2012 Senate Campaign

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Pennsylvania’s 15th Senate District is a beautiful place, with hard working citizens who expect their government and elected officials to work for them. I am excited and honored to be able to campaign for this important senatorial seat, and I look forward to meeting more of the citizens of the Pa-15th Senate District in the coming months.

Please feel free to email me with any policy questions you may have, and I will respond as quickly as I am able.

Who Is Josh

Josh First is a family man, husband of Vivian, who is an attorney, and loving father of three children. He is a business man, founder of Appalachian Land & Conservation Services, a small boutique investment and consulting services provider working on projects involving raw land, brownfields, natural gas, timber, smart growth development, and mining.

Josh is a Penn State (Main Campus) graduate, where he served on the Student Government Senate, and ran for Student Body President.

His PSU degree is in government, with minors in Spanish, history, and middle east studies. Josh holds a master’s degree in government and economics from Vanderbilt University.

After finishing at Vanderbilt, Josh began his professional career at the US EPA in Washington, DC, worked at the PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources in the Tom Ridge administration in Harrisburg, then spearheaded the opening of a Pennsylvania office for the Conservation Fund. As The Conservation Fund’s first Pennsylvania director, Josh started and was involved in land and water conservation projects involving about 50,000 acres, including thousands of acres in Dauphin and York counties. One of Josh’s signature projects was his successful effort to protect lands owned by power companies along the Susquehanna River in Dauphin, York, and Lancaster counties.

As a businessman, Josh has been involved in cutting-edge “smart growth” projects as well as more traditional land and natural resource development projects across Central Pennsylvania. Josh is a member of the Dauphin County Planning Commission.

“My father’s family has roots in Harrisburg and the local area going back nearly 300 years, with frontiersman and Revolutionary War hero Conrad Weiser a direct ancestor. I am proud to be a link in an unbroken chain of our family’s presence here, not only in the city of Harrisburg, but also in the surrounding farming communities,” says Josh.

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Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Josh First

  1. Josh is an Experienced Leader, a small business owner, and he knows the issues that central Pennsylvanians face every day.
  2. Josh is a person of Integrity who you can trust. He is a hard worker, a tough, principled fighter, and he did not use his Republican Party insider status to endorse himself to get Republican Party money, unlike his one opponent
  3. Josh is Highly Qualified through his rich, diverse work experience, including Federal Government in Washington, DC, Pennsylvania State Government, Dauphin County Planning Commission, national and regional non-profit conservation groups, and running his own business since 2004. Josh’s resume is solid and makes him the most qualified candidate.
  4. Josh is a Conservative and a Conservationist who is passionate about farmland preservation. A life-long hunter and fisherman, NRA member, Tree Farmer, veteran Republican campaign volunteer, and outdoorsman who has personally led the protection of tens of thousands of acres of Pennsylvania forests and farmland, Josh embodies the values and lifestyle of Central Pennsylvania.
  5. Josh is Not a Career Politician or Political Insider, like his slick incumbent opponents. Josh is a breath of fresh air who will not take the state pension, state car, state health care plan, or per diems.  Josh is electable, winning 48% of Dauphin Co. and 50% Perry Co. in 2010 four-way Congressional primary race, on $11,000 total.