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George Zimmerman’s right of self-defense

Maybe I should not be surprised, but I am:

People calling for George Zimmerman to be lynched by a mob or executed by some nameless gangster, dissatisfied with a jury’s decision…the human right of self-defense thrown out the window…people wanting to believe what they want to believe, uninterested in the photos of a bleeding, battered Zimmerman but very interested in the far-outdated photos of a youthful, innocent-looking Trayvon Martin…people decrying “racism” when the only racism evident was Martin’s “creepy-ass Cracker” comment to his girlfriend, immediately followed up by his life-threatening physical assault on Zimmerman…a media full of people willing to edit 911 recordings, or describe the Hispanic Zimmerman as “white,” to push an agenda and create an impression contrary to the facts….this case has been about everything but what it was about: Self-defense.

Zimmerman was attacked. Lying on his back and taking a savage beating from a large male straddling his chest, he pulled a legal gun and killed his attacker. That is the way life is supposed to work.

Had the skin colors been reversed, Zimmerman would now be a hero to many.

Self defense is what this is all about. Nothing else. I am pleased that the right of self-defense has been upheld. It is the most basic of all human rights.

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