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Independence Day 2024: Last free July 4th?

You would have to be living in a cave with no contact with the outside world to not know about the incredible effort being put into turning America into a cruel Marxist tyranny. One of the most blatant steps has been the Biden Administration calling Christians, traditional American patriots, constitutionalists, parents engaged in their local school district, American military veterans, political conservatives and independents, and free speech advocates “domestic terrorists.”

Domestic terrorists obviously have no rights and no legitimacy. This is the same kind of delegitimizing attack that Adolf Hitler did against the Jews living in Germany throughout the 1930s, which led to them having no friends, no defense, no power, and no barriers to being eliminated. This is some dangerous crap, and yet, the Biden Administration is doing it quite openly.

Much has already been said and written about the effort to turn America’s most normal, kind, and law-abiding people into official enemies of the Biden state. Needless to say, this effort is concrete evidence of the 2020 election being stolen by the Democrat Party/ Political Left, who have now used their official political role to turn the entire federal government into a weapon aimed at their political opponents. Again, a page right out of Adolf Hitler’s play book in the 1920s and 1930s.

One of the phrases I read/ hear often in the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets is “anti government extremists,” yet another slur against freedom loving peaceful  Americans meant to dignify Biden’s official/ illegal mistreatment of his political opponents. Jailed political opponents Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon, Allen Weisselberg, and many attempts at jailing Trump say it all.

From my perspective, Americans and all lovers of individual freedom everywhere around the world should naturally abhor government of any sort, and should see it as a necessary evil, at best. If you are an American Indepedence Day enthusiast, you cannot possibly be a domestic terrorist or anti government extremist. You are simply pro freedom.

Contrary to the pro government extremists / tyrants, whose belief in and loyalty to government overreach + unquestioned government power results in their political opponents being jailed for minor or even made up infractions while big time violators in government itself are never held accountable, being skeptical of government is in keeping with America’s founding and our founding documents.

To be skeptical of government, and even anti government, is wholly American. Our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are all strong statements against and brakes against government power. July 4th is unique among national holidays the world around, because it really is the Freedom From Government Day, because America is the un-government nation that celebrates our individual rights at the expense of government efficiency.

To believe in government as an all-surrounding, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-controlling, all-advising source of all that is good and benevolent (as virtually all Democrats do simply by continuously voting for elected Democrats who continuously implement Big Government) is at the heart of books like Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, and other dystopian stories of government gone wild. It is a totally un-American view.

So one cannot help but wonder if tomorrow, America’s Independence Day, will be America’s last free July 4th celebration, or will it mark an especially poignant and important turning point in American politics.

It will be the latter if enough Americans recognize that political parties do not deserve our loyalty, but rather We, The People and our innate FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT do deserve our loyalty, and our vote this November. If you value your freedom, then you should vote for your freedom this November. And naturally, I see Trump as the beacon of individual freedom that he was in his first term. Unlike Joe Biden, Trump did not jail his political opponents or label them as domestic terrorists or other undesireables. Rather, Trump tried to work together with everyone, because he saw then and still sees America as a big happy melting pot where everyone of good will can do well and live their life to the fullest.

Happy Independence Day, America. Relish that freedom and vote for more of it in November. Be an extremist for your own personal rights. There is absolutely nothing “extreme” about American citizens pursuing, advocating for, working for, shouting for, writing for their personal liberty and independence from government intrusion.


Supreme Court’s recent decisions reveal deep DC Beltway Bandito mentality

While all other American institutions – private, non-profit, for-profit, our entire military, the Cat Ladies Survival League, the Backyard Bird and Squirrel Protective Association, the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, the media, Hollywood, professional sports, the medical profession and its various Medical Associations, the legal profession and its various Bar Associations, and the entire federal government apparatus – have been Borg captured and bent to the Borg Left’s purposes, completely against the will of the vast majority of the American citizenry, there has remained one lone institution that has appeared to resist the capture:

The US Supreme Court.

Against the decades-long tidal wave of berserker Democrats and somnulent Republicans only the US Supreme Court has appeared unbroken, pure, un-woke, and integrity-bound to the US Constitution backbone and nervous system that binds all American citizens together as a living, breathing, functioning One Nation Under God.

And yet, with its recent holdings we repeatedly see not so much glimpses into the Court’s true soul, but rather flashes of the oft hidden but actual volcanic fire seething beneath our collective feet. For as much as the Court has tried to appear united and above the frightening political fray, it too is subject to the worming rat-gnawing effects of leftist wokeism. For as much as it has placed several unanimous holdings before the American citizenry in recent months as evidence of the level headedness of the Court’s members, it also holds a growing threat of Borg tyranny.

