in America. And what, you ask, is happening in America right now?

America is becoming a violent, lawless police state, and it started right underneath our feet without us knowing it, or seeing it. Oh sure, it started earnestly enough, you know, the federal government staffers fighting foreign terrorism and against evil drug cartels. But then those government employees working so diligently behind the scenes, out of our view, eventually redesigned themselves, redefined their purpose, and they evolved into unrecognizable creatures preying upon us innocent citizens.

FBI, DHS, DOJ, CIA etc employees have become horror creatures drunk on raw, cruel power they derive from controlling what had been hallowed institutions set up to protect the American people. And now these government Morlocks and Screamers are coming for all of us who dare point out that they have become Frankenstein monsters intent on destroying a free America so they can control it. One by one, they pull innocent Americans down into DC dungeons where terrible tortures are happening.

A new movie is out, which I saw, that details exactly how America is becoming a violent, lawless police state run by the worst people. This movie is called … Police State. I highly recommend you see it, not because it will make you feel good, but because you and I definitely need a kick in the ass to get our attention off of the fun and shiny happy things Americans are so used to having endless supplies of. We are not living in the American reality right now, people. We are living in a very scary, dangerous un-reality. If you want to understand how this is happening, go see the movie Police State.

The federal Screamers and the government Morlocks are definitely coming to get you and your kids. Don’t let them succeed.

A pretty face don’t mean a pretty heart. Plenty of federal agents will destroy 100% innocent you just for the pleasure of it

Federal agents coming to help you find your way to a dungeon where they will deprive you of your constitutional AND your human rights



Democratic self-rule is not supposed to be easy

Up until Congressman Mike Johnson was unanimously elected as the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives last week, political watchers, news reporters, and insiders were in a state of panic, panic I tell ya.

The Epoch Times described the US House of Representatives scrum for selecting a Speaker, after China-owned RINO Kevin McCarthy was ejected by hero Congressman Matt Gaetz, as a time of “paralysis.”

The unreliable and constantly discredited New York Times called the blessed time without a Speaker of the House as “weeks of chaos.”

Conservative talk radio was filled up to puke-on-your-feet levels of “Gaetz should have had a plan,” and “You only remove the Speaker when you have a plan,” and similar Conservative Inc. mistrust of the essential democratic process and worshiping of the unnaturally smooth “normal” process that just has to be corrupt. Sean Hannity, Clay and Buck, Glenn Beck, and the rest of you radio guys, you know who you are.

The rest of the press/media/ political outlets, both establishment/legacy and new alike, were of a common mind: Washington works best when it works perfectly smoothly, efficiently, and there are no hiccups, apparently. And thus we conclude that apparently democratic processes of debating and voting and disagreeing are uncomfortable to political insiders. Isn’t that reassuring?

Thankfully, when Speaker Mike Johnson was eventually coronated, we had the Babylon Bee in the room to shed the most accurate light on the situation: Their headline “Smoke Rises Over Capitol Indicating Congress Has Resumed Setting Taxpayers’ Money On Fire” wasn’t really funny, because the truth is painful.

That Babylon Bee humor was an updated version of Mark Twain’s observations of Congress: “Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

And his “There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”

But wait, there’s more of how Americans then and now really feel about Congress when it is working properly:

“This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when a baby gets hold of a hammer.” (Will Rogers)

The taxpayers are sending congressmen on expensive trips abroad. It might be worth it except they keep coming back.” (Will Rogers)

I love to go to Washington, if only to be near my money.” (Bob Hope)

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession.  I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” (Ronald Reagan)

Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors.” (Caroline Baum)

The truth is that self-rule by a group of citizens, by way of their elected representatives, is not supposed to be easy, or smooth, or efficient, or painless, or without occasional hiccups. To expect nothing but easy, smooth sailing when power and money are being fought over would be a childish fantasy. Or an evil wish.

Think about some of the total brawls we have witnessed in recent years from South Korea’s parliament, or Japan’s parliament. Chairs flying, punches thrown, martial arts kicks landing on unhappy faces! Likewise in a few European parliamentary democracies in recent years, where policy disagreements were settled with fist fights. Vive le human passion for truth, I say.

