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I reported myself to attackwatch.com….plan fail!

Supporters of Barack Hussein Obama have an official “enemies of the state” website they can report bad people to: www.attackwatch.com

Feeling neglected and unimportant, I went to the site and reported myself. Plugging in this site, joshfirst.com, to that site was supposed to bring a torrent of postings and hate to this site by Obama supporters.

Ok, we netted a few, but nothing like I expected or wanted. I quickly disposed of the weird postings. I had hoped I’d get onto some big political machine radar screen. Alas, I’m still unimportant to Obama.

However, his campaign is getting even with me another way: They’re sending me two to three emails daily about Obama’s tax-payer funded (the Canadian-made bus and his speaking tour tailored to Republican campaign stops and swing states) campaign, his way out-of-mainstream policies, his union-only jobs plan, etc. I’ll have some sport with them, here, in a day or two. The messages from his campaign are so sadly lame that I’m actually feeling bad for him.

Hope and change pablum didn’t cut it. Americans want real, substantive, pro-America policies, and Obama hasn’t delivered.


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