Three stalwart Borg leftists – Kagan, Sotomayor, and Katanga – maintain a unified beachhead on the shores of the US Supreme Court and America’s last residual semblance of the rule of law. Regardless of how obvious the legal question, these three ardent Marxists always vote for more, bigger, and more powerful government at the expense of We, The People as a people and as individuals whose rights are supposed to be protected from government overreach by the courts.

There is not one single public policy issue or individual rights question that does not get the Marxist treatment from these three members of the bench. And so one cannot really be surprised to see them vote against presidential immunity in the case of Trump. Because like all of the other politicians on their Borgian Marxist Democrat side of the aisle, Kagan, Katanga, and Sotomayor also lust for the blood of the one person who stands in their way, Trump. This morning’s holding by the Court reveals that such a simple question of presidential immunity (having none would result in a president being unable to do his job) can only hold naked political interests for three of the nine justices.

If left unchecked, in a simple matter of time, that number will grow to four and then a majority of five, and then American citizens will have no individual rights left under the federal jackboot.

This skepticism is justified by other recent holdings and indecisions by the Court: The First Amendment is not violated or even infringed by the Biden Administration’s active coercion of social media companies to conduct the censorship-by-proxy of American citizens’ speech critical of the Biden Administration. Subpeonaed political activist Steve Bannon must go to jail for failing to appear before the incorrectly convened J6 Committee, while lawless AG Merrick Garland flaunts all legal procedure, including precisely that which has ensnared Bannon, to hold onto and cruelly wield an unbridled official monopoly on violence.

The list of outright fraudulent decisions and spineless indecisions by the Court reveals that the three Borg Marxists are not just a beachhead, and not just a taste of things to come for our rights. Rather, the insular, disconnected, corrupt, and self-serving DC Beltway Bandito culture is seeping through all skin pores and lung tissue and hearing and tasting orifices of the supposed five or six “conservative” justices on the other side of Kagan, Katanga, and Sotomayor. We cannot trust or rely on the US Supreme Court to guard us, because this institution is also being captured, just in slow motion and in our sight.

It may be that if or when the American People sort out this constant assault on our rights on their own terms, that only Justices Thomas and Alito will remain fit to form the core of the new Supreme Court. The rest? Well, what does any assertive free people do with traitors?


CNN debate shows world Biden is a mindless puppet

Interesting how for the past four years leftists, the mainstream media, some establishment Republicans, and partisan Democrats have strenuously defended Joe Biden’s mental incompetence, his well documented influence peddling/ bribery/ selling out of America with China and Ukraine, the stolen 2020 election that put this mindless puppet in power. And last night, the entire world got to see up close that Joe Biden is indeed a dementia-ridden mindless puppet. The man is not in control of his own mind or his own decisions, and has not been for years.

I don’t understand what he just said, and he doesn’t know what he just said,” President Donald Trump said to the cameras last night in response to one of Joe Bidens’ humiliating mindless mouthful of marbles gobbledygook.

President Trump easily dominated the debate. So easily, that a lot of people are now wondering if it wasn’t an inside set-up to put Joe Biden in the most public spotlight, so that even the most super partisan silo-dwelling rah-rah Democrats would have to finally be confronted with the uncomfortable truth that their man is a mindless puppet. Once they accept that Biden is a mindless robot, they will more willingly try to find someone else to replace him, is apparently the thinking.

After the CNN/Democrat Party-run “debate” ended last night, “moderated” by two partisan political activists who have spent years badmouthing and lying about President Trump, President Trump confidently strode off stage right, and Jill Biden ran out onto the stage to grab doddering ol’ Joe Biden, who was frozen in place, vacantly staring out into the empty studio (remember CNN’s debate rules that were designed to protect Joe Biden and to undermine President Trump – no props, no pieces of paper, no studio audience, microphones turned off…there was no one for Biden to look at, just darkness).

It is clear to everyone who watched last night that Joe Biden is not his own man. He is doing the bidding of others, because he has not his own thoughts in his head. It is sad, and infuriating, because he was illegally installed in 2020, not elected, going from hiding in his basement to the White House without earning it. Someone else, probably America-hating Barack Hussein Obama, has been actually running the American presidency from behind a curtain.

