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“Peace” protestors don’t want peace

All of the so-called “peace” protestor people don’t actually want peace, they want endless conflict that gives them something to live for. They thrive on conflict, and so they actually work to promote conflict, even while they say the opposite.

The so-called “peace” protestor people started out back in World War I, as a mix of anti-America communists and socialists trying to hurt America, along with well meaning Mennonite non-violent resistors who nonetheless did their duty as medics and orderlies when called upon. But by World War II, the so-called “peace movement” had swelled to include pacifist Quakers (who were being taken over by leftists by the 1950s and then fully by anti-America hippies in the 1970s), communists, socialists, and generally disaffected liberals who said nothing about communist Russia’s misdeeds, but rather heaped increasing scorn upon the capitalist United States. The so-called “peace” people are really just America haters, not lovers of peace.

Today’s so-called “peaceniks” argue for “conflict resolution” conditions that, contrary to stated aims, are guaranteed to cause conflicts to fester and continue, not end decisively. And that is because these people are not interested in actual peace, which means the absence of conflict.

Rather, they want outcomes that are consistently against the interests of democratically run countries and against people there living in peace. And that is a hard thing to sell, the national suicide-by-peace thing. They know it, but they absolutely live for it, because the adrenaline rush of living for something so impossibly majestic and messianic is positively hypnotic.

Despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which really started in 2014 when Ukraine declared full soverignty from Russia and claimed eastern regions that have overwhelming Russian citizenry, and which has resulted in catatstrophic environmental and human death and physical damage beyond belief, note that the so-called “peace” people are really nowhere to be seen. No campus riots, no shutting down bridges or highways. Pretty quiet. Same goes for China’s many brutal militaristic adventures, and Cuba+Venezuela+Nicaragua non-democratic authoritarianism.

Same goes for the UN and its anti democracy allies lowering flags to half-mast out of respect to Iran’s Butcher of Tehran, Ebrahim Raisi, who without due process or rule of law was personally responsible for thousands of political dissidents being tortured to death or executed by slow hanging for many years. Actual Iranians living in Iran have been partying since Raisi’s chopper went down and burst into flames.

But when it comes to ten million underdog Jews (worldwide) defending themselves against two BILLION bullying Muslims (worldwide) attacking them everywhere across the planet, why…  stop the press, turn college campuses and streets and bridges upside down, and call out the law on those troublesome Jews.

So now, the so-called International Criminal Court and the so-called International Court of Justice are issuing their own anti peace demands and ridiculous arrest warrants for Israeli leaders who are in the middle of defending the sole democracy in the entire region from hordes of very non-democratic and very Medieval barbarians at every corner of the New Jersey-sized country.

Never mind that Israel is not a signatory to the Rome Convention (neither is America), and thus not subject to these self-appointed kangaroo courts’ purported jurisdiction. What is important here is that the so-called “peace” people have been trying to dislodge Benjamin Netanyahu by any means possible for years, and thereby greatly diminish Israel’s ability to defend itself. Like him or not, Netanyahu has proven to be a very tough and reliable defender of Jewish survival in a hostile world, while most of his would-be opponents are desperate to be international media darlings and… people of “peace” at any cost.

The so-called “peace” people want to force on Israel, and on the world, a so-called “palestinian” country beyond the one that already exists in the nation called Jordan (80% of the original Palestine Mandate, 75% of the population identifies as “palestinian”), which they say will bring utopian peace and happiness and an absence of suffering and conflict to the region. It’s always for some mystical “peace” or “for the children” with these people.

By pushing this idea of another “palestinian” state, the peace people are incentivizing Hamas and the other Islamic terror groups to keep on committing attacks on Israeli civilians and holding out for everything, instead of accepting what is reasonable. The “peace” people’s intervention and resulting continuation of this conflict, and their constant encouragement of so-called palestinians to remain defiant and demand everything, as opposed to settling for something, has left the Abraham Accords in tatters. So much for peace from the peaceniks!

If there is one thing we have all learned since October 7th, 2023, it is that the decades of genocidal indoctrination have turned the Muslims living in Gaza and nearby areas into gleeful bloodthirsty murderers. So if Hamas’ October 7th child raping and baby burning massacre were indeed bizarrely rewarded with a formal state from which Hamas could continue to launch more massacres and random rocket attacks, they would do so.

In other words, the so-called “peace” people will get their desired conflict continuation, so that they can continue to wring their hands and write sanctimonious op-eds and pass endless judgment upon people and situations they themselves would never find themselves in (because brave men guard them day and night), and basically feel all mission-driven and holier-than-thou.

And we know that all of the Islamic actors in control of the ICJ, ICC and UN are using these institutions to try to damage Israel. After all, there is no actual Muslim pro-Israel/ pro Jewish/ pro peace peace movement; because that would be actual peace, which we know the self proclaimed peace people both Muslim and non do not really want.

The adrenaline rush and personal meaning high that “peace loving” enabling white liberals get from conflict continuation must be a lot stronger than heroin. Heroin users are satisfied to shoot up and then fall down in a corner somewhere and sleep off their haze, whereas the so-called “peaceful” white liberals keep pouring gasoline on the conflict fire that threatens to consume the entire world.