Well do I recall first seeing 18th and 19th century drawings and political cartoons of fisticuffs, cudglings, and canings in the US Congress, as well as accurate pictures of fatal duels among elected officials. These old drawings showed the true inner workings of representative government – members beating the snot out of each other. The other good side of these bloodlettings and drawn-out disputes is that when responsible people feel strongly about freedom vs tyranny, about slavery vs abolition, about fair taxation vs taxation without representation (which Americans are living under right now), they have strong disagreements. Government commensurately slows down and waits for the disagreements to get resolved. Good, this is natural and healthy.

You know what scares me in politics? Bipartisanship. Yep, that old let’sreach-across-the-aisle crap means only one thing: Both political parties have reached agreement on mutually beneficial ways of wasting and pocketing our hard-earned tax money that the government coerced out of our pockets at gunpoint.

I was glad to see Rep. Kevin McCarthy ejected from the Speaker’s seat. Smoooooth McCarthy was an embarrassment in so many ways (not the least of which his evil role in covertly delaying and unnecessarily drawing out the selection process in the hopes of being re-installed as Speaker), and he smells of corruption.

I was glad to see Rep. Matt Gaetz and others (where was my US Congressman Scott Perry in all this?) demand that McCarthy be held accountable for breaking the promises he made to attain the Speaker’s seat. I was glad to see Rep. Gaetz eventually widely recognized and appreciated for having toppled the DC Swamp’s man in Congress and replacing him with Rep. Mike Johnson, who appears to be a decent person from East Succotash America and not yet familiar with greasy handshakes.

Overall, the shut down and gridlock in Congress during the struggle for the Speakership was a big gain for the US citizenry, and I would like to know what Mark Twain would have said about it. Whatever Mark Twain would have said about those glorious weeks of Congressional inaction, we just know he would have hit the nail on the head.


To What and to Whom are you loyal?

Couple of interesting conversations in the past 48 hours about loyalties, one in the Juneau, Alaska airport with a guy distributing whisky around the world, and the other guy a lawyer back East. Both educated but practical, both smart and articulate, neither particularly ideological, and neither a consumer of Breitbart or Gateway Pundit news information. Which is to say, both are opinionated but not well informed, and their loyalties show it.

Both men say they are Republicans or the admittedly endangered species Kennedy Democrats (John F. Kennedy today would be a far-right America-First conservative Republican, but I digress) both say they are moderates, both say they want a “centrist” or a moderate to be the next president. Their joint political loyalty is to the idea of bipartisan and moderate political philosophy.

The lawyer takes great umbrage at President Trump taking on the executive branch’s administrative state, saying that “Trump wants to make himself monarch of America.”

The whisky salesman wants “a return to civility.”

As far as I can tell, both these very different men are devotees of ideas or images of ideas that were last seen dead on the side of the road America has traveled in the past ten years. Americans chose Donald Trump precisely because of the so-called “political moderates” standing for nothing in particular and constantly making self-serving “bipartisan” deals amongst themselves that always, always exclude Mister and Missus America. It’s what prompted the America First/ Make America Great Again movement.

As a great sage once said, If I am not for myself, who will be for me? In other words, you can’t live in America and be concerned more about people and places outside of America and still have America thrive and survive or even last as America for long. Thus MAGA and Trump enduring and actually thriving despite an unrelenting attack by the establishment media, Hollywood, academia, the Federal executive branch’s administrative state, corporate America, Wall Street, and the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association, to name but a few of America’s domestic enemies.

The American people know their survival and freedom is on the line, and they have stuck with their only true advocate through thick and thin.

The notion of “civility” also died when the establishment media came out of the closet in 2008 not as ideological crossdressers, but as war-painted cannibals bent on wanton, bloody destruction of everyone they opposed. Compare the openly partisan fake news media now to 2008 and it’s like they aren’t even the same species; that is how much toxic political poison the mainstream media “news reporters” have drunk since going all-in for non-vetted Barack Hussein Obama back in 2008. The un-civil establishment media is so openly un-civil and fake that the Biden White House issued an open memo demanding that all Fake Newsdom rally ’round the Biden Crime Family and attack Republicans instead of reporting on the treasonous international bribery the Biden family has engaged in for years.

