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Sexual harassment for real: Jesse Jackson sued, by a guy

Somehow the mainstream media forgot to mention that racist rabble rouser Jesse Jackson is being sued for sexual harassment. And by a guy, no less.

Jackson’s unfettered ability to move about freely among mainstream media reporters without taking any questions on this affair demonstrates that if you stay on the Plantation, then you will be taken care of.

If you are a Herman Cain, an independent thinker, why then nothing you say or do can clear your name, and the mainstream media reporters and talking heads will hound you to the ends of the earth.  Thus demonstrating why so many Americans have lost faith in the mainstream media (NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN etc.).

And demonstrating why Cain’s popularity and fundraising are soaring, despite the attacks.

Maybe if Jesse Jackson becomes a Republican, he’ll benefit from the same effect helping Cain.  C’mon, Jesse, give it a spin.  Get your real freak on.

Read the gross details here:

It’s official: I am a Herman Cain man

With nothing against any of the other Republican presidential candidates, all of whom bring tremendous SKA’s to the contest, I am now officially a Herman Cain for President supporter.

Watching Cain sing “Imagine There’s No Pizza” is what pulled me over the line.

Cain has a sense of humor.

On top of his sharp intellect, honest speaking, and leadership abilities, Cain is a real person.

Sign me up.

Herman Cain is my kind of candidate

Herman Cain, an experienced businessman who does not run away from a tough debate, is looking more and more like my man to be my next American President.

Smart, articulate, quick-witted, creative, Cain brings the fight to the other corner of the boxing ring.

And he would be America’s first African-American president. Obama is America’s first African president. Cain is the real-deal, a real descendant of slaves brought from Africa to America 300 years ago. As an American, that means a lot to me. Cain demonstrates the possibility that awaits anyone who wants to take risks and succeed.

Cain inspires and motivates me, and I’m weighing my next steps with his campaign. Won’t you please join me?