Self-anointed peaceniks and judgmental hypocrites, the AFSC never misses an opportunity to lie about Israel. What is the alternative to a ground invasion of Gaza by Israel? Should Israeli citizens shoot random bombs onto the heads of random Gazans in retaliation for the October 7th massacre? Note that AFSC makes zero mention of the massacre. Because the AFSC does not believe in peace, it hates Jews

Notice how AFSC fails to mention that Hamas is the sole cause of all of Gaza’s problems, including the theft of daily international aid deliveries. No mention of Israeli hostages, no mention of daily Israeli victims of Gaza rockets. AFSC is just “Israel is bad Israel is bad” all the time. The AFSC people do not want peace, they want dead Jews

Lawfare, lawfare shalt thou pursue …?

Lawfare is everywhere this week. It is being used so much by so many people in so many places around the world you would think it must be a Biblical commandment. But we know lawfare is wrong, it is evil, it is unjust. Lawfare is the height of corruption, because it grossly misuses the justice system to achieve grossly unjust results.

Lawfare is a conjunction of law and warfare. It is the use of law and the criminal justice legal system to make war on a political opponent. Lawfare is the purposeful mis-use of the criminal justice and legal system to achieve political outcomes that the voters will not provide and that are not actually warranted.

Until the two sham  “impeachment” hoaxes against President Trump (the second attempt wasn’t even close to a real impeachment, especially because the Chief Justice did not preside over the process), I don’t think America had ever really seen lawfare. The original model for using lawfare was established back in the old Soviet Union (“Show me the man and I will give you the crime“) and then in post-World War II Eastern Europe, when the communists of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Yugoslavia falsely accused their political opponents of all kinds of nonsense crimes and then jailed or executed them. Russia has used lawfare continuously up until recent days when political opposition leader Navalny was jailed, and died in jail.

This model is what the current crop of lawfare is based on.

As rare as it was in Western Civilization, political lawfare is now all the rage in America and Europe. It is a reflection of how little political leaders respect the law, how little they fear the voters, how sleepy the voters are, and how focused the leaders are on concentrating their power, at any cost to society. Think about how horrible it is to see a good person political candidate or an already elected leader locked up in jail just so they pose no threat to the power of the current strongman or corrupt political system. Well, that is not just happening in some third-rate country at the end of the world, like Venezuela, it is happening in Brazil, and it is actually happening here in the land of the free, America.

President Trump is the one being unfairly dumped on the most, like Neo in The Matrix movie, where the endless Agent Smiths endlessly attack him and try to overwhelm him. Trump is being hounded by endless ridiculous civil suits and totally fake criminal persecutions on made-up nonsense charges using unprecedented novel interpretations of rarely used laws. No fair minded person can look at these unprecedented lawsuits against Trump and say “Yeah, this has happened before, and this is normal, right and just.”

Phony and corrupt lawfare cases are under way against Republicans (people guilty of simply engaging in political activity the Democrat Party does not like, or politicking while Republican) in key swing states Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc. Some of this lawfare is so bad, so evil, like where the FBI created the fake militia group they used to falsely threaten a governor, that at least one case has spawned its own movie.

So successful and easy is the lawfare model that other countries and even the United Nations are starting to use it. Now, a radical Muslim (Kamil Khan of the ICC) and the son of Nazis (German leader Olaf Scholz) have ganged up to arrest the elected leader of Israel. Yes, the International Criminal  Court is issuing warrants for the arrest of Israeli leaders (Jews) for the “crime” of resisting Muslim genocide of the Jewish People, and for the crime of self defense while Jewish.

Spain is also now openly advocating for the destruction of Israel, 468 years after expelling all of its Jews.

You think Gaza is a killing field? OK, maybe it is. But if Hamas stops shooting rockets into Israel from schools, and stops shooting guns from hospitals, and stops using family homes as military bases, then there will be very, very little collateral damage. But Hamas is causing civilian casualties, and blaming it on Israel. That is not an Israeli crime, that is a Hamas crime, and it is a fiercely evil corruption of law to turn these facts upside down.

Not to mention that all of the Muslim nations have continued to rack up huge human rights violations with no accountability, no ICC, no arrest warrants, no protests anywhere for that matter. Kurdistan is huge, and the Kurds deserve their sovereignty, and Kurdistan is a real issue, but not one Gaza protestor knows or cares where Kurdistan is or what the plight of the Kurds is.

You can’t make this stuff up if you tried. Sadly, this isn’t imaginary fiction, it is fact, it is actually happening right now. And it tracks right with the past, where in the 1930s and 1940s Muslim leaders worked closely with Germany’s Adolf Hitler to murder as many Jewish civilians as possible, including Jews living in Muslim countries. We are talking about civilians, not combatants, just regular people with the “wrong” religion.

Their crime was breathing while Jewish. And so is Netanyahu’s “crime” this week the same thing. Very similar to President Trump’s “crime” of campaigning to Make America Great Again.

Kurdistan is a real political place, with a long history, and a unique Kurdish People who live there and speak Kurdish. They have been fighting Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey militarily and through lawfare for their independence since 1920. Where are the ICC warrants for the Turkish leaders committing war crimes against the Kurds? Where are the American student protests?

