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Thank you, Veterans!

Growing up with pacifist parents and a Quaker education led me to believe the American military was a source of bad things. (somehow the Russians and Chinese never got labeled that way, and the totalitarian Cuban regime deserved all our support)

In my late teens, early twenties I got to see what a load of nonsense that is. Truly treasonous stuff, this let’s-all-hate-the-military phony superiority thing. Easy to say when you’re living that comfy American lifestyle and no one is kicking in your door to force a new language on your family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the brave veterans of all military service branches, who from near and far give us our daily freedoms, our incredible quality of life, our endless opportunity in the land of the free.


  • Nov 12th 201321:11
    by Josh

    Thank YOU, Sergeant! We all appreciate your service.

  • Nov 11th 201320:11
    by R. Martin

    Thank you, Josh

    Former Sgt. Martin

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