As they say, you can’t make this stuff up, because this truth we are living is crazier than any fiction we could write. And I don’t know what planet a grown, intelligent, experienced adult American is living on to want or expect civility and moderation in a heavily one-sided toxic atmosphere like this. Trump isn’t the cause of this environment, he is the victim and the symptom of the corrupt sickness assailing America by way of “moderate” divided loyalties.

You – an American citizen of voting age – cannot both be loyal to America as a sovereign nation with the rule of law applying equally to all citizens and also support a wide-open southern border with millions of illegal immigrants coming in. You – the proverbial reasonable citizen in the street – cannot be loyal to an America where the rule of law prevails in all things, and also support a federal bureaucracy that is untouchable, unreachable, and that insubordinately does not answer to its Chief Executive, who was (and still is) Trump.

Trump a monarch? Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but…well, the US President is Chief Executive of the Executive Branch of American federal government. The Chief Executive is in a way, I suppose, a sort of monarch in his executive domain there. He is the boss. When the taxpayer-paid staff of that same executive branch openly rebels against their chief executive and acts insubordinately, it is they, not the President, who is acting like a monarch. Trump was elected by The People to run the executive branch, and the staff people of that executive branch are supposed to abide by their oaths of office, and follow the orders of their chief executive. When those staff people do what they want, and not what the elected chief executive wants, then they are each acting like petty kings. They are in open rebellion against The People of America.

So here we are, a people of divided loyalties. We want things that can’t possibly exist, and we are loyal to fake news media outlets because we still want the taste and smell of the old civility and moderation we once enjoyed. We want an unelected, unaccountable federal bureaucracy to continue on as if its continuing rebellion against the President was no big deal, while simultaneously telling ourselves that we are the good Americans. After all, we want stability and security and moderation and civility. And so we support the true villains in American politics, instead of the champions of a free America with the rule of law for all, the MAGA America First advocates like President Donald Trump.

If your hunting club suddenly turns anti-gun, would you stay loyal to it? If your work place suddenly throws you out into the street for no good reason, would you stay loyal to them? If your children’s school suddenly became disloyal to your children’s best interests and to you, would you remain loyal to that school?

I myself am loyal only to the founding first principles for which American government is supposed to stand. When the government ceases to represent or implement those principles, then that government and the individual staff people in it no longer have my loyalty. They are loyal to themselves and to their power, not to me and my rights.

I am loyal to Power To The People. We, The People own the federal bureaucracy, not the rogue, corrupt, violent, lawless staff at the FBI, ATF, DHS et al. who are the Gestapo KGB strongmen of the Biden fascists seeking to bend all people to their evil will through illegal midnight raids on the homes of their political opponents. These people cannot ever have the loyalty of the American People. And people who are loyal to these vile anti-freedom alphabet organizations are no longer Americans, because they have abandoned the basic principles of fairness and due process that used to make America America.

Whither America right now is a question of loyalty, your loyalty, to whom and to what.


Why Court Candidate Josh Prince Must Win

Josh Prince is a candidate for Commonwealth Court here in Pennsylvania, and his day of reckoning is coming up fast: May 16th is Primary Day, where registered Republicans vote for Republican Party candidates and registered Democrats vote for Democrat Party candidates. This form of selecting partisan candidates to then square off against each other in the Fall general election may be imperfect, but it is far superior to ranked voting. And Spring time primary elections are actually as important as Fall general elections.

Josh Prince has to win this election because, like much of America, Pennsylvania is turning into a lawless single-party uniparty state where political party does not matter, nor does the rule of law. We citizens need strong people of high character to resist this evil tide. Josh Prince’s legal mind and his ironclad principles are needed now more than they have been since the 1850s, and I hope you will vote for him. I have known Josh Prince for many years, and I respect him very highly. I am excited to be able to vote for him.

Both the Republican Party establishment and the Democrat Party establishment have much more in common with each other than they do with their respective voting bases, although it is crucial to point out that the Democrat Party is also completely responsive to and loyal to its voters, while the PAGOP doesn’t care much about its voters. The Pennsylvania Republican Party only cares about its voters a little bit, and briefly, when it needs them in the Fall election. And even then it is a dismissive kind of caring; they take Republican voters for granted…

…because the PAGOP business model and culture is to be perfectly happy with minority status, so long as the pre-selected and party boss-anointed Republican Party insiders are in the existing official slots and holding power, protecting their small inner circle’s narrow interests. As soon as someone from “the outside” (like Josh Prince) tries to take up one of those slots, the entire PAGOP goes into action, defending their castle from the marauding barbarian.

