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Slippers from My Pillow two thumbs up

My Pillow slippers are conventional looking, but unbelievably comfortable to wear

For my birthday I received a pair of slippers from My Pillow, a brand known for high quality. Because my gigantic duck feet are so large and wide, and because My Pillow specializes in serving customers, even the outlandishly sized or shaped, My Pillow actually had a pair of size 14 wide for me.

These are the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn. The secret appears to be a really generous layer of highly durable foam cushion between the shearling that touches the foot and the rubber sole. My LL Bean slippers were marketed as being “highest quality,” and yet they don’t come close to the amazing comfort and durability of these My Pillow slippers.

In contrast, my go-to slippers for the past ten years have been a pair by Carl Dyer. Bison leather outer, lined with soft elk leather, and sporting all kinds of adjustable braided leather toggles and fancy bronze buttons, the Carl Dyer moccasins are comfortable but really the opposite of the My Pillow ones. They are meant to be worn with heavy socks in cold weather, and are stylish to those discerning enough to appreciate hand made things of uncommon natural materials.

Both of these house slippers work wonderfully, but I imagine the My Pillow slippers are more appealing to the vast majority of Americans. I highly recommend them. If you are looking for a last minute holiday gift for Dad, these slippers are an excellent choice. Dad will put them on and only reluctantly take them off.

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