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Calls to US Senator Bob Casey’s offices…anyone home?

As one of millions of pissed off Americans making calls to elected officials last week about 0bamaCare, I shared the surprise that millions had: Not only did no one answer the calls, but the various offices’ voice mail boxes were full.

It appears that Senator Bob Casey does not want to hear from citizens that they are unhappy with the disastrous new program. However, acting on the hunch that his home office in the Scranton area would be open, I called and spoke with a nice young lady.

She took my call, listened to my brief opposition to 0bamaCare, and said Thank You. She never took my name. That says it all…it’s just lip service.

Even the national unions are openly opposing 0bamaCare. Casey doesn’t want to know. Is this the kind of person we want in elected office? I say No.

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