Two Israeli soldiers hold the Kurdistan flag, because they know that just eighty years ago the Jews were in the same vulnerable position the Kurds are in today. Natural friends. Turkey and Syria use lawfare to artificially steal Kurdish homeland, while Iran and Iraq just keep trying to genocide them all

Kurds and Jews are natural allies in their defense against Muslim Arabs who want to genocide both groups using lawfare as the justification




Biden is Hamas is Iran is hate America

Lots of Americans are wringing their hands and wracking their minds over Joe Biden’s abandonment and betrayal of Israel to the corrupt and anti-America UN the other day. The UN voted to support a ceasefire in Gaza without mentioning why a war is raging there in the first place, without mentioning the Israeli hostages, without mentioning daily Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, without mentioning the hundreds of thousands of displaced Israelis whose homes and businesses and schools are wrecked by Islamic terror rockets, and…. Joe Biden’s America abstained from voting.

A ceasefire without holding Hamas accountable is a reward to Hamas. It will allow Hamas to survive and continue to attack Israel. A ceasefire without the return of the Israeli hostages rewards Hamas’ bloody Islamic terrorism. Joe Biden allowing the UN to punish Israel for defending itself is rewarding Islamic terrorism, and weakens the West.

In the 76-year-long alliance between America and Israel, America has only failed to back Israel in the increasingly hostile UN twice: Once in the Obama administration, and now a second time, arguably in Obama’s third term.

Given all of the financial and material support Obama and Biden have given Iran, all of the political cover and even secret intelligence about what Israel is doing to try to stop Iran from having a nuclear bomb, it should come as no surprise that Joe Biden is now supporting Hamas. Hamas is an arm of Iran, after all, and because Biden is loyal to Iran, he is also loyal to Hamas. Joe Biden is an arm of Hamas.

This is why Joe Biden is trying to strong-arm Israel from fully defending itself in Gaza, where Hamas has created and perpetuated an artificial “humanitarian crisis” it now tries to pin on its victim, Israel. Biden’s allowing Hamas to survive keeps pressure on Israel, which must spend much more time, money, and the blood of its citizens defending itself against Hamas.

This is why Joe Biden and a great many elected Democrats are trying to force Israel’s elected prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, from his office. Netanyahu may have overstayed his welcome in elected office, and he may have made his political career mostly about himself and holding power, but he keeps getting re-elected by Israel’s voters because there is a nationwide consensus that faulty though he may be, Netanyahu is nonetheless the best defender and unifier that Israel has. Netanyahu is also best able and willing to resist outside meddling in Israel’s national security decisions.

This is why Joe Biden, Iran, China, and Hamas want Netanyahu out of office: While Netanyahu is power hungry, his political opponents like Lapid, Gantz, Golan, and Bennett are even more so, while simultaneously bringing much less strength to the job. Lapid held the PM job for six months and managed to give away Israel’s northern natural gas field to Lebanon/Hizb’alla for zero in return; Bennet held the PM job for just a few months and managed to make every foolish decision possible, at great cost to Israel; Gantz and Golan would give away everything Israel has for brief media adulation, leaving Israel in even greater peril than it is right now. Etc. et al. So Israeli voters see these career politicians for the lame-os they are, and grudgingly vote for Netanyahu again and again, simply because they know he has their best interests and national survival at heart.

If Netanyahu is pushed out of office, Hamas will be rewarded with a so-called “palestinian” state outside of Jordan, where such a state already exists, and outside of Gaza, where such a state has existed for the past 17 years. This is what the Democrat Party wants, what Hamas wants, Iran wants, China wants, etc. Because it will leave Israel even weaker than it is now, and it removes a great block to Iran’s nuclear goal.

Now, who wins the most if Israel is greatly weakened and if bloody Islamic terrorism is rewarded and if another terror-supporting Muslim Arab nation is created? Iran.

And who has hundreds or even thousands of military age men illegally here in America, ready to die for Allahu Akhbar with an Iranian atomic bomb smuggled over the wide-open American border? Iran.

This is why a strong Israel is such an important block to the Democrat Party’s open war on America and Western Civilization. This is why even if you are an American or a Westerner who hates Jews and Israel, you still want a politically strong Israel and a guy like Netanyahu in the PM job. Like it or not, Israel is America’s best defense.

Turns out Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is much more pro America than Joe Biden and most of the elected Democrat Party.

Then again, Benjamin Netanyahu represents a nation where each voter gets only one vote; Israel can’t have the stolen elections that America has, because Israel has solid voting laws like voter ID.

Imagine living in a country where a coffee shop has this sign outside, telling its patrons they have a bomb shelter because Islamic terrorists routinely drop bombs on the area

Some wonderful people gone

Jokes abound about aging, and quite a few are about those friends and family members who do not age with us, but who leave us all as we continue our own trajectory. Well, I am now definitely in the “aging” category and I am increasingly surrounded by people I enjoy and love who suddenly depart from this life. Recently two people here in Pennsylvania have left us all, and moved on to the spirit world, who I would like to mention. And it’s no joke, this dying thing. No matter what age a person is when they depart this life for the next, there is nothing funny about it.

Except maybe the last day on earth of European-Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, whose wild and often debauched Marxist Bohemian lifestyle made for intriguing movies and books. While some or maybe even a lot of the facts of Frida’s life may be funny depending upon the person considering them, her actual physical departure from this planet really is funny. I think.