If the true goal was to out Biden as an incompetent, it worked. Because today the wide open public debate among mainstream media Democrats and the official Democrat Party apparatchiks is who will replace puppet Joe Biden for the 2024 election. He clearly cannot continue on as candidate for president; not if the Democrat Party wants to retain a shred of hope of winning the 2024 election.

Everyone sees that Biden is well beyond an Article 25 removal case. Even worse than a constitutional problem, Biden is the very image of final death for the pro-slavery Democrat Party, that should have died out by shame alone in 1865 after plunging America into the first civil war, and losing.

Biden is now suddenly such a huge liability that he ironically threatens to bring down the whole political party that once fraudulently placed him in power. This stuff is drama of a Biblical scale.

How sweet our freedom will taste in November, after the evildoers are ruined, and by their own hand no less.




Harvest time is natural, healthy

Shirey’s blueberry patch in Linden, PA. You-pick for about two to three weeks every summer. Strawberries are across Rt 15

Until a hundred years ago, just about everyone in western civilization had some sort of garden and fruit trees. Growing your own food is as old as human agriculture, roughly ten thousand years. Maybe more. Point being, being self reliant and engaged with Nature in natural cycles is a healthy and natural thing for us to do today.
Our fruit trees have been ravaged by hordes of unnaturally over abundant squirrels this year. So far they have eaten all our cherries, all of our MacIntosh and Winesap apples, and two thirds of our peaches. None of the fruits were close to ripe, but to a verminous feral rodent, they are edible. It’s quite frustrating.
The garden is putting out regular vegetables now. Zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, butternut squash. A few groundhogs have tried to muscle in, and have found themselves in a very new and distant home.

The “Zen” and personal health of gardening is a well discussed subject, and all I can add is that I too find gardening greatly rewarding. Our produce is organic, natural, and the fruit of our own labors. We water daily and constantly fuss with the plants. We eat or can what we harvest. Very natural, and rewarding.
Last week I visited someone else’s garden, Shirey’s blueberry field in Linden, PA. In 45 minutes my bucket had 6.5 pounds of freshly ripe blueberries I myself had picked in the blazing sun. It was 99 degrees in the sun, and I had no more energy to stand in it picking fruit. On a cooler day I have picked roughly twelve pounds of berries, most of which go into blueberry jam I make. Some are eaten fresh, and some are frozen for eating with pancakes.
Being outside is healthy and necessary for all humans. Some sunshine is necessary for creating Vitamin D, critical to the function of our brain and body. Vitamin D is actually a hormone, and a deficiency is a big risk to your health. So being outside gardening, picking fruits and vegetables, cultivating and husbanding your own food, is essential to having a clear mind and a healthy body.
Sweet corn is coming soon.
Wildlife biologist Aldo Leopold said that he knew civilization had ended when people no longer had to split their own firewood to stay warm in the winter, and had only to rely on a tiny switch on the wall to achieve exactly the temperature they wanted. Hard work, self reliance, producing things of use and value, all add meaning to our lives. Growing and picking food is a small but important statement about not being historic roadkill. 

Watch and you judge who the US president really is

Videos of Joe Biden faltering, stumbling, stuttering, drifting away, walking away, falling asleep, lost on stage, checking his watch while at critical public events are legion. He is obviously in the final throes of dementia.

While watching Joe Biden actually squat and go poop in his diaper on camera in France was bad, the latest video from two nights ago hurts the most. Because while Joe Biden is clearly lost and befuddled on stage, frozen in place, we are used to that. What really hurts here is how Barack Hussein Obama grabs Biden’s wrist and leads him off the stage like a lost puppy. And then pats him on the back “there, there ol’ Joe”.

Who is really the president of the United States? It sure isn’t Biden. He is just a puppet on a stage, being controlled by other people.

And you know what else hurts? Listening to the audience clap and cheer like a pod of trained seals. “Their guy” is clearly senile and a danger to America, to all of us. And yet they are cheering for him… I routinely hear “mean commenters” say that Trump supporters are stupid, or backwards, or uneducated. Well, what we just saw is a room full of wealthy elite people who are clearly and unabashedly cheering for a man who is a moron.

Who is the bigger moron? The frail, senile Weekend At Bernie’s old guy or the people cheering for him? And who are going to vote for him!


One dad’s Father’s Day question to young Americans

Hi kids. Today is Father’s Day, a card company-inspired day for Americans to spend money on things like cards and gifts. It is a blatantly commercial event, but in the grand scheme of things, there are worse things to celebrate than fatherhood. Like an entire month dedicated to a person’s private sexual practices. I can make a strong case for June being Gardening Month.

