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Herman Cain Now Being Hunted by a Wolf Pack

Herman Cain’s sole mistake is that he is born black and has the nerve to break from the ranks of 95% of the rest of the black community, which is mired in failed welfare state thinking.

White liberals think that they more or less own the black community, an occasionally potent political force, and are now unleashing a wolf pack to bring down Cain. White liberals cannot afford to leave a successful challenger to their vision of the black community as anything other than dependent.

Let’s look at the wolf pack.

Analyzing each “accuser,” as they are called in the mainstream media, we get an easy check-off for each one. Two are partisan, employed by the Obama administration or connected to his administration in some substantially political way. Knock them off the list of credible challengers. Making it worse, they want to remain anonymous but get their hits in on Cain nonetheless. That’s cheap and meaningless.

Another one, the Bialek lady, has had such a long history of run-ins that one of her former bosses said that he would be surprised if her description of events with Cain was not completely reversed, with her as the attacker. Watching her deliver a dolled-up, grinning, scripted delivery while reading from a piece of paper, with partisan activist lawyer Gloria Allred guiding her, you know she is a fake, too. Given her financial issues and laundry list of run-ins, and her getting her fifteen minutes of fame on the TV shows, well, she smells bad, Allred smells bad, her claim smells bad. Knock this one off the list for lack of credibility, too.

Then there’s another “accuser,” whose sole complaint is that Cain asked her to arrange dinner with a woman who asked him a public question at a speaking event. Dragging several other uninvited people into the dinner, they were all left with the tab for their dinners and Cain’s expensive wine. It’s funny, and I like his style.

It is possible for a married man to be attracted to a woman, want to be around her for conversation, mental stimulation, and companionship, and yet have no actual intentions for physical contact. It’s an old-fashioned thing, and Cain is certainly old-fashioned. But it is not a crime.

Well, let me say, it should not be a crime. But I worked in Washington, DC, for the first seven years of my career, and I saw this stuff happen frequently in that insane atmosphere there. All a woman had to say was that a certain man made her feel “uncomfortable,” and badda bing, he was marked.

A guy did not have to say anything or even do anything to the “accuser.” His mere presence in her orbit could and evidently still is sufficient grounds for being “accused.” His career could be sidelined, or worse.

His sole offense might simply be that he is tall, or rugged, or have a loud laugh, and be gregarious. Or he could have ignored her advances.

Sexist against men, right?

Well, it’s not sexist to the mainstream media, which is on a hunt for Cain’s head on a pole. Cain terrifies these folks, and they will do anything that they can to bring him down.  And we haven’t yet addressed the racist aspect of these attacks on Cain’s character.

I am doing my part to keep him moving forward, and I’ll be donating $25 to Cain’s campaign this afternoon. I hope that you will join me.


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