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Ron Paul, Kook Supreme

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says that Ron Paul is no better than Barack Hussein Obama.

From what I’m hearing among friends, that observation is shared wisdom across a lot of political territory.

And I have to agree. After reading Ron Paul’s newsletter, I’ve concluded that he is a conspiracy theorist and a hater of Jews. You cannot qualify for president with those qualities. Ron Paul is a supreme kook. But don’t just take my word for it, look up his newsletter yourself.

But just Paul’s isolationist foreign policy view alone is enough to make him kook-fringe.  Had Ron Paul been president in the 1970s or 1980s, America would have soundly lost the Cold War to the Soviet Union, and the world’s political arrangement would look dramatically different than it does today, much worse for freedom and America.

Going back in time just a few decades more, to right after World War Two, isolationism was a dead idea, for good reason, as Hitler had used it to exploit Western Civilization’s weaknesses to his advantage.  Hitler used isolationists’ unwillingness to stop him to almost beat them.

Democracy has always been a slow-growth idea, and if not for pro-democracy, pro-America idealists John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan, America would have lost the Cold War and democracy would have been limited to just a few nations, instead of being the ideal now sought today around the world.

Ron Paul wants to take American foreign policy back 100 years, to a pre-technology environment, where missiles did not exist and nuclear bombs were unimaginable fantasies.  Fortunately or unfortunately, technology has arrived.  While technology strengthens America, it also shortens the reaction time that Americans have to direct and indirect threats around the world.  Isolationism means giving up all of America’s early warning and fast-response capabilities.  It means that we Americans will be at the mercy of our enemies, and Ron Paul knows this.  It makes me wonder what he really wants, or if he really understands what his beliefs will mean for average Americans.

All of the risks and rewards that Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan took and won for America, and global democracy, will be lost under Ron Paul’s bizarro world view.

Today, Iran has supplanted 1930s Hitler Germany as the supremacist movement to kill, or be killed by it.  Ron Paul says that Iran deserves to have nuclear weapons if Iran wants them.  Despite knowing what Hitler and the Soviet Communists did, and what Iran is doing now, Ron Paul  still wants America to retract under its tortoise shell.  It’s lunacy.

Ron Paul, still a kook.

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