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Muslims 4, Infidels 0

British aid worker Alan Henning is the latest innocent beheading victim.

Reports are in that British drones know where the ISIS captives are held, and where serial sadist and chief beheader “Jihad John” is located in Raqqa, Syria.

But Obama is dedicated to half-hearted efforts, symbols, really, of opposition to ISIS. His aerial bombing raids have killed more camels and civilians than Islamic bad guys.  A serious rescue mission could work, but it would require “boots on the ground,” which Obama opposes.

So far, sweet, generous Westerners are losing and the Muslims are winning. Radical Muslims want to cut off your head, and “moderate” Muslims want the radicals to cut off your head. There’s really no other way to confront this than to fight to win.

Condolences to the victims of the Navy Yard rampage

While it is presently unknown who is behind the deadly rampage at the US Navy Yard, it is a fact that innocent people have been killed and wounded in the attack.

Whether this is another act of domestic terrorism by Islamic crazies, like the Fort Hood Massacre and the Boston Marathon bombing, or if it is some workplace politics vendetta, remains to be determined.

The fact is also that most US military installations are disarmed, surprisingly. The lesson from Fort Hood has not been learned, namely, that properly armed workers are safer. Workers who have concealed carry permits should be able to carry at a federal work site, and especially a military one, so that they are better able to defend themselves in situations like this. Gun control proponents will use this to try to promote their gun confiscation plan, when in fact the opposite policies are needed.

My heart goes out to the innocent and brave people who died or who were injured in this tragic event.

Dithering and weakness as foreign policy goals, tools

The past weeks, really months, with the famous Obama Red Line, have been filled with incredible dithering and rudderless, terribly public waffling and indecision. America’s allies believe they cannot trust America, and America’s enemies are clearly unafraid of us. With a slavish mainstream media that seeks only to bolster Obama, somehow all this failure will be cast as a really slick foreign policy. What I did enjoy was how even the appearance of a threat of American bombing sent Syria’s army scurrying from its daily routine of raping, torturing, and pillaging civilians, and either deep into hiding, or deep into defection.
So in a way, we can say that even Obama’s dithering helped slow down the Assad regime’s murderous onslaught.
I’ll take what I can get, and give credit where it is due: Obama, you are the least qualified, most inexperienced person America has ever had as president, but even your incompetence can be occasionally helpful.
That’s it, Obama is like Inspector Clouseau…

Chechen Muslims, Welcome! (KABOOM)

As if the debate about the soft invasion of America, softly described as illegal immigration, didn’t have enough heat on it already. Now we learn that the Boston bombers are/were Chechen Muslims who hate America.

As I write this, there is a huge international hatefest taking place on Dzokar’s personal page (like facebook). Dzokar is the dark-haired bomber, and his page is here http://vk.com/id160300242.

He says his world view is Islam, and on his page right now, he has a lot of unpleasant fellow Chechens and Muslims saying impolite things about America and Western Civilization.

Yesterday I wrote that these guys looked like Chechens, and I am sure that CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations, a Muslim Brotherhood group operating at the highest levels of federal government in America) will now try to line me up against a wall and gun me down for saying it, but what other evidence do Americans need to see that a war is under way against Western Civilization?

Boston Marathon: A Bomb-Free Zone, Right?

Not that reason or logic is guiding the anti-Second Amendment crusade right now, but it’s helpful to my own peace of mind to point out that the Boston Marathon is a bomb-free zone. And several bombs were exploded there, anyhow. The point being that only law-abiding people follow laws. Passing laws that infringe upon the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, while doing nothing about crime, are by definition bad laws.

Drawing a parallel here with gun control laws, obviously. Not advocating bombs for everyone, obviously.

My heart goes out to the victims of today’s bombing. Hopefully, this administration will focus on Islamic terrorists and stop trying to prove that everyone else is really the threat to America.