Along with Motherhood, Fatherhood has been the guiding idea of the healthy and safe human family for probably close to a hundred thousand years: Physical protection from predatory animals and humans, life guidance in a world full of pitfalls and confusion, passing on skills and knowledge in a competitive world where making a living to stay alive and out of poverty is not easy. In short, fathers have been the other half of a successful family since the dawn of our species.

So don’t forget to call, email, text, or send a card to your dad today. Show some appreciation, even if your dad is occasionally foolish, an assh*le, selfish, whatever. The truth is, this man created you (with your mother), and you are here only because of him. Your life exists because of him.

So, in my role as a dad I have a question for the young people in America right now: Why are any of you supporting the main source of uncertainty that you face in the world’s greatest nation?

America went from a powerful and successful economy in 2020 to a continued and purposeful self-destructive free-fall from 2021 to today, with high inflation that eats away at the value of the Dollar in your pocket, fewer and fewer jobs, fewer good jobs, higher fees and taxes, millions of illegal invaders pouring over our borders who impose huge costs directly on you, and a huge amount of uncertainty now facing you.

There is just one source for all of this uncertainly: The political Left, which includes the mainstream media, academia, the government schools, the teacher’s unions, government bureaucracies, and the Democrat Party.

Not to mention all of the censorship, the attempt to control your words, your thoughts, your freedom to spend your money the way you want, your freedom to travel when and how you want. I could go on, but there is just one source for all of this effort to control everything you do and think and say: The political Left.

You say that abortion is your number one issue? Why? What on earth makes you feel empowered about ending the life of another person on demand, on a whim, without any thought or consideration? Don’t you think this is a weak approach to a literal life-and-death issue?

Did your parents treat you like a whim and just tear your little body apart and flush you down a drain? No, because you are here reading these words, probaby because your Father and Mother valued you and your presence on Planet Earth as a living human.

And if you think abortion is a constitutional issue, well, that has been dealt with in recent years. You can choose to live in a state that supports abortion on demand, if that is what is most important to you. As a dad, I find this a confusing motivator, but each to her own…just how many abortions do you plan on having?

For the constitutionally uneducated, abortion is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, mostly because abortion was frowned upon for the vast amount of human existence. Especially in 1787, when the Constitution was being ratified. Children (like you, who were not aborted and are therefore reading these words here and now) were almostly always welcome, not seen as burdens.

But the argument can and has been made that abortion involves some self-rule over one’s body, because the Constitution blocks the government from having unfettered access to your person, place, and things, and it is hard to argue with that on principle. And so abortion has become legal in many places. This is the Yin and Yang of a dynamic America.

Consider how your perception of abortion rights compares to the general mainstream media discussion of self defense and firearm rights, which the Second Amendment expressly says “...shall not be infringed...” while in Pennsylvania our state constitution says the right to own and carry firearms “...shall not be questioned...” Universal abortion rights are presented as absolute and unquestioned, despite being found nowhere in our founding documents or debates, while the mainstream media complex constantly presents private citizens owning guns as completely up for debate, even though this is an actual right expressly enshrined in our founding documents.

This has been a bit of a digression from our initial question above, but the point has to be made, especially for young people: How you perceive yourself and your rights and your freedom and opportunities is largely influenced by the far-Left that has a death grip on academia, schools, and media.

As a loving dad on Father’s Day today, I encourage the young people who have stumbled upon this essay to really consider your future. Think hard and long about the causes of your scary future and the bedrock support most of us get from our family and dad. The political Left and its primary agent, the Democrat Party, is at war with family, with motherhood, with fatherhood, with your economic future and your personal freedoms and choices.

Everyone else is extending a helping hand to you. This essay is my way, as a loving, caring and understanding father, of helping you young people get your bearings. You know this, and you should vote like you know this.

To all the dads out there: Today we all salute you, and thank you, for doing your best to help guide us through our life.

a thousand points of light, a thousand glorious small cuts

Watching a boat sinking out on the water because it was deliberately holed by its occupants is a curious thing.

Watching the people in the sinking boat then continue to deliberately punch more holes into the ruptured hull, even as water is being taken on, which expedites the boat’s failure as a floating refuge on water, is more than curious. Now, we are pretty certain that the self-destructive people in the boat either are stupid, suicidal, or do not even realize what they are doing.

