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It’s what he says, not does, that counts

“Don’t you knock my man Barack,” a friend says.

“Barack obviously lied that you can keep your doctor, keep your healthcare provider. He has no intention of letting you keep anything that’s worked for you and your family the past ten years. And Barack has lied about the Benghazi deaths and subsequent coverup, not to mention the IRS and NSA government spying on and coercing Americans. And you’re still lovin’ this guy?,” I ask.


Something is afoot here that bothers liberals tremendously when conservatives do it: Taking something on faith.

Bible-believers, Americans whose faith instructs them to reject modern hedonism and novelty, they are sorely tested and mocked by liberals.

But liberals have no problems taking global warming on faith, or the current president. It’s not that the data runs contrary to the claims that’s important. It’s simply that a person wants to believe, MUST believe.

It appears to be a new religion. It has all the dynamics and starry eyed adherents. ¬†Except here, acts don’t matter. Rather, it’s what is said that carries the weight, that is what is important. Not what is actually done.

And to think that liberals are intellectuals…. my, how America has changed.

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