Prince is running against Megan Martin, who was endorsed by the PAGOP (this is hardly a vote of confidence for the average citizen!), and who has never stepped foot in a courtroom – not a trial court nor an appellate court. Rather, lawyer Megan Martin has spent around 30 years in the government as a functionary, a bureaucrat, a politician’s lawyer. Nothing necessarily wrong with this history, but is this what you want sitting in judgment of you?

Megan Martin has a legally unimpressive resume that she now wants to bring to the Commonwealth Court, where we citizens can rest assured she will look to what Republican Party bosses want most. As opposed to attorney Josh Prince, who has quintessential, unbending, uncorruptible, traditional American principles, as well as an incredible and fearless track record in court, including representing me and Firearms Owners Against Crime against brazenly illegal and unconstitutional anti-gun ordinances here in Harrisburg.

Josh Prince is not the political establishment’s pick because he will only uphold the law as it is written, and he will only uphold the US and PA constitutions as they were originally intended. Josh is not and will not be a judicial activist who uses the court as a private legislature. And of course, that’s not what the PAGOP wants…they want people like Megan Martin, who will be all bendy and malleable like Gumby and do the bidding of the party bosses, as they quietly horse trade for private financial benefit with America’s sworn enemies.

You and I need a judge like Josh Prince on the Commonwealth Court. You and I cannot afford another spineless jellyfish PAGOP RINO insider political hack who has been hand-picked and endorsed by political bosses.

Please vote for Josh Prince for Commonwealth Court on May 16th, and please pass this around, so that other loyal, patriotic, America-loving Pennsylvania voters know that they have a great candidate they can be happy voting for.


Like AM Radio, this blog could save your life

So much official government effort is being poured into censoring information available to Americans, and providing them with misinformation and disinformation that serves the interests of people in power, that not too far off this blog might be one of the few places you can get actual, real, honest, truthful, accurate information. It might actually save your life.

The Twitter Files showed how under its previous ownership, Twitter was not much more than a government-run sock puppet, because not only was Twitter loaded with former FBI and CIA staff, but actual FBI and CIA, DHS, and other federal employees (like FBI agent Elvis Chan) were directing Twitter’s censorship efforts and purposeful lying from within federal office buildings across America.

But it is not just the illegal official censorship work implemented by the Biden Administration that is a threat to your safety, it is also the willingness of Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) to “partner” with government employees and help them shut down or muzzle their political opponents. This unholy fusion is really dangerous, as well as illegal and unconstitutional. It exists to steamroll you, to keep certain people in power.

Now the government is trying to eliminate AM Radio. As in, you can’t get AM Radio in your car. Why? Well, it is not that these control freaks in government have found an alternative to AM Radio, which has served as a nationwide emergency information outlet for over fifty years. Rather, the control freaks simply don’t want you listening to AM Radio news and opinion programs that reach tens of millions of Americans daily. They can’t stand competition in the marketplace of ideas, and so they do what they have done and are doing elsewhere: They are trying to eliminate AM Radio altogether to keep you from hearing ideas and information that the Big Media and Big Government and Big Tech will not provide you with. People with power are threatened by real information.

Consider how much of a financial loss FOX News is taking because of their termination of journalist Tucker Carlson today. But FOX News’ owners, the Murdoch Family, don’t care about the cost of eliminating Tucker Carlson. They have plenty of money already, so the financial cost of Bye-Bye Tucker is not that big of a deal to them. What they want more of is control of YOU, and the independent voice of Tucker Carlson stood in their way.

So…stay tuned to this independent blog and others like it. You see that there is no advertising here, just honest opinion and information. I am not going to lie to you. Why would I? What good would it do me to lie? It is actually much more rebellious and exciting to tell the simple truth here!

Given how laser focused the people currently running government are on controlling everything in your life, it might be difficult for you to get good information in the future. So, reading our little blog here and listening to AM Radio might just some day save your life, and keep you from making bad mistakes. Think of us as lifelines in a stormy sea of official lies and disinformation.