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Watch and you judge who the US president really is

Videos of Joe Biden faltering, stumbling, stuttering, drifting away, walking away, falling asleep, lost on stage, checking his watch while at critical public events are legion. He is obviously in the final throes of dementia.

While watching Joe Biden actually squat and go poop in his diaper on camera in France was bad, the latest video from two nights ago hurts the most. Because while Joe Biden is clearly lost and befuddled on stage, frozen in place, we are used to that. What really hurts here is how Barack Hussein Obama grabs Biden’s wrist and leads him off the stage like a lost puppy. And then pats him on the back “there, there ol’ Joe”.

Who is really the president of the United States? It sure isn’t Biden. He is just a puppet on a stage, being controlled by other people.

And you know what else hurts? Listening to the audience clap and cheer like a pod of trained seals. “Their guy” is clearly senile and a danger to America, to all of us. And yet they are cheering for him… I routinely hear “mean commenters” say that Trump supporters are stupid, or backwards, or uneducated. Well, what we just saw is a room full of wealthy elite people who are clearly and unabashedly cheering for a man who is a moron.

Who is the bigger moron? The frail, senile Weekend At Bernie’s old guy or the people cheering for him? And who are going to vote for him!


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