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What a Fall Day for Middle America

What a Fall day to remember.

Flag football with Son and his team, including a Kids vs. Parents game that the parents lost, to the kids’ supreme pleasure.

Bought and then replaced the battery in my daughter’s car.

Split the last of the oak and stacked most of it.

Gathered the loose oak bark and piled it around the magnolia tree, where Viv wants good bark mulch.

Viv clipped long grass around the stone wall out front and put away lots of lawn stuff that’s been around for a few weeks, with Nina’s help, including piles and piles of brown oak leaves.

This is the typical, pleasant life of Middle Americans all over the country on a beautiful Fall day. It’s a way of life that most Americans take for granted. It’s a way of life fully in Obama’s cross hairs, as he seeks an America where “everyone gets their fair share.” That forced redistribution of wealth is now and will continue to end the Middle American lifestyle.

How pleasing it is to see both Gallup and Rasmussen polls showing Romney pulling ahead of Obama nationally and in the swing states. Obama is claiming just seven states now, and that’s not many. This election is looking like it might be a blow-out, as Middle Americans realize just how much everything they take for granted is under assault and at risk with the Obama administration.

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