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Bill Tully for Judge sporting clay shoot

Bill Tully is a candidate running for Dauphin County Judge. He is the older and much, much more experienced of two candidates vying for the same seat. Bill is holding a sporting clays shoot at Hummelstown Field & Stream Association on May 4th, starting with the 8:30 breakfast.
It is $75 per participant and is open to kids 12 and up.
Questions should be directed to www.billtullyjudge.com


  • May 7th 201321:05
    by veritas999

    Question: What other qualifications made you pick Bill Tully over Fran Chardo? Do you think Bill Tully is a more law and order candidate? I’ve been looking for info on the 2 candidates, and there is very little on the internet, aside from their own sites. (which I take with a grain of salt)
    I’m interested in whichever judge is more PA constitution based.

    • May 7th 201322:05
      by Josh

      In my observations and interactions with both candidates, both are law and order. There was some discussion about Chardo’s positions on gun rights. He had said and done some official things that could be construed that he doesn’t really support the Second Amendment as an individual right. I met with Chardo about this for an hour, and he answered my questions to my satisfaction, and I’m a strong proponent of that greatest of all rights.
      Bill Tully is older than Chardo, much more experienced, and a little more independent of the political establishment.
      Both men have been assistant DAs, and both are good people (that’s my opinion; there are rumors about many candidates’ personal lives that I choose to ignore because policy and experience are everything to me).
      While Chardo’s career has been in the DA’s office, Tully has done that plus family law and criminal defense. Ask yourself this: ‘Would I rather be in front of a judge who had a very broad experience or a very narrow experience?’
      I’d rather be in front of someone who had more professional experience and who had more life experience, too, including raising children. In this race, that’s Tully.
      And talking to Tully and seeing him in action over the past few years, my sense is that he’s probably more sensitive to the Constitutional rebirth happening across America right now. Some statements out of this particular DA’s office on personal defense and concealed carry have me concerned.
      Tully has my vote. And Chardo has plenty of my respect, too.

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