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Libya: Land of Savages

Anyone with even just a passing interest in how Moamar Gaddafi died last week can easily watch his entire murder take place on YouTube and other websites with cellphone videos taken at the same time and place by Libyan rebels.

It’s true that Gaddafi himself was a murderer and torturer, and by any legal standard he would have eventually been convicted and sentenced to die for his crimes. But a country run by the rule of law requires due process, and Gaddafi did not get that.

What he got was sodomy with a knife, according to this CBS report that includes a video (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503543_162-20124758-503543/globalpost-qaddafi-apparently-sodomized-after-capture/) where the attacker’s actions are clear.  That would explain Gaddafi’s last words, which were to the effect of “Guys, don’t do that.  Islam forbids it.”

If I ever hear another “Allahu Akbar,” after watching the various videos of his death where it was screamed over and over while Gaddafi was beaten, sodomized, and shot to death, I’ll get sick.

Under the guiding hand of the rebels, Libya was supposed to change from a cruel dictatorship to some version of modern representative democracy. Pretty much anything should be an improvement in governance of Libyan citizens, whose individual liberties were crushed by Gaddafi.

But if Gaddafi’s torture and summary execution by an armed civilian is any indication of what is to be expected, Libya is going to lose the stability that Gaddafi provided, without any of the benefits that his death should have given birth to. From what we saw, Libya is full of people for whom the descent into savagery is only a step away.

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