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Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic is a child rapist, allegedly

Anonymous sources emphatically allege that Jeffrey Goldberg, editor of The Atlantic magazine, is a pedophile child rapist and even possibly serial killer (to allegedly cover up his alleged crimes against children).

At this time we cannot disclose the anonymous sources behind these allegations, and we understand that this is merely an allegation, though we had to kind of connect the dots to figure it all out. But given the highly charged nature of such an allegation, and the fact that Jeffrey Goldberg is a person of public interest, we thought it more in the public interest to simply lay it all out here, let the public know that Jeffrey Goldberg may very well be a child rapist; possibly; we don’t know for sure; we are not saying that he is. We are publishing this possible allegation here, rather than investigate these anonymous sources’ allegations first, and then publish them only after confirming a) there are actual anonymous sources, and b) the allegations have some substance to them.

If something more is discovered about Jeffrey Goldberg’s hidden past, rest assured that the information will be relayed to the public here. But only if it confirms these anonymous allegations.

Hope you like the taste of your own bogus snake oil medicine, Jeffrey, you f’ing shanda. GTFO of America.

Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic magazine may, or may not, be a pedophile and child rapist. Anonymous sources allege that he is.

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