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Kids and guns do mix, in our family

Target practice with her new .22, the PA-made Crickett

First Slams Obama on Immigration Sell-Out

U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama spoke today about “immigration reform,” pitching a sell-out of America. Obama has suspended the rule of law, refusing to protect our borders while actually using the U.S. Justice Department to sue Arizona. Obama hopes to force the issue by weakening America, forcing those who love America to make concessions in order to save it in the short-term.

Arizona’s new immigration law has filled the breach of the federal government’s failure. The federal government has purposefully failed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants over the southern border, trying to force “reform” that grants amnesty to about fifteen million illegal aliens. Granting amnesty will add more liberal Democrat votes and bolster Democrat holds on certain states.

If there was ever a demonstrated need for checks and balances, a balance of power in government, this is it. With Congress and the presidency controlled by one party, and an unqualified far-left Liberal (Elena Kagan) proposed by the Obama administration for the Supreme Court, our great nation hangs by a thread. Subject to radical, history-altering decisions forced on an unwilling populace by Obama and his allies, I urge my supporters to vote Republican and support Republican candidates this election and make a difference. Congressman Tim Holden must go.