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US Marine Snipers…Where’s the Beef?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined US president Barack Hussein Obama in excoriating US Marine Corps snipers who appear to be faking urinating on dead Taliban terrorists on the field of battle.

Watching the clip, which was shot as though it were under cover, you can see that the Marines have their privates covered, an unusual circumstance in the field. They knew they were being filmed. Each one is going through the motions of urinating on the dead men, but none of them appear to be actually peeing. Nobody’s beef is showing, and no correlating wetness is seen on the dead terrorists. I didn’t see any streams, either.

The terrorists are wet, true, but it’s from their own blood, a situation that often arises when you fight with the US Marine Corps.

Sure, the symbolism of the faked act is brutal, but then again, the dead guys were trying to turn the Marines into dead guys, and they lost, Thank God. The whole situation is utterly brutal.

The symbolism of appearing to pee on your dead enemy may violate some code of wartime ethics written by a four-eyed nerd sitting at a desk somewhere far away from a battlefield, and that’s too bad. OK, mild verbal reprimands are due for that. Bad Marines. Don’t pretend to pee on dead enemies again, OK?

What’s odd about our own leaders’ criticism is that they didn’t mitigate their own brutal statements with something like “Our men are brave and constantly challenged by savages who use women and children as human shields, so while we regret their lapse of judgment, we also understand that they are in extreme life-or-death situations that none of us can imagine.”

Or they might mention the savage acts regularly perpetrated by the Taliban on everyone around them, where getting peed on would be welcome abuse compared to what could be next.

But no, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton did not offer any understanding of why or how our men, engaged in hand to hand fighting and subject to death at any second, might demonstrate their disdain for proven cowards like the Taliban.

The cowards here are Obama and Clinton, known anti-military activists who blame America for everything wrong on the planet. Sure, America has an interest in maintaining some semblance of a steady relationship with the government of Afghanistan, but given Afghanistan’s corruption and official day to day brutality, our troops deserved a spirited defense from their leaders, not immediate condemnation.

That’s my beef: With Obama and Clinton, terrible leaders.

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