They might think that adding more holes in the boat actually lets the water out…?

Thus is the recent statement by political activist George Stephanopoulos that media personalities having live interviews on TV with President Donald Trump is “journalistic malpractice perfectly framed.

George Stephanopoulos is the longtime political director for ABC “News.” As a former extremely politically partisan political activist employed by President Bill Clinton, Stephanopulous somehow seamlessly glided into the awkward and disbelievable role of “news reporter” and “journalist” at ABC. You know, as the kind of news reporter and journalist that is supposed to be accurate, fair, balanced, fact-based, truth-seeking no matter where it takes him. Ideally, and probably much more so in America’s distant past, journalism is done by fair-minded arbiters of truth and accuracy, not political activists.

These two roles are mutually exclusive: Political activists are by definition not fair minded arbiters of truth and accuracy, and so they cannot possibly communicate anything but one-sided political propaganda, narrative, and self-serving lies to their viewers and audiences. Which is what George Stephanopoulos does…speaking of journalistic malpractice.

George Stephanopoulos is not a journalist, he is an aggressive political activist masquerading as a journalist. And the reason he wants to prevent President Trump from having live interviews on mainstream media outlets is that George Stephanopoulos wants to deprive American audiences of having an honest and unfiltered view of Trump. Because Americans seeing and hearing Trump in his own words, as his own self, is going to be completely at odds with the lies, propaganda, falsehoods, and partisan political narrative that political activists like George Stephanopoulos try to paint Trump with all the time.

George Stephanopoulos is actually a censor, the opposite of a journalist. He is someone who tries to stop, limit, or blunt the dissemination of inconvenient facts or truths that undermine the political goals of the censor. Censorship runs totally at odds with the spirit and intent of America’s First Amendment, as well as the open and sometimes raucous format for all of our political discourse since our founding.

Recall that American politicians used to give a “stump speech” literally standing on a fresh tree stump surrounded by interested citizens, such was the nature of America’s rapidly expanding frontier and European settlement. So, a so-called “journalist” trying to prevent a politician from giving his live “stump speech” is actually doing the opposite of journalism: He is conducting censorship, at war with America.

All censors will tell you they are blocking you from having access to the truth, the facts, a certain point of view, for your own good. But they are never really doing this for your own good, or for mine. Like George Stephanopoulos, all censors throughout history engage in censorship for their own good. Whether it is personal monetary rewards or a political outcome favorable to a censor’s political views, censorship is conducted purely for the benefit of the censor.

Censorship is evil, and so-called journalists who are actually censors, like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, are evil people. Censorship is un-American. Don’t be a censor, don’t support censors, don’t engage in censorship.

Here is an interesting very brief little video of President Trump at a small town hall, with an audience of Americans who had not heard him in person before. The audience members are stunned by the difference between President Trump in person, the actual President Trump, versus the false and heavily filtered/censored image of President Trump they had been fed by the mainstream media, like ABC “News” and George Stephanopoulos.

Here is why censorious political activists like George Stephanopoulos are becoming so bold about their political efforts under guise of “journalism,” which in the past would have itself been a headline: Totally partisan and politicized fake news legacy mainstream media outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSDNC, NPR, PBS, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. are being engulfed in a maelstrom of alternative information outlets, and they are becoming desperate.

Hence shameless George Stephanopuslous in effect knocking holes in his own boat in full public view, destroying his own credibility as a “journalist” and as an American, when he openly admits that he has no other defense against President Trump than artificially filtering Trump, censoring him, stopping the public from viewing him as he really is, and outright lying about Trump.

A thousand points of light (to beneficially borrow a phrase from one of the worst, most corrupt establishment politicians in modern history) are shedding unceasing light on the lies of George Stephanopoulos et al. A thousand small, independent alternative information outlets have sprung up across the internet and anywhere else they are not artificially repressed, censored, or suppressed. They exist because of the truth vaccuum left by George Stephanopoulos and his ilk, and the marketplace of ideas abhors a vaccuum.

Sites like www.breitbart.com, www.thegatewaypundit.com, www.zerohedge.com, www.dailycaller.com, www.rebelnews.com, and a million small websites like this one at www.joshfirst.com, not to mention an incredibly diverse, rich, and interesting constellation of independent political commentary and analysis at www.rumble.com, are each making a tiny cut into the corpulant, stagnant, odiferous, and pus-filled rotting meat that is the body of mainstream media.

