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Chechen Muslims, Welcome! (KABOOM)

As if the debate about the soft invasion of America, softly described as illegal immigration, didn’t have enough heat on it already. Now we learn that the Boston bombers are/were Chechen Muslims who hate America.

As I write this, there is a huge international hatefest taking place on Dzokar’s personal page (like facebook). Dzokar is the dark-haired bomber, and his page is here http://vk.com/id160300242.

He says his world view is Islam, and on his page right now, he has a lot of unpleasant fellow Chechens and Muslims saying impolite things about America and Western Civilization.

Yesterday I wrote that these guys looked like Chechens, and I am sure that CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations, a Muslim Brotherhood group operating at the highest levels of federal government in America) will now try to line me up against a wall and gun me down for saying it, but what other evidence do Americans need to see that a war is under way against Western Civilization?

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