After Frida died relatively young from cancer, or whatever it is that eventually afflicts the heavily debauched, her friends had her corpse dressed beautifully in her most customary colorful and flamboyant way, and prepared themselves all for a formal cremation send-off party in whatever crematory was present in Mexico City at the time. Her friends gathered in the crematory room while Frida’s corpse was ceremoniously loaded into the burn chamber, and as the roaring natural gas flames came to life, they all raised their glasses and toasted Frida.

And then the room erupted in gasps, cries, and people running for the exits, because suddenly Frida’s corpse stiffly bent at the waist, sat up, and made a wicked grin as her abundant hair caught on fire and created a demonic flaming halo around her yet untouched face. She wasn’t actually gone!

Yes, this was all her body’s muscular reaction to the sudden burst of 2,000-degree heat enveloping it, but apparently if you knew Frida, you kind of didn’t expect her to just die, you know, lie still and never move again. And indeed, she had lived up to all the hype about her, even while lying quite dead in the cremation chamber. I think this true story is funny, even though I did not know Frida and was not present at her cremation.

What is not funny and yet is not unexpected is the recent departure of Jim Brett, of Lenhartsville, PA, which for our geographically challenged readers is just north of I-78 and just south of Blue Mountain in Berks County, PA. Still confused where Lenhartsville, PA, is? OK, yes, it is the equivalent of East Succotash, PA, Nowheresville, PA, etc., and it is just about next to Hawk Mountain, the internationally famous sanctuary devoted to conserving birds of prey, especially on their annual migration south. There, solved this location question for you.

Hawk Mountain started as a simple land purchase to keep the shotgunners from standing on Blue Mountain’s highest Tuscarora sandstone boulder ridgetop and mindlessly swatting down out of the sky nearly every raptor that flew by on its way to South America. And in short order, more land purchases were added to what is now called the Kittatinny Ridge migration corridor. Hawk Mountain eventually became an educational organization and a destination for birders.

In the 1930s, birds of prey (hawks, owls, eagles, kites, vultures) were considered pestilential nuisances to farmers’ chickens and the rabbits and pheasants hunters enjoyed pursuing. In time, around the 1930s, raptors gradually became understood by some Americans as an important part of a healthy and properly functioning ecosystem, just as balanced populations of wolves, bears, mountain lions, bobcats and fishers have been subsequently understood today.

Hawk Mountain is now the world’s oldest continuously functioning conservation organization, but from 1934 to 1966 it was kind of a hidden gem, a hole in the wall of Blue Mountain that only certain initiates knew about or appreciated. It became much better known and more widely appreciated and much visited after Jim Brett became its second “curator,” as the chief executive position there is uniquely called.

As its leader, Jim Brett elevated Hawk Mountain to international status, built lots of buildings, hired lots of staff, attracted a lot of visitors, raised a lot of money, and he became a leading voice in bird conservation around our little blue and green planet.

On the outside, Jim Brett was a colorful Irishman, full of naughty jokes and a singular ability to imbibe liberally (often of his own make) and then hold forth to a captivated audience about biological and ecological science. But because Jim’s mother was Jewish, he had a separate interest in Israel, which, because it sits on a physical crossroads, is a lot like Blue Mountain. Israel is a birding Mecca.

A “sh*t ton” as Jim would say of raptors, storks, and other incredible and rare bird populations migrate through Israel, and Jim made their conservation from one end of their migration to the other one of his life’s missions. His Jewish half worked well with the Israelis, and his Irish half worked very well with the surrounding populations. One of his crowning achievements was working with Yossi Leshem to resolve bird strikes on Israeli fighter jets.

By finding ways to greatly reduce large rare birds being suddenly introduced to fighter jets at 1,000 mph, Yossi Leshem & Co. were able to save the lives of said rare birds, said giant titanium war eagles, and unsaid but implied young fighter pilots. It really was one of the great wild birds-living-with-modern-humans conservation success stories.

I met Jim Brett in 1998, when I had started working at PA DCNR in Harrisburg (having fled the corrupt and destructive US EPA in Washington DC). He was giving a presentation at an environmental and conservation education conference in Harrisburg, PA, and as the DCNR director of said polysyllabic educational field, it was my duty to both speak and to listen. Jim was standing up on the stage showing ancient stone tool artifacts and explaining the nexus between primitive hunter-gatherer lifestyles and the conservation or decimation of wildlife. I was hooked immediately.

Jim and I maintained a close personal and professional relationship until Fall, 2009, when I ran in a congressional primary (I was prompted to run by the devoutly corrupt and evil Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, then president for nine months). My expressing my long quietly held political views educated not just Jim, but a sh*t ton of my “friends” and fellow conservationists alike about my true self. Gasp. Turned out that Jim did not know how conservative I was, and I did not know how liberal Jim was, and despite my desire to remain close, Jim had a hard time with it.

After 2009, our relationship involved less and less personal time, and fewer phone calls. I still have a generous gift that Jim gave me, which I occasionally take out and look at, admire, and then put it back in its safe place.

Jim and I stayed in touch through mutual friends for many years, including those who went on his African safaris he led. I can still recall Jim describing the funeral rite for a young son of a Maasai tribal leader, which he witnessed some time in the 1980s, I think: The boy’s body was ritually washed and then slathered in lamb fat, then put in the chieftain’s hut. The entire village was then evacuated and moved to an entirely new location, where a new settlement would be constructed. After the hyenas had entered the old village and consumed the boy’s body, the entire place was torched and left to become natural ecosystem thereafter.

