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Excuse our Covid1984 time-out

Please excuse the lack of productivity here. It is a result of everyone in the house having the Wuhan Flu AKA Covid1984 simultaneously, and everyone having gone through the same infection process at their own speed.

Covid is essentially a flu, as I have experienced several flu bouts over my adult life. Tired beyond tired, bedridden sleeplessness pocked with an hour here or there of restless shuteye and bizarre dreams that are as disturbing as any bad dream could be. Feeling like I have a fever, my actual body temperature is a Nature-approved 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Aches and pains in old wounds reveal the virus to be a digger. My taste buds converted sugar in my coffee to salt for one day, and now thankfully sugar/ substitute tastes sweet again.

Fifteen minutes of assured energy and hope that it has passed give way to a lethargic drag back upstairs and a dramatic Hollywood movie unceremonious flop head-first into the bed covers. People I love in different stages of their own Wuhan Flu misery take my temperature, bring me food, drink.

If there is one aspect of the Wuhan Flu it is that it is not what it seems. This is probably my third bout with some version of it. Or it may be my only bona fide experience with it, as the two positive tests have shown it is inside me.

Hopefully tomorrow finds me on my job sites. Just writing this takes all the energy I can muster.

Everyone keep vitamins D and B, and zinc, on hand, in case you get this. Drink fluids nonstop, and take over the counter Mucinex etc to keep the mucus moving through and out the body. Good luck.

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