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Missing Vera

The lady had the grace of an angel.

An easy smile, a quick wit and light heart, yet with incisive comments that always supported someone in the room and advanced the discussion, Vera was new to me a couple years ago. And yet here I am writing a brief obituary about her because of her powerful life force.

Many other people were fortunate enough to enjoy her for much longer than I. And now that she is gone, probably from a heart attack at her home, Vera’s life and positive way serve as a reminder to make every moment we have on this earth count, take nothing for granted, and always do our best, with a smile on our face, if possible.

Vera Cornish has been described as an effective life coach, book author, education consultant, and a host of other professional activities that really just scratched the surface of her excellent personality and capabilities.

I met Vera two years ago at a Dauphin County commissioners’ meeting. She walked up to me afterwards and introduced herself, and immediately I felt I was in the presence of an angel. Nice lady. And not light and airy or phony, but very smart and direct.

We have served together on the Detweiler Park Steering Committee since its inception, and every single time she was there she had a calming effect, because she was so centered. Not that anyone is seriously disputatious at the meetings planning a new 411-acre county park, but Vera’s force could be felt there every time.

I did not really know Vera Cornish, not as a friend, not well, and that only by working with her for a year. But whenever she saw me outside of our meetings, she came up to say hello in the nicest way, her eyes sparkling, just 100% positive energy. She was just as positive and peaceful at our park meetings. She was said to be this way in all other public and private encounters.

I wish I had some of Vera’s impressive qualities. Heck, I wish the world were made of Vera Cornishes. Great lady, with attributes the world can use a lot more of. You will be missed, honey.

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