Jim’s bright blue eyes flashed as he told this story, as indeed one would expect from someone so in tune with the endless hidden vibrations of our magical natural world. Though I know his spirit is now soaring with the majestic raptors, I doubt Jim’s liver will ever go the way of the hyena, Frida, or any mortal flesh for that matter. His official obituaries are here and here.

A second loss is someone I knew less closely, but with whom I shared a great deal in common and with whom I filled my buck tag this season: Phil Benner of Liberty, PA.

Until he unexpectedly died of Covid several days ago, the incredibly physically fit Phil Benner was a devoted father, a devoted husband, a devoted brother, a devoted uncle, a devoted son. He was a hard working small business owner, a risk-taking entrepreneur, and a pastor who saw God and felt Him deeply in the natural world around him, including the leaves rustling in the winter tree branches, and the quiet tinklebell sound of a small mountain stream’s clear waters falling over boulders. He appreciated everything and took nothing for granted.

Not only will I miss Phil Benner, the world will miss Phil Benner, because the world needs a billion more gentle, charitable, loving, devoted, kind, tolerant, peaceful Phil Benners. His loss is huge.

Phil Benner showing his son Nate how to remove a buck’s head with a large and sharp hunting knife

Phil Benner and his son Nate with a large bodied six point buck taken in Pine Creek Valley in late November, 2023





Decolonize Islamic Imperialism

All this mindless jibber jabber about “decolonization” in the Middle East. Please. Spare us. The biggest colonizers in the Middle East are the people implementing Islamic imperialism there. And there is no bigger symbol of Islamic imperialism than the golden dome in Jerusalem, built on top of the indigenous Jewish temple.

You want to end colonization, occupation, and imperialism? Send all of the so-called “Palestinians” back to Turkey, where they came from, and send all the Muslims back to the Arabian Peninsula, where they came from. These people are not indigenous to Israel, they are interlopers, thieves, colonizers, occupiers, imperialists.

For those hard of understanding how chronology works, the first things, the things and people and events and religions and nations that exist first, are those whose stuff appears first in the timeline. In Jerusalem, the capitol of the Jewish People for the past 3,500 years since King David selected the site, a certain golden dome is built on top of the indigenous Jewish temple. This much more recent addition to Jerusalem is the ultimate symbol of imperialism and colonization by people who do not belong there. But they have no problem claiming other people’s stuff as their own.

All the nudniks and uneducated fools blocking traffic and yelling bigoted slogans against Jews and America should take a few moments to ponder their irony. They are actually advocating for the very colonization and imperialism they say they are against. No wonder most Americans think you are idiots.


Hanukka’s message to Americans

While Christmas is the national holiday of America, Hanukka is the other big holiday happening now. Today is the last day, and it is worth taking note of the meaning this religious holiday can and should have for all freedom-loving Americans.

Let us reflect upon what the message of Hanukka is and should be for Americans, because God knows, we are all in need of inspiration right now. Especially as we daily recognize ever more just how rogue and turned against us citizens our own federal government has become.

Hanukka is the commemoration of an unbelievably heroic and unlikely war outcome 2,300 years ago by a band of ferociously patriotic religious Jews battling against one of the regional superpowers of their time. In short, when Alexander the Great died, his Greek empire was divided into large parts, each run by one of Alexander’s generals. Seleucus was one of those generals, and while his life was a whirlwind of cloak and dagger politics, leading massed battles, and shifting political alliances, he ended up founding one of the regional empires. The Seleucid Empire included all kinds of remote areas and sleepy places and small peoples that the Greeks did not really care about, including the nation of Judea and its natives, the Israelites/Judeans/ Jews.

But the powerful Greek Seleucids ended up caring very much about the relatively small and highly religious Judeans, because most of the Jews would only go so far in pledging their loyalty to the Greeks, due to religious differences. While in general the Greeks had a very broad and inclusive view of culture, what was then called the pan-Hellenic, and while the Jews could go along with a lot of cultural differences so long as their religion was not compromised, the Greeks did require a basic fealty to their most important values. And those polytheistic values strongly antagonized the Jews’ monotheism.

It must be said that the resulting civil war was as much between religious Jews and Hellenized Jews as it was between religious Jews and the Greeks. Essentially it was the Orthodox Jews vs. the assimilated and very liberal Jews and their protectors, the Greeks. This fact obviously has great implications for the tensions between religious Jews today and their more liberal and religiously distant brethren.

An armed showdown began when the Seleucids erected their own statues and began sacrificing pigs in the Jews’ Great Temple. You know, the same large hill whereupon another uninvited, rogue, imperialistic and colonizing symbol has been erected, namely the golden dome of the rock. And so a Jewish priest names Mattathias (essentially Matthew in today’s English, a name familiar to Christians) picked up a sword, killed some bad guys with some gutsy moves, and started a Jewish rebellion against an overwhelmingly superior military force.