This thousand points of light alternative news sources is making it impossible for liars like George Stephanopoulos to get away with his lies any longer. And this thousand tiny cuts of alternative information sources is slowly bleeding out the lying mainstream media, exposing them, weakening them.

Of course every information and news outlet has its own flair, its own bend, its own flavor and goals. This goes without saying. But when I read someone actually bragging about getting their news and information from MSNBC, NPR, and CNN, I wonder how anyone could be so incurious about the wider universe or galaxy they live in. If you are addicted to fake news, like NPR, ABC and George Stephanopoulos, you owe it to yourself to at least add a little cream to your coffee, and see what other people are reporting about the same whatever subject that ABC-NBC-CBS-NPR-ProPublica-CNN happens to be talking about at the moment.

Only censors try to blot out the light that other people need to be able to see clearly. Only fearful, close-minded, incurious, purposefully ignorant people steadfastly choose to support censors and remain behind their own artificial curtain.

Let the sun shine in, America.

UPDATE: Goodness gracious, I was in such a rush to get this essay up that I neglected to include all of the amazing podcasts that Amerians are dialing into every day. There are a whole bunch of podcasts and interactive radio/internet shows, too, that are a blend of Libertarian/freedom/ constitutional/ just askin’ that are just smokin‘ the mainstream media. Shows like Joe Rogan (who I disagree with about 45% of the time, and who has occasionally said some racist stuff that leaves me shaking my head, but who nonetheless addresses important issues head-0n), Dan Bongino, whose uncensored balls-to-the-wall New Yawk accented bare knuckle bulldozer of a daily show is one of the highest rated in America for good reason, can be found on Apple and on Rumble. Dinesh D’Souza is my favorite faux felon, who is incredibly smart, quick, witty, and insightful. Ace interviewer Jan Jekeliek has the most incredible people from all walks of life on his American Thought Leaders podcast. Russell Brand has grown on me over the years, and while he is in no way a conservative, he is a witty, quick, and funny advocate for transparency, accountability, and honesty, which are all good and necessary things in any government, and especially in a government of, by, and for The People like ours. Russell Brand’s mocking of the corrupt FBI agents stealing people’s gold watches is hilarious and cutting.

I could go on and on, and in the interest of time, this short list is a “starter pack” for intelligent, curious, open minded, patriotic Americans. Give these folks a whirl or two and see if you aren’t hooked. Each has a different style and really different content, and yet each of these independent-minded people is providing a life-saving end-run around the rotten and corrupt establishment media complex like ABCNPRCNN…this is the thousand points of light exposing the lying mainstream media and the resulting thousand glorious small cuts bleeding out the fake news media.

Commando summer vacations

Few things, few activities are as deeply satisfying to me as summer travels in America, especially across the northeast. Call these trips short vacations, commando vacations, traveling vacations, whatever, they are always fun and invigorating. I am always somewhat dispirited when these trips end.

The goals are to see new places, usually off the beaten path, meet new people, see old American architecture, and explore old towns, small towns, take in new sights. Small town America is quite fabulous, although they are all increasingly becoming “discovered” and populated by down-state summertime residents and tourists, and even the dreaded out-of-state tourists, like me. While there is less to “discover” in these “discovered” small old towns, one benefit of the summertime down-state residents is that they increasingly purchase and rehab the most beautiful Victorian and Federal homes that until recent years fell into increasingly sad disrepair. When these old hulking brick, stone, or beautifully complicated trim wooden buildings are fully returned to their original glory, they are really something to see, to behold, to bask in. Each is a work of art in its own right, and the investors deserve our applause and appreciation. I would like to have an ad hoc summertime picnic on all of their porches.

Although I do not always get the level of accommodation I would prefer on these trips, I can make up for poor overnight conditions by staying out late and getting out early, and bringing my own sheets and pillow cases, just in case. One lesson learned over the decades is Trust the Big Hotel Chains. If you can find them, not always possible in the more remote areas, they are universally clean, comfortable, hygienic, well kept, and generally safe. Whereas, bed-and-breakfast destinations are widely hit or miss, with the misses being gross and uncomfortable, and old family owned “spas” and grandiose Victorian or imitation French estates can be a little sticky and pretentious, or downright gross and pretentious with genuinely weird characters hanging about. Give me the universal American standard of three star or better hotel chain every night possible. Or a car-camping tent site at a state park with flush toilets and showers.

