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Donald Trump proving his detractors wrong, over and over

Donald Trump is proving himself the right choice for president every day, as his enemies melt down over every little thing.

And every little thing thrown at Trump is created out of whole cloth.

His cabinet nominees are subjected to garbage accusations designed to impugn their reputations. For example, Dr. Tom Price, the HHS nominee, whose stockbroker ordered $300.00 (three hundred dollars) worth of stocks without his knowledge, is being attacked with fake news stories that he somehow especially benefited from this. Thank you CNN, 100% fake news.

And Donald Trump is batting 1,000 as he keeps smacking fastballs out of the ballpark. Via Twitter, via honest and plain-spoken responses to ridiculously shallow politics. Which is all liberals have left.

And all I can say is, please keep going, liberals. All you are doing is proving our selection of Trump was correct.


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