The Greeks and their liberal Jewish allies responded with force, and the Orthodox Jews fled their homes in Jerusalem to the Judean Hills, where they eked out a meagre existence in caves and remote washes where the Greek patrols did not go. Using hit-and-run guerilla war tactics over several years, Mattathias and his sons’ troops eventually wore down the Greek resolve, to the point where headlong massed battles resulted in smaller forces of Jews utterly annihilating their opponents.

Following the final battle, when the Jewish “Maccabees” returned in force to Jerusalem, they found the Great Temple ransacked and wrecked. Despite a great desolation upon the land, as a result of this terrible civil war, the religious Jews were able to scrape together enough pure olive oil to re-light the gold Menorah in the Great Temple while they also pulled the religious service back together, too. That fact about the olive oil has become kind of a materialistic Christmasized silver and blue tinsel fairy tale about a miracle, and thus great emphasis has been placed on the “miracle of the oil.”

Truth is, this “miracle of the oil” is almost a Monty Python sketch of what really happened, because the true miracle of Hanukka was that the tiny force of true believer Orthodox Jews was able to defeat a much more powerful but spiritually flaccid enemy. Where have we seen this same kind of scenario play out elsewhere in history? Hmmm, my fellow Americans?

The message of Hanukka is that no dark, evil force can defeat goodness and righteousness. This is the true miracle of this holiday, that a small band of humans, led either by George Washington or Mattathias the Priest, can defeat hordes of knuckle dragging barbarians. This is a message of inspiration that all Americans need right now, because we are now facing a terrible plague of evil, moral rot, and sadistic cruelty emanating from the present interloper rulers of our nation’s capital. Many people predict America is heading for a civil war, or at least an armed contest between the central government of Washington, DC, and the rest of the country. Hopefully, our election system is not so corrupted that we can vote our way out of this mess.

Don’t worry, Americans, because if you call upon God and are willing to sacrifice and take risks, like the Orthodox Jewish Maccabees did 2,300 years ago, then you can, we can, miraculously re-take the America that is ours from those who have risen up to steal it and make us all subjects and slaves to their evil power.

My fellow Americans, take heart from the history of Hanukka that you, too, can be successful against what look like overwhelming odds.

The light of freedom shines bright, including in our hearts and our spirit to fight for what is right

Hanuka 2023, every USA conservative is a Jew

The past seven years have seen increasingly aggressive censorship and violence against American conservatives, especially on college campuses. Since the October 7th Hamas massacre of Israelis, American Jews find themselves under violent attack, especially on college campuses. Conservatives and American Jews don’t often occupy the same space, but now they do, and they should support each other.

Historically, Jews have been the canary in the coalmine for civilizational health. Countries where Jews have enjoyed freedom have done exceedingly well, and countries that murdered, robbed, raped, and expelled their Jews have fallen by the wayside. The proofs for this assertion are legion, and they include ancient Rome (what is Italy today?), 15th century Spain (what is Spain today?), modern Germany, Soviet Russia, and almost every single Muslim country today. And yes, modern Germany is rapidly swirling down the toilet. England is swaying wildly on the fence, and America is not far behind.

Western civilization is failing, and one of the victims, the beleaguered Jew, is the most prominent symbol of the evil forces that are tearing our western nations apart.

As a result of Hamas’ October 7th massacre of Israelis and their still unending rocket barrages on Israeli civilians, and then Israel’s just response to that blitzkrieg, the world has been engulfed by a mostly Islamic movement to dehumanize Jews and delegitimize Israel and Western Civilization. A bunch of white sadists and envious losers have joined in the pro-Hamas, pro-genocide, pro-Apartheid marches.

In case you have not been paying attention, Jewish-owned restaurants in Australia, Britain, Canada, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have been targeted by violent mobs chanting about Israel and killing Jews. This same effort has also engulfed nearly every single American university, where conservatives and free speech have been aggressively banned for the past seven years. It has been interesting to see this intersection of Jew haters against freedom of speech, because their actions have shined a bright light on the plight of all American conservatives.

Turns out, American conservatives share the same fox hole as American Jews. Both are subject to unfair and unconstitutional vilification, dehumanization, and suppression of their basic human rights by the very people who claim to be the most tolerant, most open minded, most caring. Ahem.

The other day three major university presidents (UPenn, MIT, Harvard) sat before Congress and each testified that people calling for the genocide of Jews on their college campuses was not necessarily against their college policies. What a disgrace. It was shocking to see these cookie cutter leftist women presidents smirking and being coy while playing their word games. Had the words black, Hispanic, gay, transgender, lesbian, Muslim etc. been substituted for the word Jew in this policy discussion, well my gosh, of course that would have violated their college policies against hate, bullying, and harassment.

But not Jews. Nope. With Jews, these very sophisticated and exclusive women leaders had to judge the “context” in which the calls for genocide happened. Was the Jewish student actually being genocided on MIT or Harvard’s campus, like hanging from a lamp post with a rope around his neck? Well, that would certainly violate their school policy against hate, harassment, and bullying. But up until that physical violence, why, calls for genocide against Jews is just free speech, they said.

University presidents who never gave a hoot about free speech, but who rather inflicted un-American McCarthy-esque speech codes against their ideological opponents are suddenly all for free speech when it comes to calling for massacring the Jews. And this strange thing has naturally and refreshingly caused quite a backlash.