The term for exposing people to new ideas and objects, Education, emerged in 1918. It replaced the long term phrase popular instruction. As the keeper of this blog, I think about the differences between these two concepts, education versus instruction. One of the huge things missing in today’s “education” establishment (overrun with rote partisan indoctrination) is the act of instruction, the conveyance of new skills, new ideas, new ways of appreciating or thinking. And so I like to think that here the reader has an opportunity to encounter some instruction, something new. This sounds like a heavy burden, a heavy lift, until you consider what I am presenting as new here: An Upstate New York distillery, which makes various alcoholic spirits, which I had only read about in Mountain Home Magazine. On this most recent commando vacation, I was able to connect a variety of dots on a map in one afternoon, one of which being this distillery.

Situated above Seneca Lake, the Finger Lakes Distilling Company has a pretty nice pied-à-terre, from which we enjoyed our picnic lunch views over and across the lake. I had just enjoyed a very relaxed tasting inside, and being a lightweight with alcohol, I was in no condition to drive. However, I am no lightweight in terms of weight, and I am always ready to eat…so we sat, ate our food picnic style, and let the cool early summer breeze flow across us while the distillery operation ran all around us. Fascinating to me at least is that this distillery locally sources all of its own grains, flavors; everything they use in their many various products is grown right in the Finger Lakes region. And one of the great joys of connecting the various dots across the Finger Lakes region is driving through the great amount of scenic working farmland and beautifully kept farms that make up that special landscape.

Of the four bottles of rye whisky I sampled, and bought, only one really appeals to my taste; the other three are going to be gifts to friends. What can I say; I have friends with poor palates and poor choices in their friends; no fancy gifts from moi. What I greatly enjoyed is the McKenzie single barrel straight rye whiskey (80% rye and 20% malted barley) aged six years, and finished in a “Pommeau” cask. This is really an outstanding flavor, a world-class product. And at $42.50 a bottle, it is about eight to fifteen dollars less than one would expect to pay for a similar quality product in Scotland, Ireland, or in other parts of America. And though I am not a drinker, as I have become a serious lightweight with age, I do enjoy sampling on location the locally made, sometimes internationally famous, sometimes should-be-internationally-famous whiskeys made in Scotland, Ireland, and occasionally America.

One of my favorite related memories is watching small boats putting in at the Isle of Skye, where they would each buy a couple cases of delicious small batch single malt, and then move on up the coast to the next small distillery, unknown to the outside world, but coveted and seriously in demand among connoisseurs. I happened to be standing high up in the Black Hills of Knoydart with a historic double rifle over my shoulder, hunting red stag, at that moment, and so alcohol was that farthest thing from my mind. But the determined boats way down below, and their sophisticated whiskey buyers, will never leave my mind. What a life.

Anyhow, below are some photos from the Finger Lakes Distilling Company, which despite being a real ongoing concern for some time now, has (bizarrely) not trademarked their unique product or bottle labels. See? This is the real essence of small town, rural America: Family-owned-and-run high quality, with all of the refreshing, remote innocence one hardly ever sees any more. Except maybe in Papua New Guinea, where according to one guy the locals ate Joe Biden’s grandfather with a side of whiskey bottle.

The single malt lacks the peaty flavor of coveted single malts from Scotland. If Upstate New York has any peat for roasting the malted barley, McKenzie should get it and use it

Real strawberry milk by the half gallon at Buttermilk Falls… can a summer day be better spent?

Could Today’s Young Americans do a June 6th D-Day?

Today is the 80th anniversary of the June 6th D-Day assault by a combined military force of Americans, British, Canadians, free French, Australians, Greeks, Czechs, Belgians, and others, on the beaches of Normandy, which officially began the Western democracies’ response to the great evils being perpetrated by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, and their allies.

A tremendous amount of heroism took place by the attackers on and around the beaches of D-Day Normandy, and by the paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines, some of it memorialized by movies like Saving Private Ryan. But most of D-Day was just simple military work – logistics with food, fuel, ammunition, spare parts, temporary shelters, etc., driving boats or loading boats, or cleaning boats or preparing or repairing boats, etc.

The men who made D-Day happen, whether way far away from the battle lines or way up close in front of it and right in it, were up to the task, whatever their own personal task was, because they came from a generation of westerners, generally, and Americans, specifically, who valued and knew hard work, who were comfortable taking reasonable risks, and who understood the importance of freedom. They did what was expected of them, and eventually won the war for freedom.

