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Dickinson College – always good to visit

Thank you to Professor Anat Beck and her very interesting students, for hosting me today.  I know it is not easy to hear ideas you do not agree with, and you all did a marvelous job of listening and asking questions, and seeing photos of hunting and trapping.  It was an honor to be with you. Just remember: Your entrepreneurialism cannot succeed with more onerous government regulations and requirements, like ObamaCare.  When there are more takers than makers, the system collapses. Capitalism has generated more liberty, freedom, and opportunity than any other approach.

Last year I spoke to Dr. Andrea Lieber’s class, also at Dickinson, and we had an excellent dialogue on “climate change.” What surprised me was how little the students knew about the politicization of “climate change” “science.”  It is to Dr. Lieber’s credit that someone like me was invited to address her students.

Dickinson has a fascinating, really neat environment and hands-on sustainability program, replete with a new green house/ lab. I hope I am invited back again, because, I like it a lot.  The students are inspiring.

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