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When Texting While Driving Becomes Manslaughter

Allison was a young, smart, beautiful, productive American

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  • Jul 19th 201111:07
    by Josh

    A beautiful young person is now dead, because another young person was texting while driving. While waiting at a stop light, Allison Heyden’s Jeep was hit hard from behind several years ago by a young lady who was frantically texting while driving. Estimated to have been driving at least 45 mph in a 25 mph zone, she blasted her car into the back of Allison’s car and severely damaged Allison’s leg. With her shattered leg requiring multiple surgeries, Allison chugged along, running her own business and maintaining that cheerful demeanor our family enjoyed since she was a kid. Back in late May, we had a chance to catch up while her parents, Dave and Renee, drove my daughter and I home from the train station. Two days ago, Allison underwent another surgery on her damaged leg, and she suddenly died from a blood clot that became a pulmonary embolism. Allison was 24, a kid with an unlimited and happy future ahead of her. Anyone who expects justice and who values a teachable moment now expects the young lady who hit her to be charged with manslaughter. It is sad, but necessary. Texting while driving is becoming a significant cause of a high portion of car accidents among young people. Because it’s an easily avoidable accident, examples need to be made to deter other young people from inflicting more of the same sloppy, selfish behavior on other people. We will all miss you very much, Allison! Hugs to you, wherever you are now.

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