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Herman Cain is my kind of candidate

Herman Cain, an experienced businessman who does not run away from a tough debate, is looking more and more like my man to be my next American President.

Smart, articulate, quick-witted, creative, Cain brings the fight to the other corner of the boxing ring.

And he would be America’s first African-American president. Obama is America’s first African president. Cain is the real-deal, a real descendant of slaves brought from Africa to America 300 years ago. As an American, that means a lot to me. Cain demonstrates the possibility that awaits anyone who wants to take risks and succeed.

Cain inspires and motivates me, and I’m weighing my next steps with his campaign. Won’t you please join me?


  • Oct 16th 201111:10
    by Josh

    Cain needs donations. Even ten bucks helps.

  • Oct 13th 201105:10
    by Ammon

    I am with you on this. Mr. Cain has really shown who he is over the last couple of weeks and I think I am getting on the the Cain Train.

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