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“Climate Change” Takes a Stake Through its Heart

Once again, recently unearthed emails from publicly funded climate researchers in Britain provide bomb-grade damage to the claims of global climate change.

Not only do these newly revealed, previously secret emails show collusion among researchers to overcome problems with their data, suppression of evidence that defies their claims, and their private doubts about global climate change, they also explicitly show what critics have claimed for years: The BBC news service has secretly colluded with the researchers to exclude their critics from getting air time, to match BBC reports with unfounded, essentially political claims by the researchers, and to cast aspersions on their critics.

In other words, the BBC is a willing tool to deceive the taxpayers who underwrite the BBC.

This is exactly the situation that America has with National Public Radio, a news service captured by  politically partisan activists.

Like BBC, NPR also advocates for unfounded claims of global climate change, like today’s (6:30 PM on 11/29/11)  interview with the US envoy to the United Nations climate change group, which ignored the recent bombshell reports (see below) and instead gave an unchallenged platform for a global climate change evangelist.

And what bothers me is that there are genuine, real, measurable environmental problems that need attention and funding, but which are undermined by the false issue of the sky-is-falling crisis of global climate change.



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