What is happening here is that the Jew is the breakwater for the American conservative, who has been illegally pounded into dust for years by the same racist , Stalinist, Hitlerite Diversity-Iniquity-Equity university/ media/ government people as were testifying before Congress the other day.

If America can agree that treating Jews differently and much worse than everyone else is wrong, then I think we are also about to agree that the evil Stalinist Diversity-Inclusivity-Equity critical race theory nonsense that put both Jews and conservatives on the chopping block was a huge un-American mistake. It is time for this nonsense to end, and for the rule of law and constitution to return.

Tonight is the first night of Hanuka, a 2,300-year-old Jewish festival that is about religious freedom in Israel earned by the edge of the sword. There is nothing joyful or miraculous or oily about Hanuka. This holiday was and still is only about the need to fight like hell with everything you have if you want to survive. The ancient Jews prevailed militarily against the enemies of all that is good, in the land of Israel, and this is what is celebrated this week.

Sounds like a good message to American conservatives and Jews alike: Fight back against the evil that is engulfing America, including the college campuses that are supposed to be beacons for learning, or you will lose everything. Firing these three evil university presidents at UPenn, MIT, and Harvard will be a good step forward.




Some “palestine” chants I can live with

Patriotic Americans sick and tired of genocidal maniacs chanting in our streets, demanding that Western Civilization roll over and die for them can enjoy some “palestine” chants that would make sense to me:

Pave, pave Palestine…save, save humankind

Nuke, nuke Palestine…save, save humankind

Fake, fake Palestine…go back to your own kind

From the river to the sea, the Jewish People will be free

A billion Muslims, sittin’ in a tree…won’t you leave some space for me

Hey hey, ho ho…palestine has got to go

Palestine apartheid…means Jewish genocide

Palestine apartheid…means Christian genocide

I could go on with many more creative chants, but you get the point. Way over a billion Muslims can’t make room for fifteen million Jews on Planet Earth? Really? That isn’t fair. That is genocidal. It is apartheid.

Every Western nation has to commit suicide in the name of failed multiculturalism? That is also genocidal against Christians and Caucasians.

If so-called Fakestinians are so “indigenous” to Israel, then why is their mosque sitting on top of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem? Doesn’t that ancient Temple symbol of the Jews being in Israel a long time before the imperialist and colonizing Muslims arrived kinda stick in your eye?

This Jerusalem temple thing is a problem everywhere, actually. Hindu and Sikh temples and Christian churches from Europe across India have mosques sitting on top of them. That’s not the “indigenous” people building the latest thing, that is a symbol of Islamic imperialism and colonialism claiming other people’s holy sites.

And it is this Islamic imperialism and colonialism that is at the heart of the problem in the Middle East.

Should people be able and willing to live together? Sure! I would hope so. America and European nations sure have been bending over backwards to accommodate people who really hate us. Awful lot of waiting and waiting on people to assimilate and adopt our pluralistic, tolerant values.

In Israel, a lot of Muslims live better than they live anywhere else. But outside of Israel, so far, the ancient history and the recent history both indicate that the Muslim side wants to dominate and control every place and every person on Planet Earth. That is not politically or culturally sustainable.

It is also simply not fair, and no one who thinks about this issue is going to conclude that the billion-plus Muslims are victims, because the evidence is that they are perpetrating great crimes against minority people everywhere. At some point, people in Ireland and Israel and elsewhere are going to fight back.

Personally, I think Islam is a very cool religion. And I also think it needs a reformation just as Judaism (1,800 years ago) and Christianity (500 years ago) went through reformations.



Middle East perspective, please

Around the planet there are 1.2 BILLION Muslims and about 400,000,000 (Four Hundred Million) Arabs, living in 44 Muslim countries and 23 Arab countries.

Probably 95% of these people vehemently oppose the total of 15 MILLION Jews living on Planet Earth, about half of whom live in the solitary Jewish country named Israel.

Numerically, this is not even a close contest. The Muslims and the Arabs greatly, vastly, completely outnumber the Jews in terms of people and nations. Practically speaking, there is no way the Jews can even come close to hurting the Muslims or the Arabs in any meaningful way.

So, what the bloody hell is all the screeching about in Gaza? Genocide? Occupation? Refugees?

If Gaza had been experiencing genocide, it would not and could not have gone from a few hundred thousand people to now over two million people in number. Contrast this empty claim with the charter of Hamas, which calls for the genocide of all Jews everywhere around the world. This puts Hamas and all of its supporters, including Greta Thunberg, squarely in the Nazi camp.

If Gaza were occupied, then the occupier would be physically present. But Israel left Gaza unilaterally in 2005, and has had nothing to show for it except constant unprovoked rocket attacks by Hamas on Jewish civilians for 16 years.

And the whole refugee thing? Really? No, no you can’t, no you won’t. This is more fake BS. Once you settle down and start living in one place, with permanent buildings, you are no longer a refugee. Refugee status among real humans usually lasts a few weeks, months, maybe a few years. But only the so-called “palestinians” have maintained the fake refugee role for decades out of the tens of millions of real refugees around the world since 1947, including Chinese, Africans, and Europeans, and not the least of which the One Million Jewish refugees ethnically cleansed out of Muslim and Arab countries from roughly 1947 to 1954.

That is the real “Apartheid” in the Middle East: The one million Jewish refugees from across the region and the lack of Jews remaining in any meaningful numbers anywhere there except in Israel.

