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Fort Hood – A “Gun Free” Zone, Round II

If you want to see how effective “Gun Free” zones are, look at Fort Hood, now the scene of yet another massacre.  This time, a deranged Soldier took advantage of disarmed military staff, and killed them in cold blood.  He also wounded many more, before killing himself.  All of his victims were disarmed, by Pentagon policy.  Seems that the US military expects its staff to bear arms abroad, and to go unarmed at home.  Why a serviceman cannot carry a sidearm on base is beyond my understanding.  It makes no sense, and leaves our personnel at risk.

Gun Free zones are wishful thinking.  Without the ability to stand and fight, everyone in a Gun Free zone is a sitting duck.  Whoever came up with this idea is a fool.

Condolences to the victims of the Navy Yard rampage

While it is presently unknown who is behind the deadly rampage at the US Navy Yard, it is a fact that innocent people have been killed and wounded in the attack.

Whether this is another act of domestic terrorism by Islamic crazies, like the Fort Hood Massacre and the Boston Marathon bombing, or if it is some workplace politics vendetta, remains to be determined.

The fact is also that most US military installations are disarmed, surprisingly. The lesson from Fort Hood has not been learned, namely, that properly armed workers are safer. Workers who have concealed carry permits should be able to carry at a federal work site, and especially a military one, so that they are better able to defend themselves in situations like this. Gun control proponents will use this to try to promote their gun confiscation plan, when in fact the opposite policies are needed.

My heart goes out to the innocent and brave people who died or who were injured in this tragic event.

Islamic terrorism becomes “workplace violence”

Two weeks ago, the Obama Administration committed a blatant act of political correctness.

While it is probably not surprising in itself, the degree of this particular effort to scrub the news and shield Islam from criticism hasn’t passed anyone’s sniff test, not on the left and certainly not on the right.

Recall that in 2009, U.S. Army major Nidal Hasan gunned down dozens of his fellow American soldiers at Fort Hood.  Those soldiers had all been disarmed by the base commander, who did not believe that soldiers should be armed while on the base.  Thus, they were sitting ducks for Hasan’s rampage.  Hasan did not believe in following the base commander’s rules.

Hasan, a Muslim, was inspired by now-dead Muslim leader al-Awlaki, another Muslim American who turned against the United States.

So, what exactly about this act of terrorism is “workplace violence”?

The answer is: Zero.  Nothing. Zippo.

This mass murder committed by yet another clear-headed Muslim following the explicit dictates of his religion is terrorism; it’s the best example of Islamic terrorism in America that you can find in the news since the 2001 Twin Towers attack.

But ever since he became president, Barack Hussein Obama has made it his life’s purpose and mission to protect, advance, uplift, shelter, explain, and promote Islam at all cost.  Examples of Obama’s pro-Islam cause range all the way from “my Muslim faith” slip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMUgNg7aD8M), to his speech in Cairo, his anti-Israel policies, his attempt to turn NASA into an Islamic program, to now his attempt to whitewash Hasan’s crime.

Hasan’s Islamic rage isn’t workplace violence, it is jihad terrorism that is a problem around the globe.  And making matters worse is America’s politically correct effort to turn the U.S. military and federal bureaucracy into places especially friendly to Muslims, and especially radical orthodox Muslims who openly advocate for the destruction of Western civilization.  Somehow, some Americans believe that tolerating intolerance demonstrates their best qualities, indicating their ultimate open-mindedness.

Thankfully, the vast majority of Americans see through this dangerous foolishness.  Hopefully, by 2012 this egregious behavior by Barack Hussein Obama will have inspired millions of Americans to vote in a new president, a president who believes in the America that has existed for over 200 years, not the politically correct America set on self-destruct by Obama and his friends.