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Yep…the Super Bowl was worth ignoring

Plenty of entertaining memes circulated Sunday about not missing the Super Bowl. People asking each other on article comment sections and in texts, “Do you even know who the teams are who are playing?”

Like a lot of other Americans, I had no idea which teams were playing in the Super Bowl. I didn’t care, and I was not going to spend the time to watch it,

Plenty of Americans were not enthusiastic about watching a professional sport they had once enjoyed, but now feel alienated from. And why wouldn’t they feel this way? Since 2016, all kinds of anti-America, anti-police, anti-capitalism, anti-Western Civilization behavior had been acted out at football games. Multi-millionaire football players whined and complained about problems they had not faced, ascribing “racism” to the very people paying exorbitant amounts to come and see them play, and buy their jerseys etc.

I don’t believe a human being can create a more antagonistic arrangement than what we watched unfold in football games since 2016. The spoiled players vs. their fans!

So what in fact did we miss in Sunday’s game? We got to not see the blathering talent-less ‘Eminem’ “take a knee,” the virtue signal of all virtue signals. Eminem was years late to the kneeling thing, but decided to do it anyhow. And NFL senior management knew he was going to do it, and they did nothing to oppose him. Just kicking more sand in the eyes of former NFL fans. Hey, NFL, it’s your own business you are burning down, not ours. When you treat your audience with disrespect, you lose us, you don’t hurt us.

Also present was a “Snoop Dog,” a talentless noisemaker known for his graphic threats of violence against America’s last president, his violent “songs” that promote murder and rape. Sure, the NFL is going to magnetically draw law-abiding citizens to its games with people like these as its mascots…

I turned on the TV to watch the latest episode of Meat Eater, but caught the Super Bowl after-game on-field interviews just in time to hear a sweet-looking football player named Douglas say “Glory to God, Glory to God” in response to the reporter’s question about how he felt about winning. And that was the kind of behavior that would attract me to watch a NFL game any day of the week. But unfortunately Douglas’ nice statement is too little, too late. After seven years of not watching NFL games, I see no reason yet to return.

I would rather fold laundry than watch an NFL game.

An idiot called Eminem pretends to care by taking a knee and disrespecting law-abiding Americans everywhere

An idiot called Snoop Dog acts out murdering President Trump, and yet is most welcome at the NFL Super Bowl halftime performance. Unacceptable double standard. Nope Dog



Several versions of this meme bounced around the textsphere last night. A lot of Americans felt liberated by not watching the America-hating NFL game

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