Finally, not one Muslim or Arab nation is a true democracy, and not one has the rule of law and equal rights for minorities. When Muslims live in Western nations, they demand minority rights far exceeding their huge numbers, but in their own Muslim nations, there are no minority rights. None.

Sure seems like Muslims living in Western nations are using the democratic process to achieve non-democratic results.

In sum, it is impossible for Muslims or Arabs to be victims in this conflict. No way. Yes, there are individuals here and there who were not treated right over the years in Israel and in the West Bank. But that is the nature of warfare and armed conflict, and we all know that if the Muslims and Arabs put away their weapons, there would be peace, and that if Israel put away her weapons there would be the genocide of Jews. Those instances of occasional Arab victimhood are absolutely washed away by the overwhelming amount of pro-Nazi Jew hatred by the 1.2 BILLION Muslims and the 400 MILLION Arabs constantly attacking and hurting and murdering the 15 million Jews everywhere across the world.

This is not even close to a fair fight. Using a basic Third Grade mathematics perspective reveals that basic fact.

Now, the truly alarming thing in this simple equation is that while Muslims are populating rapidly everywhere, Christians are de-populating, due to their nations’ incredible material wealth and physical comforts. Apparently Western Christians have little room for God amidst all the material success in their lives. As a result, Christians will find out eventually that as the Jews go, so go they, the Christians.

This dispute in Gaza is simply Western Civilization vs. barbarism. No other way to put it, and Westerners must wake up to the fact that none of the Hamas fuzzy math makes any sense, and that if Westerners don’t start factoring themselves into the survival equation, they will soon find their own heads on the barbarians’ chopping block.

Some Middle East FAQs

Wow is the Internet burning up as a result of the “troubles” in Israel and Gaza. And not just the Internet, but the public streets across Europe, London, Washington, DC, and New York City. Marches full of people shouting about killing the Jews and destroying Israel, and carrying signs about destroying America, and battering the gates of the White House in Washington, DC, and tearing down flyers on lamp posts showing the faces and names of Hamas’ hostages – innocent people from 28 different countries and multiple religions and aged from 6-month-old babies to 80-year-old grandparents – show us that the so-called “occupation” thing is just another fake excuse for the same old bullsh*t religious hatred and violence.

So in response to what I see and read on the news and on the Internet, here are some absolute facts. You will not hear these mentioned by the mainstream media, which is an arm of Hamas (which explains why the mainstream media is constantly trying so hard to destroy Western Civilization), but these are true facts, and honest people want to know the truth, however uncomfortable it is.

  • Jews are the indigenous people of Israel/ Judea/ Samaria/ Judah. They have been living there in an unbroken chain for 4,000 years, albeit not always the masters of their own political fortunes. The region’s greatest history for 4,000 years is written the entire time in Jewish blood. This is their home and their land.
  • Arabs are from Arabia, AKA the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Muslims are from the Arabian Peninsula
  • Most of the so-called “Palestinians” are Turks who arrived in the area with the Ottoman Empire, which oversaw and administered the area they called the “Sanjak of Jerusalem” from around 1500 to 1920
  • Turks are from…Turkey, and its surrounding region. If you are a Turk living in Nablus or Jenin or Jabaliya or Gaza City, you are not indigenous to anywhere except Turkey, regardless of how you self-identify or what language you speak
  • The “Apartheid” that exists in the Middle East is the Muslim Arab countries’ unwillingness to allow Jews to live anywhere in the Middle East, despite Jews living there long before any Arabs showed up.
  • From 1946 to 1956, one million Jews were ethnically cleansed from across North Africa and Egypt and the West Bank and Jordan and Syria and Iraq and Iran, forced out of their homes by bloodthirsty mobs and greedy governments, and forced to take refuge hundreds of miles away in the new state of Israel. THAT is the true ethnic cleansing that has happened in the Middle East.
  • There is zero “occupation” of Gaza. None. There were Israelis in Gaza from 1967 until 2005, but then any semblance of an occupation ended. In 2005, Israel pulled its own people out of Gaza, left everything behind, and Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was killed by one of his own bodyguards over it and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was struck down by a “hand of God” stroke as a result. There is no justification for Hamas, except what their charter explicitly calls for: The murder of all Jews and Christians around the world.
  • Israel controls electricity and water to Gaza out of necessity, because Gaza diverts all of its money and resources into building terror tunnels and rockets out of public water pipes.
  • Gaza could easily have been transformed into its own beautiful oasis, similar to what the Israelis had done with their part of it. Gaza has everything it needs to succeed – beautiful beaches, the Mediterranean, adjoining the majestic Sinai and close to the beautiful Red Sea, and next to high tech powerhouse Israel. When Israel abandoned their Gaza settlement in 2005, they left behind incredible greenhouses and seawater desalination plants. Entire communities that ran on sustainable re-use of limited resources, something out of Dune. What did the Gazans do when the Jews left Gaza? They destroyed the desalination plants and the greenhouses, they scrapped everything made of metal, and ruined everything beautiful that was handed to them for free.
  • We must be honest. Gazans are a backwards people, educated to hate everyone and kill everyone, and live miserably amongst themselves. They are indeed a sad case, but they and their misery are of their own doing. Maybe they should go back to Turkey and start anew.