And so as I wandered around this past week “behind enemy lines”, so to speak, in a college town rife with young college age men and older men alike mincing and swishing, all, gay and straight, mind you, I wondered if today’s young Americans would be up to the task of a June 6th D-Day assault on entrenched defenders at Omaha Beach or Utah Beach in Normandy. Or even in an elementary school playground sandbox.

Looking at the ubiquitous un-athletic, unnaturally skinny, occasionally obese men, whose universal gait contains little to no masculine movement, no blocky limbs brought abruptly to the end of their motion forward or backward by tight muscles, but rather includes a most unnatural widely and fluidly swinging arms, with the wrist bending and the hands and fingers swinging upward, and dainty steps, I am thinking No.

Judging by what I have been seeing this past week, I would be betting on the bad guys with this generation of American men. Our guys just are not up to any sort of warrior spirit, much less warrior behavior or warrior actions. Frankly, from what I see, a majority of both the straight and the gay men today are girly. They all adopt lilting and nasally girly voices, baby talk like girls, and almost seem to aspire to be perceived as feminine. These guys are never going to carry a rifle into battle, much less shoot the rifle at their enemy, much less work hard with their bodies and develop manly muscles.

Why is this unnatural feminization of men and artificial dumbing down of 100% natural and 100% healthy maleness happening? Well, we can’t discount the overt assault on masculinity (so called “toxic masculinity”) by government schools, college professor indoctrinators, and pop culture. Recall the disastrous Gillette advertisement. Jiminy crickets.

We also have to consider the overt assault on little boys and boyhood by the educational and medical establishments. Fist fights are a huge no-no now. Fist fights among school boys were common when I grew up, and many of those boys on the other end of my fists ended up close friends until right now today. This was common practice for oh, about eighty thousand years of human development, but suddenly the feminine and incapable men convinced the masculine and highly physically capable men that being masculine and highly physical is bad, unworthy, etc. And so, boys can’t play cops and robbers anywhere any more, can’t pretend to shoot each other even with finger guns (gun shape made by pointing a finger like a gun barrel), and certainly cannot engage in any rough-and-tumble outside of a carefully circumscribed place of athletic activity. And of course, football, being the most aggressive and most testosterone-fueled sport, has been under attack by the media and medical establishments for a long time.

Speaking of testosterone, we know that testosterone levels are way down across America, and across all other Western countries, too. Probably a direct result of the lack of physical activity by boys and young men, and the emphasis on looking and acting feminine, and the wars on boyhood, manhood, and masculinity. As a result, lots of young women are complaining about being unable to find a manly man for a mate, and the older women are complaining that “there are no real men left.”

Plenty has been written and surmised about the effects of ubiquitous hormone-blocking herbicides (causing alligators in Lake Okeechobee to become hermaphroditic, an issue when I first started working at the USEPA in 1991) on both boys and girls and their sexual development.

Plenty has been written and surmised about the effects of over-drugging American children for supposedly “hyperactive” and “attention deficit” problems, which are really just evolutionary adaptive solutions in traditional hunter-gatherer societies (and now liabilities in our modern sedentary society).

Plenty has been written and surmised about the effects of over-drugging American children and adults alike for supposed “anxiety” disorders, which are really just normal human responses to the sensory and stimulation expectation overload addiction that is modern America.

And of course, the elites’ establishment narrative is that guns are bad.

And so here we are, mid-2024, celebrating and marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day, where manly men, masculine men, strong men, brave men, charged right into hellfire so that the world could live free. That’s you and me, son. And I don’t think most of today’s young men would or even could do any of what happened on June 6th, 1944, even if they decided they want to. What a huge failure.

Not only is this failure a shame, it is a huge signal to the world that America is very weak. And weakness invites takeover attempts by those who are not weak. And what amazes me is that the effeminate, mincing, swishing young men, straight and gay alike, do not realize that their effete and artificially soft lives will end abruptly, if they cannot man up and begin to become real men. That takes both a strong mind and a strong body.

A big Thank You to the men of D-Day, whose valor gave us Americans and Europeans freedom unlike the world had ever seen before, and which is now under great attack and pressure by enemies who are not afraid of us.

Tyrant wannabe David Hogg inspires 2A resilience

I photographed this in a visitor guide to Ithaca, New York. Scientific fact that only females can menstruate, but the mentally disabled want to not only pretend that biological men can menstruate, but that everyone must bow down and acknowledge it and support this craziness. This picture is a big part of what is killing America, and one cannot help but wonder who is really behind this